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March 31, 2004

Wow. That’s all I can say.

So I just got back from Amber’s show. It was amazing. I am so proud to be her sister. Even with the rather provactive subject matter the audience responded with enthusiasm and encouragement. Even my mother and aunt couldn’t deny how wonderful lil ol’ Weebs was (that’s what I call Amber by the way…) I really enjoyed myself even though I had reservations about seeing it again and I was nervous for my sister as well. But once the show started and she spoke- my whole being was reassured and my body relaxed and I knew it was going to be smooth sailing from there on in. I think it truely a gift to be able to capture an audience and make them care about the character as well as to [simply put]- captivate them. My sister has that gift. And it is even more impressive to say that when she was on stage, she was no longer my sister. She wasn’t Amber, or Weebee, or Weebs….she was theatre- scratch that- she was art. MUAH to my big sis. I love you so much.

I’m quite tired and emotionally drained. So I’m going to eat something. LOL. Tomorrow I get to visit Mrs. Simon! Yay!


March 30, 2004


Ok, so I will start by telling you about my night last night….My sister Amber is in a one woman show at Central that she both wrote and stars in. She plays two different characters and what not…Ok so I went to her first dress rehersal last night (monday) so I basically had a private performance sneak peek, although there was one guy in the audience. Anyway the show went amazingly well and Amber was phenomenal. At first I didn’t really like the show and one of the charecters all that much because the show is a little out there– and Amber plays the two halves of a lesbian couple so it did make me a little uncomfortable to say the least. I never thought I had any issues with homosexuality but pehaps I do have underlying uneasiness. Plus it WAS my sister becoming these two people. I say becoming because she really did- I bought her performance and she was soooo good. But anyway the story is strong enough so that in the end you can’t help but put any issues aside. You just care for these characters as people and it isn’t about sex or sexuality- it is about the love between two people. Period. I told Amber that although I did have times that I didn’t exactly like what I was hearing or seeing, in the end you come out with having seen something worth seeing. Afterall, its “only theatre until it offends someone. Then it’s art.”

And did I mention how proud I am of my sister, cuz yeah, I really am. She kicked-ass and took names. Tonight is the actual show and the only performance so I have no doubt she will be amazing yet again. Take a bow my dear sister. You deserve it.

So that was last night, here comes today.

I had an interview/meeting today at one with Kathleen Kelly who is a local artist that runs the Developing Artist Institute in Manchester. I was slightly nervous because I’ve never had a job before so I didn’t have much to put on my resume. But the interview went very well and she is very interesting and seems sincerley passionate about her work. So yeah, I got myself a job today!!!!! She told me about the institute and what her objectives were, and what kind of issues they deal with there. Then she talked some more with me and took a look at a couple of pieces of my work. I showed her the book I illustrated last summer and then I showed her a piece from last semester (my before, now, and after triptych) and then she tried to go to my website but she has dial up so it didn’t work…any way that was all she saw of my work before she told me “I’d like to take you on.” Needless to say I am esctatic that I will have the opportunity to be doing something creative, stimulating and beneficial this summer! NO DESK JOB OR MINDLESS CRAP FOR ME!!!!!!! I am sooooooooo happy. Pluss I’ll make a little money too. It’s basically like a paid T.A. internship. I’m really excited. Anyway that’s it, but its a beautiful day, I have work to do and a show to see and a house to help clean and a stomach to feed so I must go. Now. Bye.

March 29, 2004

Well today I didn’t do anything productive, but that’s ok, I do have all week to do my work. What I did do today was fun though. It is my nana’s birthday tomorrow, but me, my mom, my aunt, and my sister went over my nana’s house today to celebrate. BUT we had a surprise for my g-ma. My cousin Jay (who lives in Colorado) hasn’t been to CT for like six years or so, so he surprised my nana for her b-day. His girlfriend Mary also came and here’s how the surprise went down: Me, my mom, and my aunt came in to my nana’s first. We hung around for like five minutes or so and then we heard a knock on the door…my nana opened the door to Mary who asked: “Are you Jean, we have a delivery for you,” and nana said yes, and a man carried in a beautifully huge thing of flowers that were convieniently hiding his face. My nana starts gushing over the flowers while Jay slowly moves them away from his face- AND SURPRISE!!! My g-ma realizes who it is and instantly has a heart attack!!!! (I kid, I kid, no nana’s were actually harmed in the making of this surprise.) But anyways it was really nice once nana settled down. I havent seen my cousin in a looooong ass time and his girlfriend is super cool. Plus the day included more cake. lol. just what I need as if this month weren’t already filled with tons of cake…..

Anyway later tonight I was hanging around watching American Dreams with my mom, and Amber and Jon got back from their day in NYC– and somehow within twenty minutes of being home Jon managed to [full] moon my mother and I. Yeah, let me just say I need not ever see his bum again. Ever. Seriously, dude….Needless to say it provided a surreal laugh or two. or three.

Anyhoodle, I’m tired so I am signing off to all you fine folks. I shall report again at a later date. Goodnight moon. [no pun intended.]

March 28, 2004

uh, hello…it sucks that you can’t comment…anyone know how I can fix this? email me at

March 28, 2004

Yeah, so I combined my entries from previous bloggs I had and I added them to the archives [just for fun, plus I am soooooo bored]. So feel free to read the very few times I ever blogged…

March 27, 2004

I’m trying to keep up with this blog thing so I’m writing even though I don’t have much to say…..hmmmm…ok, I have done nothing today, but I watched the UCONN women’s game, YAY for winning! And I am currently watching the men’s game….then I plan to go to Barnes and Noble to look at children’s books and perhaps get some inspiration for my illustration homework.

I also want to visit with miss Rachael at some point this week!!!! So I have to make some plans with her….Erica has a solo in her choir concert at St. Paul’s Church tonight in NYC, so I hope that goes wondermously for her! I am very proud of my sista! what else, let’s see….My abso-tutenly spectacular friend and roommate has [hopefully] made it back to Oklahoma City safely, and her and Cory should be paintin’ the town red soonish…I miss you girls allready! lol…

Perhaps the most important news of my week was that my best friend from when I was just a little sprat emailed me quite out of the blue! As you all are probably aware, I have a majorly extensive phone-phobia which was one of the main reasons I lost touch with her over the past years. When you are little and your best friend moves away after fourth grade (even if it is only a half-hour away) it is really tough to stay in touch without calling her… lol…But I seriously regret all the time that has past and I am extremely thankful that she took the effort to find me! I know it might be hard to make up for lost time, but I am soooo willing to try. I really want to get to know her again because it is such a shame that I let our friendship fade. I know that I have always wanted to stay friends and I think our childhood friendship is strong enough to carry over to our college years. I am optimistic and very, very happy to say the least.

Well, that’s all folks! I shall check in again at a later date…

March 26, 2004

Wow, so I gave up on my other two former online journal things, but I decided to start again. Maybe this time I will actually update it…we shall see….

Anyway, I AM NOW ON SPRING BREAK!!!!! YAY!!!! Thank god I get a little over a week off, although I must admit the past week has been perhaps the least stressful week I’ve ever had at risd. That is also not to say that this next week will be all relaxin and no action. I have quite a bit to get done including, if you care to know, the following:

1. My master copy- I am doing a full scale copy of Edward Hopper’s 1939 New York Movie, so this will be rather challenging, but hopefully fun. I just gessoed my canvas outside because DID I MENTION IT IS BEAUTIMOUS OUTSIDE? so that’s my painting homework…(well half of it…)

2. I should also work on my self portrait for painting this week…I was thinking I’d include my two sisters in my portrait…we shall see

3. For illustration I have to do 4 different children’s illustrations showing a normal object becoming magical in four different ways…this should be fun (no, seriously it will)

4. I have to read and boring stuff like that for History of Photography

5. Drawing- I have to find an anatomical drawing like a skeleton and draw it in a humorous or unexpected scene…this will be aiiight

So thats the buissness of the week… But I also plan on doing fun stuff cuz I wanna see Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind (Kate Winslet, Elijah Wood, from the makers of Being John Malkovich…ya just can’t go wrong!) I also wanna see Ned Kelly…Orlando Bloom….ummmmm…

And I plan to make a visit to Mrs. Simon at the high school (my old art teacher…) because I miss her and wanna see her.

What else….oh yeah, and I have to try and get a job. I have to set up a meeting with Kathleen Kelly from the Developing Artist’s Institute on Tuesday, so maybe I will gets me a job for the summer….

AND on Tuesday night my big sis Amber has her one woman show at Central, so I am both nervous and excited…I might go to the dress rehersal Monday night so I can preview it…

Ok sorry to have rambled…I think that should do it…I have to give Britt a hug, as I am being beckoned from across the room.

DID I MENTION HOW ABSOLUTELY, WONDERFUL, GORGEOUS, AND BEAUTIMOUS it is outside? It really is, so I’m going to go outside now…and give Beebs a hug…later folks.