Today: Partly cloudy and with a brief Harry Potter Editorial

Ok, so I just bummed around doing nothing all day yesterday. I watched two Red Sox games on TV, then I painted for a few hours, which felt good because I kept putting off working on them because I didn’t like the point they were at, but I pushed through and now I am excited about them! Anyway, today is gonna be chill. I think I might go outside and paint or something, then who knows…

In other news, today is Daniel Radcliffe’s 15th birthday, which means he is slightly closer to being legal! Lol. I’m just kidding with you. I love Dan Radcliffe, but I don’t LOVE him. Besides, My little cousin Kaitlyn is even OLDER than him, so it’s just creepy. But damn if only he was born just 5 years earlier!

Well, that’s all. But I am going to post the following editorial that I wrote about my theory regarding the title character of book 6, Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. (non Harry Potter fans, please do not read on).


James Potter as the HBP is the most likely and logical defense I have read thus far. Think about it. If James was literally a prince, it would account for the massive monetary inheritance at Gringott’s left to Harry by his parents. If James were royalty that would explain why, as JK Rowling has said, James had inheritance that didn’t require him to work.

-Even if James was not a “Prince” literally, perhaps we should see him in the figurative sense, as in James was quite a prat. Either way it enforces/explains the whole Snape dislike of Harry and his father. (James strutted around Hogwarts like he owned the place, was mischievious, got away with everything, was stuck-up and full of himself…)

James being a prince could also account for why (apart from the prophecy) Voldemort was after James in the first place. More importantly, I believe that making James the title character of book six also strengthens the father-son plot line that JK herself has said is the essence of the books. Therefore James may well be the HBP. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.


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