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July 7, 2004

Yo Wassup foo?

Yeah, so I have done nothing all day. Gee this seems to happen alot… waaaait, it’s summer. No wonder. Anyways, I’ve been working on my website today, but now I have to clean the house. What Fun. At least I get to go to work tomorrow which I wasn’t expecting to do, but Kathleen called and needs me to help her address invitations to her exhibition. So that’s good. Easy money I suppose. Last night I watched In America, and I have to mention how good a film it is. I had a feeling it was going to be good, and I had been looking forward to seeing it for months now. So yes, please DO rent In America because it’s a superb cinematic experience… And that’s about it. Tonight should be low key- maybe jogging at MHS again, and folding clothes. Yay for July. Oh yes, one more thing. Last night I bought tickets for Norah Jones at the Oakdale September 1st! (I’m going with my mom) So I look forward to that….Ok, over and out.


July 6, 2004

Fun Ran Rampant

Hello all you fine folks out there. It’s time for yet another exciting and fun filled entry into the life of one C.A. Martin, aspiring artist and illustrator. Well, maybe it’s not so much filled with fun, but then again, maybe it is because my weekend tottally rocked the casbah! Ok, so here’s the weekend wrap-up: If I can even remember…..Oh yes, Wednesday night was some brief hanging out time with Kelly, Mike, and Rachael- did the whole sitting-outside-of-starbucks-eating-a-giant-cookie- thing. Was fun. Rachael hung out for a bit longer which was great…I ate a TV dinner. Hehehe haven’t had one in years. Let’s seee…Nothing much happened until Saturday, (some drawing and stuff inbetween, no biggy)….But Saturday I finally got to see Erica, I got to her house around 6pm, then Sarah, Kelly and Mike showed up, and we watched True Life: I’m Obese. Yes. Quite interesting. Then roundabouts 7:45pm we started walking over to the MCC Bandshell area for the fireworks…After much debate as to where we should sit our asses down, we decided upon the only patch of green left- the wonderful incline where my family sits EVERY SINGLE year we attend the fireworks. My family found us and we all sat together which was nice. So yeah, the hill= not fun, but being with friends and family for rather-boring-fireworks-until-the finale= nice tradition. After that we walked back to Erica’s, I collected the “Police No Parking Zone” signs I found as we walked, got to Erica’s at 10:30 and then hung out for a to make sure the traffic had died down before trying to get back home. I got home at 11:09pm, and apparently my family didn’t get home until 11…which means traffic was riddiculous and they were stuck in the parking lot for at least half an hour. Sunday was the height of Forth of July fun…and we had our annual party and I had a blast. Lots of food. Lots of eating. Lots of friends. Lots of laughing. Seriously. Me and Erica took silly pictures of ourselves…which I have to send her…btw…We watched our family firework display sitting on th trampoline, while the soundtrack to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban set the tone for the show. (that was by request- I had nothing to do with the choice of background music. wink wink.) Anyway we yelled “Lacarnum Inflamari” incantations at the fireworks, but that didn’t seem to work, so my dad and Erica’s dad set them off with a magical lighter instead. After the wondermous show of fire, Erica and I played with giant sparklers and shouted “Expecto Patronum” but to little result.

Then Erica and Britt and I had a sleepover after everyone had finally left…and that was about it. It was a great day, perfect weather, and baring the part of my father drinking like 15 beers it was fantastic. Lol. I assure you that alcohol and my dad are an embarrassing combination. You see, my father doesn’t drink but maybe twice a year: New Year’s Eve, and the Forth of July. Which I am thankful for- but my dad is a very quiet guy by nature–which means that when he drinks he talks….alot….when he ought not at all. So yeah, He thinks he’s funny and makes jokes and teases and talks about Russia and their toilet paper situation. Woo Hoo. Yeah no. BUT at least listening to my intoxicated dad reaffirms why I will never consume alcohol. Ever. Lol. Oh well….Letsee…..Yesterday I did nothing all day. But then Amber, Jon, and I went to MHS and ran/walked on the track for a while because we all felt very blobby. Later I watched Secret Window with my mom and dad. That movie totally sucks do not rent it. Way too conventional. Then me and my mom watched Miracle. Which was really quite good and there were attractive boys playing hockey so I give it a thumbs up….And Now I have done nothing yet again today except find out that Mark Evans is NOT the Half Blood Prince nor is he even an important character in Harry Potter. For those of you that actually know what I am talking about I apologize. For those of you that do not, I apologize more. Sorry I am such a huge dweeb. Britt- I’m sorry that I refer to book two as cosine. You know what I mean. hahaha. Anyway I am determined to finish my drawing, take a shower etc. So I must leave you all now. Oh yes, a very happy birthday to my cuz Kaitlyn, who is 15 today!