More Music Speak

Well, as I said before, the only thing I’ve been anxious to spend money on as of late has been music. For some reason I have been motivated to expand my music horizons and really put forth an effort to find music that I like. You probably know that I am not really the type of person that puts much effort into her music tastes, but I’ve started really enjoying doing some music research and discovering that which had been unfamiliar to me. That being said, I have made some terrific music purchases in the past few days, which had made me extremely happy. Firstly, I bought the new Modest Mouse album– Good News For People Who Love Bad News. Secondly I bought Morrissey (as emphatically recommended by Alex)— You Are The Quarry. Thirdly (as in I bought them tonight) are The Libertines– Up The Bracket, Rufus Wainwright–Want One, and Modest Mouse–The Moon And Antarctica. I’ve been throughly enjoying Modest Mouse and Morrissey and I look forwrd to hearing more of both…And since I haven’t heard my newest three purchases yet- I have to do so. Right now. I LOVE THE LIBERTINES. Well, that’s all folks. G’night.


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