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I’m making apple crisp tonight

July 31, 2004

So it’s been a nice few days since my last post. I haven’t done too much, but that’s ok. Next week is going to be killer busy so I’m relaxing in preparation. Last night my family attempted to see the 10:25 showing of The Village, but alas we did not get there early enough and the show was sold out. And since the next showing was at 11:55pm, we piled back in to the car and went home. I was very very pissed and dissapointed, especially because there was no one to blame and I had been looking forward to seeing it–So I think we are going to try again tonight at the 11:55pm showing, since nobody has to get up early tomorrow. But also tonight we are having a spagetti dinner with my Nana, and I am making her watch Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone, since she’s never seen any of the films and we all want her to see the third (against her will if necessary). But the point of it all is to spend a little quality time with my g-ma…

Anyway, next week looks pretty interesting at the Developing Artist Institute…It’s the week of the “Intense Art” camp, from 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday. Although I’m actually not working during the camp hours, Kathleen wants me to work at night during her normal classes so as to keep her sanity at the end of an extremely tiring day. Wednesday however, I get to work the camp, and I work at 9am, at which time an Ice sculpter from the CT Culinary Institute comes in to demonstrate. After that we are taking a day trip to the mile long scuplture walk in Madison. So basically I’ll get paid to watch ice scuplting and go to the beach. Not too shabby. So yeah, I’m pretty excited for the week to come, and today Kathleen said she’d love to have me back next summer. I am flattered by the offer but I do need to think about what I need to do next summer in terms of accumulating different internship experiences. But at least I WILL be going to work for her sometime in the winter, possibly during wintersession at RISD. Either way she seem sto want to keep me on as an employer- which I very much appreciate.

Well, that’s all for now. I have to call my Nana and make apple crisp. Later all you fine folks out there.


More Music Speak

July 27, 2004

Well, as I said before, the only thing I’ve been anxious to spend money on as of late has been music. For some reason I have been motivated to expand my music horizons and really put forth an effort to find music that I like. You probably know that I am not really the type of person that puts much effort into her music tastes, but I’ve started really enjoying doing some music research and discovering that which had been unfamiliar to me. That being said, I have made some terrific music purchases in the past few days, which had made me extremely happy. Firstly, I bought the new Modest Mouse album– Good News For People Who Love Bad News. Secondly I bought Morrissey (as emphatically recommended by Alex)— You Are The Quarry. Thirdly (as in I bought them tonight) are The Libertines– Up The Bracket, Rufus Wainwright–Want One, and Modest Mouse–The Moon And Antarctica. I’ve been throughly enjoying Modest Mouse and Morrissey and I look forwrd to hearing more of both…And since I haven’t heard my newest three purchases yet- I have to do so. Right now. I LOVE THE LIBERTINES. Well, that’s all folks. G’night.

Today: Partly cloudy and with a brief Harry Potter Editorial

July 23, 2004

Ok, so I just bummed around doing nothing all day yesterday. I watched two Red Sox games on TV, then I painted for a few hours, which felt good because I kept putting off working on them because I didn’t like the point they were at, but I pushed through and now I am excited about them! Anyway, today is gonna be chill. I think I might go outside and paint or something, then who knows…

In other news, today is Daniel Radcliffe’s 15th birthday, which means he is slightly closer to being legal! Lol. I’m just kidding with you. I love Dan Radcliffe, but I don’t LOVE him. Besides, My little cousin Kaitlyn is even OLDER than him, so it’s just creepy. But damn if only he was born just 5 years earlier!

Well, that’s all. But I am going to post the following editorial that I wrote about my theory regarding the title character of book 6, Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. (non Harry Potter fans, please do not read on).


James Potter as the HBP is the most likely and logical defense I have read thus far. Think about it. If James was literally a prince, it would account for the massive monetary inheritance at Gringott’s left to Harry by his parents. If James were royalty that would explain why, as JK Rowling has said, James had inheritance that didn’t require him to work.

-Even if James was not a “Prince” literally, perhaps we should see him in the figurative sense, as in James was quite a prat. Either way it enforces/explains the whole Snape dislike of Harry and his father. (James strutted around Hogwarts like he owned the place, was mischievious, got away with everything, was stuck-up and full of himself…)

James being a prince could also account for why (apart from the prophecy) Voldemort was after James in the first place. More importantly, I believe that making James the title character of book six also strengthens the father-son plot line that JK herself has said is the essence of the books. Therefore James may well be the HBP. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

Oops, I forgot one

July 21, 2004

Hey. Yesterday I forgot to add that I’ve been listening to the 5 songs availible to download on ART BRUT’s site. If you haven’t heard of Art Brut (the band, wink wink) you just might in the future. Or, you should anyway… so yes, please visit and check them out. They are quite funny and I’m anxious to hear more from them. Ok that’s all.

Like Woah.

July 21, 2004

Testing, Testing 1, 2, 3. Ok, guys… So I finally figured out why none of my posts ever have titles, so I fixed it. I also changed my background color to black, as you can see. That’s it. Over and out.

hehehe. look what I found.

July 20, 2004

A little music speak

Ok, so here’s the thing. I have no money to spend on frivolities, but all I want to do is just that. Here is a list of cd’s that I want. Check them out if you aren’t familiar.

The Zutons: Who Killed the Zutons

Mercury Rev: Deserter’s Songs AND All is Dream

The Libertines: Up the Bracket

Kings of Leon: Youth and Young Manhood

Modest Mouse: Good News For People who Love Bad News

The Delgados: The Great Eastern

Razorlight: Up All Night

and I want that single from Scissor Sisters because I don’t really care for the rest of the album…

The problem is that not only do I not have the money to afford all these amazing cd’s, but Who Killed the Zutons and Razorlight are only availible in England, or Ebay. But they are too expensive to buy in such a manner. So alas, I must go without. For now. Maybe if I make one purchase per week I’ll have them all before my birthday….Anyways,

my most recent music purchases have been the following:

Snow Patrol: Final Straw

The Delgados: Hate

Franz Ferdinand: (Franz Ferdinand)

I would definitely recommend them all especially The Delgados. I am very into their sound. It’s kinda like Badly Drawn Boy but different and with a female voice. I really like Snow Patrol as well, they are kind of like a very mild Coldplay with a less identifiable lead singing voice. And Franz Ferdinand is quite good, and it’s a nice change of pace for a happier, more light hearted listen. Anyways..that’s enough music talk. Sorry if I’ve bored you but I had to get it out.

And Now back to life…

I worked today, and yesterday. Last night I third-wheeled with Amber and Jon and went to see I, Robot. I had no desire to see the film (the preview was lame enough) but I tagged along anyway because I didn’t want to stay home and I had a free movie ticket. So the movie was actually better than expected. Definitely still cheesy and had too much CGI, but I can’t deny that I was entertained for two hours and that is all that should be expected out of a summer blockbuster, right? So anyways, I worked all day today, and I work again Saturday at 10:15 am. But between now and then I don’t know what I’ll be up to. Hopefully I will get some more painting done or something…Who knows.

Oh yeah. Yesterday in the mail we RISD kids finally got our copies of the evaluations that our teachers write for us after our final critques. My mom had been waiting for them in anticipation for weeks because she is just that nosy. Haha. Anyways I kept telling her they are never very interesting, but even I was still curious to see what they had to say. But alas, I was indeed right. They didn’t really say much I hadn’t already been told. Actually they were so straightforward I was kind of dissapointed. But oh well, I win, Mom!

I’m off to watch the Red Sox game. Later all you boys and girls.

July 19, 2004

A Most Productive Day

Well, today I did nothing except work on my Harry Potter oil painting. It was relaxing and fun and I listened to some good music while doing so including but not limited to: The Delgados, Snow Patrol, Franz Ferdinand, Tori Amos, etc etc. So yes, twas good. Twas fun. And I felt happy about finally making some progress on it after I kept putting it off. That’s it. Look what I found:

July 18, 2004

“Where did you get your suits? The toilet store?”

Howdy all you boys and girls out there that I like to pretend actually read this….Ok, lets be honest, there’s only like two people who actually read this and give a flying crap about what I do. To you (you know who you are), I say “Cheers” and read on.

Ok, so yesterday was pretty low key. I left my day open thinking I might actually do some painting, but alas I was a bum and did nothing productive. But I made plans with Rachaeleepoo (that’s how you spell it, wink wink), and she came over, hung out, and then we rented The Butterfly Effect which was surprisingly very good. Damn you Ashton Kutcher! I keep trying to not like you, but you keep winning me over anyway!! So yes, I had a great time hanging out and laughing with Rach. Time well spent for sure.

Today I worked from 11am to 3:30pm, and then went to the bank to deposit my massive payroll checks (taxes weren’t taken out yet though :(… )Then me and Brittany watched the Triplets of Belleville which we both loved and highly reccommend. The film is mostly French because there is so little dialog that only like two lines were translated. I really enjoyed the animation style although I usually don’t like things like that. But yes, that was really good and I’m glad I finally got to see it. (are you happy now Michelle?hehehe)

Tonight I got to see Erica, Mike, Kelly and Sarah as we all went to see Anchorman. A terrible film that gives no credit to the intelligence of the audience that buys the tickets, Anchorman was exactly what I expected it to be: Retarded Will Ferrel humor that requires an IQ no higher than 48 to understand. I am embarrased to say that I too could be found laughing during a couple of moments in this trite cinematic disgrace, but I won’t admit that for the record. Lol. Seriously, it was a bad movie, but it was kind of funny, but at least I had a free movie ticket so I technically didn’t pay to see it. To Mike and Kelly: I commend you for being such good friends that you would sit though it for a second time just to see us all for a couple of hours. Your sacrifce was very much appreciated by me, I assure you. Anyway I was just happy to see everyone for a bit and share some laughs with them. Well, I am tired and sick of typing. I always type too much. Fare thee well.

July 16, 2004

Adventures in Babysitting

Woah, dude this week has totally flown by. Monday and Tuesday was work as usual, and it was fun of course. Tuesday I had an intersting experience at work that warrants mentioning. After the morning class that comes in (about 11 kids, they are brought from a day care in Glastonbury), we have another 2 hour summer class, and then rest of the day is time for normal classes, which basically means people come in throughout the day for their art lessons. So anyway, at 1:00 this 12 year old girl Shian came in and I basically ended up working with her for most of the 2 hours. She wanted to learn how to draw people and so I had to be the one to teach her. Now remember I am no teacher, I have no idea how to teach, and I had no idea where or how to begin. I sat there in a personal panic until I decided to show her how to do a blind contor and then we moved on to drawing from a photograph of her niece…Anyway, she did well and was hapy with her work, so I guess I felt good about working with her, but it was my first real experience where someone expected me to actually teach them something…


I have had the past couple of days off but today I babysat one of the daughters of Maureen, the other woman that I work with. I spent from 10am to 2:30pm playing with Claire, who is 3+ years old and cute as a doll. We watched Finding Nemo and played, and went for a bike ride (I walked). Thimgs went very smoothly barring one minor incident. Claire was pretending to be a dog and took off running in the woodfloor hallway and slipped and hit her head smack in the wall, erupting into hysterical crying. I was very calm about it and told her to come lay down on the couch while I rubbed her forehead and “kissed it to make it better.” It took about 10 seconds for her to stop crying, thank god. So I think I handled it well in that I stayed very calm on the outside but was a little freaked out inside. Lol. So yeah, we had a fun time, I made a new friend, and Claire cried when I had to leave because she wanted me to “stay more longer.” So yes. Babysitting adventure #1 was a success. Not to mention I made about $7.00 an hour. I just kinda hope that the babysitting thing doesn’t become a normal thing because I assure you it is not my forte. I do not like being responsible for other people’s children. It gives me anxiety and quite frankly, keeping up with a toddler wears this 19 year old out.

Ok, one last thing. Today I went to an art opening of Kathleen Kelly, the woman I work with. It was at The Village retirement home in South Windsor. I took my mom and Britt. The show was simple and had a few paintings and mostly digital prints of flowers. The show was really nice and even my mother found it interesting which says a lot. Believe me. So yeah, I got to talk to Kathleen and introduce her to Britt (as she already met my mother). And I got to watch her sell her painting to some guy, which was nice. On that note, I thought I’d add that I recently received an email from some guy inquiring about buying a print of one of my homework paintings from painting class. I laughed and emailed him back saying that I didn’t have any prints because it was actually just a homework painting- and I asked him if he’d like to buy the real thing. He said he was interested and that “he’s moving so money is tight but it would be nice for his computer room.” I am of course flattered that he wants to buy my work, but I am a little embarrassed because I think the painting is kinda shite, and I don’t think it comes off as nice in person as it does online…so anyway, now I have to figure out how much to ask for it, not that I care about the money but I want to make it worth my while for the hastle of shipping it and what not. I think I’m going to ask Kathleen what might be an appropriate price for a crappy homework painting I don’t like and looks worse in person. Lol. With that, I say goodnight all.

July 11, 2004

Okay. So. Today is Saturday. I was originally supposed to be on “vacation” until today, but instead Kathleen called me in to help her with some stuff to get ready for her gallery exhibit next week. (I was doing mainly mailing list things, no biggie but I was on the computer for 5 hours straight)…But anyway, that means that I worked from 1:30pm to 6pm Thursday and Friday, and from 8am to 3pm today. Saturday. And I have to work from 9am to 3pm Monday and Tuesday. Lemme tell ya something. I love my job. It’s easy. I get paid well. But I want a part time job. I do not want to work everyday. I am happy to have been given the extra hours this week, but hopefully I will only be working for three days a week from here on in. I just can’t take not having my own time. I know I am spoiled but at least even when I am at school I am creating art. But now when I work I am too tired to draw afterwords, so 3 days a week is really the perfect amount of time for me. No more, no less. I am lucky to have my job, don’t get me wrong, and I like making money. BUT I am worn out. And I hate having to go to bed early. lol. Well, anyway tomorrow I get the day off, so I will have to fit in some art at some point. (it’s like therapy) Because last night I almost had a breakdown. No wait I did.

See, Brittany is 17, but does not have her license. Which means me and Amber have to drive her around all the time. This gets really old. Last night there was a miscommunication between my mom and Brittany which left Brittany over a friend’s house and only me and Amber at home. Which meant that I was going to have to pick her up late that night. I was so tired and I had to go to bed early, and Amber refused to get her, [she even forgot she had to, dumbass]- So I, being the only responsible kid in the family, had to worry about how/when Brittany was getting home. After several attempts to call Britt and tell her I needed to pick her up early, I could not get a hold of her. I was so frustrated with everything- of having to worry about her, of being constantly asked to trot her ass somewhere, etc, when I am neither her mom nor her eldest sister-I am just the sister with a fricken conscience and regard for others. So yeah, I had a meltdown, sat down and wrote a nasty letter to try to get out my frustration, and then called Britt again–finally got an answer- and told her I could pick up her and her friend and bring them home to sleepover…So in the end everything was fine, but it was just really alarming how upset I got and how nothing I did could calm me down. Sorry to rant. But that’s what happened.

Anyway, I am tired, the Red Sox just won (woot!:) so I must celebrate by folding clothes. Have a wondermous night/day to all that may read this. I wish you happiness and a sunny sunday tomorrow.