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June 30, 2004

Awesomeness Goin’ on…

Ok, so here’s the deal: I had my first two days of work on Monday and Tuesday–and I am really having a blast. I work between 6-7 hours a day, but its only probably going to be 3 days a week. It’s the perfect summer job. Wait. I don’t want to call it a job because its sooo much better than that. I mean, I’m working hard, and I am tired at the end of the day- (like, i have to make about thirty trips back and forth carrying huge easels and heavy tables and clay and stuff and I am constantly on my feet) but I love being there. Today I was outside ALL day, enjoying the beautiful weather and helping kids with their art!!! I helped 11 kids make cool things with clay, I assisted Robert with painting dinosaurs with watercolor, and I got to watch Otto and Kyle (who did not know each other) become friends. I mean, come on. Who am I kidding. My “job” rocks. PLUS listen to this:

Ok, so the woman who runs the Developing Artist Institute is a local artist named Kathleen Kelly. (She’s wonderful btw- I mean as a person) Anyway, so she used to be a children’s book illustrator- and I knew this when I applied for the job. HOWEVER I thought that I didn’t know of her work but I was oh so very mistaken. Today during my lunch break I was looking at the books she has on the shelf in the studio, and I came across the kid’s book she did. I picked it up and was EXTREMELY shocked to find myself looking at the very same book I had once read long ago at the Keeney Street School library. I was just a wee Keeney cub then- but I remember this book. It was called “River Friends” by KATHLEEN M. KELLY. Of course! I remembered! It was a new addition to the library then, so it had been set aside- plus it was done by a local artist. I remembered the pictures. I remembered the story….Ah the memories that flooded back to me…. So yeah, I work for a woman whose book I read when I was just a lil’ sprat. Life can be so surreal it’s amazing. Did I mention I love my job? Cos I do.

Anyway, Darti is closed all next week so I am on vacation until Saturday, July 10. But now I get to work on all the Harry Potter art I’ve started–while I look forward to this weekend when I get to see ERICA!!!! And have our annual 4th of JULY PARTY!!! Woot Woot!

BTW: Book 6 has been confirmed! We can all eagerly await the next installment of witchcraft and wizardry when “Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince” comes out [who-knows-when.] Yay!


June 27, 2004


I had work yesterday at DARTI- only four hours but it was a good introduction. I still don’t really know what my responsibilities fully entail, but I think it will be a great job…I saw Fahrenheight 9/11 last night with Mike, Kelly and Rich. Interesting film. Mr. Moore makes his point for sure, however you cannot go in or come out of a film like that believing what you see. It was a solid film, and well crafted, and entertaining and humorous, but you simply cannot see things as one sided as he hopes you will, or you are just as ignorant as anyone else. you have to be an intelligent cinema goer to realize that film is not unbiased in anycapacity. Michael Moore had an infinite amount of clips, images etc to choose from, and he chose what he did for a reason. Lest we not forget that. So yeah, that’s what I think.

Oh, and, does it bother anyone that Michael Moore is making a bundle himself off of this movie- which criticizes Bush and other companies of profiting from the war? Is he not in some capacity doing the same? just a thought….

OOOO, yes exciting news in the Harry potter universe occured on Friday- apparently (this remains unconfirmed) but the title of book six may have been revealled earlier than planned- and accidentaly—So what might this title be?

The title of Book 6 ?:

Harry Potter and the Pillar of StorgĂ© (which is greek for parental love….hmmmmm) Interesting.

Anyway I helped paint the spindles on my deck today, so now my hand is tired. I’ve got work tomorrow from 9- 1, so that will be interesting. I’d like to take this opportunity to wish a very Happy Birthday (June 28th) to Miss Meeshpants Mc.Gook (21) and Miss Kelly Busque (20)! You guys are old!

June 23, 2004

woah…so haven’t blogged in a while…

Sorry guys. I’ve been busy doing nothing. Honestly, I don’t know where my time goes, but anyways I actually do a have a few things to write about on this fine early Wednesday morning. Ok…so last Friday night Erica came home for teh weekend, we hung out at her house with Kelly, Mike and Matt (which means we watched The Princess Diaries). We called it an early night and then Saturday I finally hade some quality time with my bestest-which was not nearly enogh- But I get to see her for the 4th of July so I am happy….So Saturday we bummed around, went to the mall, bought the same pair of pink dangly earings (because yes Erica, we do have good taste). Then we hung out some more at my house, ate chinese food, etc. I miss my Erica. Dammit. Why must she be gone all summer? And why must my vacation to Maine be during the same week she’ll be home? Just my luck. On Sunday my sister Amber’s friend Jesse got married. So I got to go to my first wedding ever. At 10 I woke up, and at 10:30 Jesse and her bridal party came to my house to get ready–because she wanted to take her picture in my yard. Plus Amber was a bridesmaid. Which was cool. Anyway the wedding was really nice, simple, and small (70 people). It was also more emotional than I expected. Watching Amber get teary eyed made my eyes fill up- and then Brittany was bawling. She’s a big sappy romantic so I understood. The ceremony was really nice and it was the most beautiful day to get married outside. Absolutely perfect. Anyway after the ceremony we went inside Bella Louisa and ate and watched a few people dance. Amber made friends with the 5 year old flower girl Samantha and she wouldn’t leave her side. It was soooo cute to see my sister with a little girl I saw the good mommy in her come out….. *wink wink*

Let’s seeee…what else….Monday night I went to see The Stepford Wives with Kelly and Mike- The movie was hugely dissapointing but hanging out with the two of them is always entertaining. We talked for a while outside on my deck and had some really good laughs- I really love hanging out with them both…What else….Tuesday I did basically nothing but work on my Harry Potter poster, which I finally finished after working on it all day!!!!!!!!! So I am really excited to be finished. Now I can start on the twenty other things I wanna do…well it is 2:44 am and I need to sleep. Goodnight moon.

June 13, 2004

Summer Job- Day One

So, I had my first day of my summer job working for the Develoing Artist Institute today….and it went really well. Of course, it wasn’t a true first day, since I wasn’t doing what I am actually going to be doing once I start..but here’s how my day went down:

Today was Heritage Day in Manchester, (which I had never even heard of, but whatever…) so The Developing Artist Instiute had set up a booth as a way to both advertise and give the kids walking around there a free activity to do. I got to the Institute about 9 am this morning, stopped in to find Kathleen (the woman I work for) to see what I could do. She sent me across the street to go find and introduce myself to her husband Gary and the other teacher at the school, Maureen. Well, I was completely nervous and awkward, since I had to go find them myself never having even laid eyes on them, but it was ok. They were both reallllly nice and we got along great. So I started setting up the tent/booth, and getting things ready for our activity. We were giving the kids sunglasses and visors that they could paint/decorate and keep- which makes kids especially happy since they were free…But what definitely ensured the success of our project was the fact that is was so godddamned messy. As anyone who was once a kid knows… messy=fun. So yeah, I hung outside in beautiful weather with kids all day, and showed them how to speckle-paint using toothbrushes and acrylic paint! YAY! Seriously, I had a blast…Although it was a little hectic and I am dead tired now…I worked til 5pm, never took a break or ate luch (by my own choosing, so I’m not complaining) but I am very tired. But today I really had a good time, and very much enjoyed working with and getting to know the people with whom I will be spending my summer working. My favorite parts of the day were when Gabrielle, (Gary/Kathleen’s cousin) was around. She is an 11 year-old-5th grade lil’ spitfire who is sooo damn cute and was pumped up on so much sugar it was unbeliveable. So we became friends and she made the day really fun, since she was kind of like my little helper and we joked around all day. Anyways, I am now looking forward to working…whenever I actually start…which I don’t really know when that will be just yet.

June 6, 2004

Harry Potter Maketh Me Happy

“If all goes well tonight, more than one innocent life will be saved. Miss Granger, three turns should do it.”

Yeah, so I saw Prisoner of Azkaban last night. Needless to say, I am a very, very happy girl.

Harry Potter should not make me so happy. But alas, it does. So I’m just gonna go with it…

I loved the movie so much, it was actually better than I imagined/anticipated it would be…The only issues I have with it are the following:

1. When Harry tries to cry in Hogsmead…come on, there weren’t even any tears (its ok though, I still love you Daniel Radcliffe)

2. Way too short. Yes, it was the most cohesive and best directed of the films, but I want to relish in Harry Potter world for more than 2 hours and 15 minutes, ok? As I watched the movie, it didn’t bother me as much as when I think about it now, and how many little things from the book I would have loved to have seen come to life.

3. The godddamn freeze-frame-on-Harry’s-face ending. WTF? that’s all I have to say about that.

My absolute favorite things about the movie:

*When Harry saves himself and Sirius with the Patronus charm. I almost cried. Yes I am that lame.

*Proffessor Trelawney–as in Emma Thompson

*I must also add how hot Hermione was. I mean, common. The girl kicks ass and is a great role model for young girls. I was also impressed with Emma Watson’s improvment in acting… But that could be said about all three kids too.

Hey, did anyone else notice the re-occuring symbolism of Harry’s reflections in various things? Nice touch.

So anyway, I am obsessed, impressed, and extremely happy with the third installment of Harry Potter. To celebrate, I am working on my very own Prisoner of Azkaban poster which also makes me happy.