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Music, more music, and vacation

August 20, 2004

Pheeeewwwww. So I just made a huge splurge–my last of the summer- on music. I’m slighlty overwhelmed by the amount of cd’s I still want to buy, but tonight I got a lot of it out of my system by purchasing 6 cd’s on…I FINALLY was able to by The Zuton’s “Who Killed The Zutons,” and the other day I bought “Up All Night” by Razorlight (which I can’t wait to listen to!!!). Tonight I also bought the following: The Thrills: So Much For The City, The Bees: Free The Bees, Kings Of Convenience: Riot On An Empty Street, The Stills: Logic Will Break Your Heart, and Keane: Hopes and Fears (which I got for 7 bucks)….So yay for good stuffs coming in the mail!!

What I still want to get my hands on are the following: The Futureheads, Belle and Sebastian, The Killers, The Walkmen, Bloc Party (which comes out September 14), Mercury Rev, The Strokes, The Kinks, Polyphonic Spree, The Reindeer Section, Ash, The Von Bondies, more from The Shins, etc etc…


I pack for vacation tomorrow- and then it’s off to Maine for the week early Saturday morning. I’m very excited and it will most definitely be nice to relax on the beach for seven days. Unfortunately that means I won’t see Erica before she goes back to school….grrrrrrrrr…..

Last night Brittany, Rachael, and I went to see the Princess Diaries 2. It was a good girly cheese fest and I enjoyed the attractive boys and the ever lovely Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews, but I still liked the first one better. Perhaps I am just a bitter romantic……can I marry a prince with an accent s’il vous plait? Maintenant? Au jour d’hui? Jai’ besoin du garcon, un beau garcon….it will never happen, I know 😦

OMG I just found out the hot Brit photographer guy Mia doesn’t marry is the guy from Dead Like Me!!! I love him even more now!



August 15, 2004

Cancer-free is the way to be! My dearest Miss Rachee-Poo (haha inside joke) has overcome! She has triumphed! She has beaten the hell out of that piece of poop disease that months ago had us all worried for her well being! She stayed strong through something that nobody should have to endure– and she has made us all proud. I am so fortunate to be among her friends (since 6th grade, no doubt). I love you Rach- I’m so happy that you can return to Roger Williams and resume what was put on hold. Now, on a more goofy note, we have to go to Mansfield Drive in so that we can see Princess Diaries II and The Village (again for me)….I’m aiming for 15 dolla car load Wednesday. Also, Rachael has just expressed potential interest in seeing Snow Patrol at the Call in Providence on Sept. 11. So anyone who wants to go please tell me because I don’t wanna go alone (I couldn’t anyway) but also I don’t really want to drive to Providence all by myself either. I know I’m demanding, but I can’t miss Snow Patrol. I just can’t.

Hmmm, what else….My mom, aunt, and nana all mde it back from Illinois safely yesterday. My mom is still pretty low but I keep trying to make her happy. Tis not working much. Today I got a most excellent postcard from Michelle and Emily. You guys ar etoo much I swear! “San Francisco Treat”- that’s super. just super. BTW I’d love to live in San Francisco someday–for a little while at least. And yes, I know that will require a flight….

Well, that’s about it I guess. Yesterday I did like 80% of my new painting, which felt sooo good. I guess I really needed to paint or something. So I just pushed through and painted from like 2:30pm til 1am. I painted for an hour tonight but I worked today, so I am tired. Other than that I am working on improving my websites, and rounding up affiliates for my Harry Potter art site and Orlando Bloom wallpaper site. So far I’ve got a handfull of affiliates for each. So word is spreading….

ONE WEEK FROM TODAY IS MY WEEK LONG VACATION TO MAINE! Which I am excited for but I will not get to see Erica or Rachael before they go back to school. Bummer. Damn Erica why must our schedules conflict thusly? I misss theeeee!

Well. c’est toute. c’est fini.

A change in me- if you care to know

August 14, 2004

If you read my previous post, you know that my uncle David died Sunday. I just wanted to add a few more personal thoughts on the subject. My mom and Nana and aunt Barbara got back today from Illinois. The whole situation is just so strange for me because they are all really upset about it but it has really taken alot of effort on my part to understand how they are feeling. My last post was written without much thought or sensitivety as to how my uncle’s death was affecting my mother. I was thinking of it from a very selfish stand point. As I said, I did not know my uncle. But what is the sad part of it all is that my mom didn’t know him either. And she had to go to Illinois for the first time in 14 years to see her brother lying in a casket. She had to go to his house knowing he would not be there. She had to meet 100 people from his very small Illinois town. They all knew and loved my uncle. There was a very nice letter written about the loss of David Cordy in their town newspaper from a townsmember. It told of how my uncle was known all around town as a guy to whom you could take your concerns. He helped get a park built in the community. He played Santa Claus year after year, and the town new him as that. He was, according to the letter, just an overall really nice guy. A good guy. His wife loved him. She didn’t want to go home after the funeral. My mom and nana and aunt invited her and her daughter Nikki out to dinner and they didn’t want to leave the hotel room afterwords. My mom and nana and aunt had to take a trip into my uncle’s life and see how he had lived it. They had to see his very nice family and friends and house and belongings knowing that they will never see him. Knowing that they will never know him or who he really was. Knowing that they missed the opportunity. They mourn for the loss of man as much for the loss of the chance to know him.

Why is it I can not let go of this man’s past? Why do I only know that bad parts of his life? How do I reconcile the parts I do not like with the fact that he did good later in his life and the lives of others in his community? Maybe I can’t. But I can be sad at the loss of a husband, and of a father. I can be sad at the loss of a son, and for a brother. I can be sad for not knowing who he was. And when I ask my mother why she is so troubled by the death of a brother she barely knew, I can understand what she means when she says, “He was still my brother.”

Sorrowful Sorrows

August 10, 2004

Yesterday I took my nana to the 12:25 afternoon showing of Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban. It was great. Just me and my nana. She really liked the movie which made me very happy- after that we went to Friendly’s for a late lunch. She insisted on treating because I treated her at the movies, I felt bad but she wouldn’t let me pay. Anyways, we filled our bellies, took home ice creams, and I dropped her off at her house and went home.

That’s when the day changed. I walked in the door, and saw that my mom wasn’t home. I asked Britt where she was and she told me that my mom and my aunt Barbara were on their way over to my Nana’s house to tell her that David, my mom’s brother, nana’s son, had died that morning. Yeah. I did not know my uncle. His death means nothing to me. He lived in Illinois and my mom hadn’t even seen him since he visited in 1991. They don’t speak on the phone either. He just sort of existed. But this is a horrible thing for my nana, seeing as how he was her son. Even if I didn’t have a relationship with him, my nana, who I love very much, did. My mom is more upset at the fact that she hadn’t spoken to him in along time. And apparently my Nana was going to visit David in like a month, because we all figured his poor health would give him about a year to live. What is horrible for us all is that his death reminds us all of my aunt Kathy’s death. My aunt died April 18, 2003. My mom and Nana have been different since. Then my mom’s dad died this past April. And now this. There has been too much death for my mom, nana, and aunt Barbara. But now they have to fly to Illinois on Wednesday to go to a wake and funeral for a brother they didn’t really know, and a son my Nana knew too little. As I said I did not know my uncle. When I thought of my mom’s siblings, I always forgot to list him as one. To me, my mom only ever had two sisters. That is why the death of my aunt was so difficult. I really miss her. I loved her so much. And now all of this reminds me of that fact. That my aunt is dead, and I will never see her again. Since her death I have been very numb to the subject and have difficulty getting to that level where emotions actually happen. But today my mother and I had a good cry about Kathy. Not about David. It was a sympathy cry for us as well as for my Nana, who will bury her second child on Thursday. I have one memory of my uncle David to countless memories of my beloved Aunt. If his death allows me to remember and to feel the importance of my Aunt, I thank him for it. It is the one thing he has given to me. And I am not bitter at all.

Since my aunt’s death, my mom has said she feels like a black cloud has been hanging over her head. When my grandfather died it did not go away. But now, after hearing of David’s death, she feels that cloud is gone. For that I am also thankful.

On a final note, I’d like to add this. Kathy and David both had diabetes which they did not take very good care of. They were not in good health or good shape. My mother has now decided to give up smoking. And is going to make an effort to get in shape. For this I am also thankful. If my aunt and uncle can by their deaths bring a healthier mom for me, and perhaps extend her time here, I am thankful.

Holy Poops

August 7, 2004

Woaaa. Today I figured out how to make animation-like graphics in Photoshop Elements. I have thusly been quite occupied making graphics for my sites….moo ha ha.
Now I have to see what I can do with this newly learn-ed technology!
Here is a sample of what I can now do–in addition to making my own aim icons.

…..BTW I love The Shins cd I just bought.

Now I”m off to play with Jon’s kitten, Layla. Toodles.

Yesterday Rocked- Tonight will too

August 5, 2004

Yesterday morning I went to work at 9am so that I could watch an ice sculptor from the CT Culinary Institute demonstrate ice sculpting. He turned a block of ice into an eagle in about an hour and a half– It was very cool and a special treat for me and the Intense Art students. Later that day we went on our field trip to a few different places…

Um, yeah….so I yesterday I got PAID to meet a really cool artist, go to the beach, and hang out with three little Chinese girls while they painted…MY JOB ROCKS.

In more detail, yesterday I was basically a chaperone for a Darti field trip, and I had a blast. It was myself, Kathleen (my boss), and three students from the Intense Art program at the Developing Artist Institute that went– We first went to visit a local artist’s house/studio. His name is Tom Smith, he lives in Colchester and is a friend of Kathleen’s. His property was really nice and his studio is a converted barn. Inside is like a gallery as well as work and archival space. It was soooo cool and he was such a sweet guy. I am very much jealous and it made me realize how much I want my own studio. After we visited with him and had lunch, we took off for Madison to see the sculpture mile and then the beach. Kathleen has a friend with a beach house so that’s where we spent a few hours. The beach house is actually slightly OVER the water so when you are on the back patio, the water is right tehre beside yuo. It was a beautiful day and I got to sit on the beach (with about 50 feet in either direction ALL TO MYSELF). I was alone at first until the three little chinese girls (the daughters of the people that live in the beach house) came and sat beside me. They watercolor painted and I shared my colored pencils with them. They were so adorable, friendly, and well mannered, especially for 4, 6, and 8 year olds! All in all it was a suberb day and I was so lucky to have been “working.” I got paid to have a good time all day.

When I got home me and Britt dipped in the pool, then most of the night I watched baseball and did some drawing. Today so a pretty uneventful but I just got back from the mall and bought three new cd’s. I went with the intention of buying two Mercury Rev albums, but nowhere carried them so I purchsed the following instead: Kings Of Leon: Youth and Youngmanhood, Death Cab for Cutie: Transatlanticism, and The Shins: Chutes Too Narrow. Right now I’m off to take a listen to my new music, and then tonight is another dinner and a movie with my Nana. Now Showing: Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets…

The Village

August 1, 2004

Well, I ended up going to the 11:55pm showing of The Village last night with my mother and Brittany. That being said, let me just take a moment to discuss my experience with this film. Did I like The Village? I have to say that yes, I think did. Many people will probably roll their eyes and criticize me for actually enjoying this film, as most people that have seen it are highly dissapointed, feel mislead by the previews, and think that M.Night Shyamalan is a horrible writer/director/ who throws in a cheap twist ending that many saw a coming early on into the film. I was not one of these people. I went into this movie with heightend anticipation, expectations, and the hope of being scared. What I got was that–but not in the way I had thought I would. This was undoubtedly the weirdest movie going experience I have ever had, and I beleive I was able to have it because I both knew that this movie was carefully crafted to manipulate my thoughts, while at the same time I knew that the film was not going to be what I thought it was. So I was able to keep an open mind. I watched the movie thinking exactly what M. Night Shyamalan wanted me to- thus I got an enjoyable experience, and unique one. I was scared (to some degree, as in my pulse raced a couple of times), I was entertained, I was intersted in the characters, and I liked the cinematography. Most importantly, I, surprisingly enough, DID NOT see the revelation before it happend. And I am glad I didn’t because the movie would have been completely different if I had. My mother admitted figuring out the twist early on– and she told me she had almost leaned over to make a joke of it (assuming that I had figured it out as well). Thank god she withheld, and I was able to have a PURE, INNOCENT experience- and a thought provoking after-experience. I respect what this movie was trying to do- it was trying to be a genre all its own- a comination of drama, comedy, thrill, and intelligence. Did it succeed? Well, it did for me. Maybe had I not been so tired when I saw it, I would have caught on and been dissapointed. But I didn’t and I wasn’t. Overall, it simply was a weird as hell movie- and an original movie going experience. It had an interesting premise and a thought provoking message…I’d love to talk to someone who saw it so I can be more specific. So. I liked it. Brittany liked it. My mom did not. To each his own.

One last note: I though Bryce Dallas Howard’s performance as the blind Ivy was superb. A definite breakthrough performance for this first time actress and daughter of Ron Howard. I throughly look forward to seeing her in more films.

In other news…..

I watched Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone with my Nana last night. She reallllly like it and was smiling like the whole time. When it ended the first thing she said was “When’s the next one?” as in she’s ready for movie #2. I was very happy to share something that make me so happy with my Nana. It seemed to make her happy too. I think I might hold a showing of Chamber of Secrets Thursday night…hehehe. Well, it’s 12:30pm and reallllly dark out ..Are we getting a thunderstorm? Fingers crossed.