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November 23, 2003

Been A Long Time

Yeahhhhh, so I apologize for the lack of blogging, but I must defend myself be saying that I have been way to fricken busy as of late, not to mention the fact that I HAVE NOTHING FUN TO WRITE ABOUT. My life is boring as hell and consists of three things: school work, eating, and sleeping. Sorry if I didn’t want to bore you to tears with my non existant life. ANYHOODLE, it’s almost TURKEY DAY, so I’ll be back in good ol’ Chester soon enough…then it’s only a few more days til Christmas break which starts on December 10!!!! WOOO HOOOOOO!!!! I cannnnnnot wait, dude, let me tell ya h-whut. Things are wrapping up at school but I’ve still got plenty of work to complete with final projects and what-not. My damnn Media Arts class is gonna kill me if I don’t come up with my final project idea soon. Grumble. I hate that class. Well I’m pooped, so this is it. Night to all my peeps. Not that I have any or anything.