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October 28, 2003

A Very Nice Day

YAY! I had such a good day today! I got stuff done today before lil miss Rachael P came to visit me!!!! I was so happy that she came to see me, I had a really good time hanging out. First I showed her a couple of RISD places along the way she met my roommate, Michelle- and then I made her walk all the way up the hill back to my house…lol sorry Rach…Then we hung out and went up to Thayer Street where we ate at Johnny Rockets and then we stopped at a few stores before Rachael had to go back to Roger Williams. Now that she has come once I am determined that she visit more often! I really enjoyed hanging out with my old friend in my new space. Thanks for coming Rachael! Everyone must visit me here in Providence! After she left, me and Michelle had planned to do some work, but we were persuaded into going on our house’s trip to the 25 cent store (which is really just a thrift store). Our RA, Susannah rented a RISD van so eleven off us piled in and she drove us to the thrift store. The place was really shady and was full of crap everywhere, but it was fun to dig through especially because I saw the same Muppet Baby keyboard I had when I was little!!! Michelle got a major steal and found a Michael Jackson Thriller-style jacket for only 2 dollars!!! It’s cA-Razy! After that we took the van to Target where we had more shopping fun! Oh yeah, Target, BABY! Anyway it was really fun to hangout with people from my house. I had a very good time. But now I really must get back to work before I go to sleep in a bit. Goodnight moon. Goodnight all.


October 24, 2003

So Sleepy…..

Yeah, so the whole “sleeping” thing didn’t work out so well last night. I tried to go to sleep at the relatively decent hour of 1:30 am, little did I know that that wasn’t about to happen. The girl below my room was pulling an all-nighter, and so, apparently was I. She was playing music all night, and even though it wasn’t all that loud, the base was annoying the hell out of me. I tried to sleep until like 3 am, but it was useless. So I talked to Steve my neighbor who was also awake and he encouraged me to just ask the girl to turn her music down. After much deliberation I did, and fell asleep sometime before 4a m. Needless to say it wasn’t the best start to the day. Plus I lost my I.D. card so now I have to get another one. ARG. SO FRUSTRATING!!!

Anyway, I’m tired. And I’ve got stuff to do tomorrow- RACHY is COMING TO VISIT!! I must prepare my humble abode. Goodnight and good dreams to all.

October 19, 2003

Yay For Waterfire

Last night was a very good night because my moobs and doodle, and aunt Barbara came to bring up my mattress from home because my school one is sooooo horrid. Now I get to sleep on a wonderfully squishy bed!!!! And I will say that I slept wonderfully last night!!!! After we did the bed switcheroo, we went down to the river to see Waterfire Providence. Even though I’ve been here for a year it was my first one. It was sooo cool! The music is eerie and the sound reverberates throughout the city. There were a ton of little fires burning all throughout the river, and since it was cold out you could feel the heat from the fires and it was amazing. I loved the smell of the fire and the crisp chill in the air. OOOOhhhh so goood.

PLUS I might add that I got fried dough and KETTLE CORN there and it is sooooo goood, mmmmmmm. yum.

Well that was my night and I was happy to have had it. Aiight. Till later my friends.

October 19, 2003



“Did you say hello?”

“No, I said ‘ello.”

Yay. So I had a good day yesterday cuz I don’t really have toooo much work to do this week. I actually had a chance to relax so me and Michelle and Lily went to this performance art thing which was weird (I had to go for my class), but then we went and hung out at our friend Beth’s apartment which is sooo cute and we watched Ghostbusters and it was just fun hanging out time with some really nice folks. Well, thats all, my parents are coming and we’re going to try to go to Waterfire later tonight here in Providence. I’m outie like a belly button.

October 17, 2003

OH MY- a red sox fan no more

Well, the Red Sox suck. Why did I ever start watching them this summer? They will never win. Ever. It’s all hopeless. Sure, they can score, hit home runs, whatever, but they can’t keep a lead for shit. It was painful to watch. there’s nothing more I can say. But perhaps I can offer this statement: “The YANKEES SUCK. (Jeter swallows.)” as said by my friend Jess.

Anyway, I’ve still managed to not have any sort of life other than doing work, so sorry but I’ve got no stories to tell. I’m still here. At school. Until Halloween. OH MY. I can do it. I can do it. I can do it. Wait- no I can’t. Yes I can. Nope, I was right before.

That’s all folks. Maybe I’ll have something worth saying next time.

October 1, 2003

Wow I have a blog….hmmmmm

Howdy everyone! Yeah, so I never had a blog before but I decided I ‘d try it. Unfortunately my life isn’t so interesting, but I thought I’d give the whole thing a go anyhoo. I don’t have much time any way so we’ll see how long this thing lasts.

Hmmmm, where to begin? Well I guess I’ll briefly say that I am at school, RISD, right now. Sophomore year is very time consuming but sooo much better than foundation year because now I get to focus on my major, illustration. My classes consist of 3 studios (drawing, painting, and illustration) and 2 liberal arts (histories of photography, and history of media arts, in other words, they are boring as hell). But I am very much enjoying my studio classes, especially illustration. My assignment that I just finished for that class was a “Disney” test that Disney would give prospective interns to see whether or not they’d be chosen…For the assignment we were given two toys, an inflatable pink ball and a plush monkey. We were instructed to give them life through an illustration… I decided that they would be moon sailing, kinda like para-sailing only on the moon…

Other than work, I’ve basically been kickin’ it with the ol’ roomie, Michelle, who is really awesome and who I wish everyone could meet and be friends with cuz she’s so cool. I am trying not to go home as much on the weekends but it’s tough cuz home is so close and tempting and full of animals and fun, and good food. But I’m honestly going to try to cut back on my visits. I miss my bestest friend Erica though- (that means you, missy) and I wanna see her NOW! But she claims to be coming back to ‘Chester for Columbus Day weekend which makes me happy (even though I don’t get that Monday off….stupid RISD).

Anyway, I’ve neglected my work for a whole ten minutes which is far too long in RISD time. Enough of this college business…Shout out to my peeps. Word to my homies. And Goodnight moon. Hi Mom!