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Happiest Birthday In All The Land

September 28, 2004

I had the absolute bestest birthday I have had in a very very long time. Since I didn’t have class on Friday, my sister and Jon picked me up at RISD Thurday night and brought me home. I had invited Michelle and my good friend Emily to visit as well, but they both had obligations Friday–so instead the two of them came Saturday afternoon. But anyway, I got home Thursday night and was hanging out with my family, blabbering on about the projects I was working on and just enjoying being home for the first time sinc egoing back to school. And we just got a whole new family room leather seating stuff and so I finally got to see that. So I was sitting in the brand new and tremendously comfortable leather couch around 11:15pm when my mom walks in from the kitchen and says, “Look who I found..” and to my COMPLETE AND UTTER ASTONISHMENT, Erica (complete with happy birthday ballons) came strolling into the family room!!! I was soooo surprised, since I thought I wouldn’t be seeing her until October! Needless to say seeing her filled me with so much happiness as well as tears. The little crap made me cry!

I missed her so much and I hadn’t seen her since July 4th, probably the longest we’ve gone since kindergarden! But once I got over my shock and emotion, we chilled out in my family room with my family. It was so nice having her around again! We had an impromptu sleep over and we inflated the massive bed which took up the entirety of my room. Inflating it would have gone faster had one of us realized we had it on “deflate” for like five minutes! We inadvertantly slept til noon on Friday after which Erica went home and I did a little bit of work. Friday night she came back over while I worked on my pen and ink homework and we watched the Red Sox- Yankee game. Saturday I went and picked up Emily and Michelle from the bus at 1:30 and brought them to my house. I had fun showing Emily around, and introducing her to my beloved animals. After we made lunch, I called Erica and we all went to Jerry’s Artarama and then DSW, where I bought really awesome black, pink and white converse sneakers. Then we went home and then we went out to eat at Shady Glen. It was soo good. Then that night it was more working and hanging out with everyone. Jon bought me a Big Cookie from Mrs. Fields and we ate that. It was delicious. A bit before midnight I opened my gifts (against my will) from Michelle, Emily, and Brittany. I got amazing stuff and loved every bit of it! Then we called it a night after many laughs.

Sunday was officially my birthday even though it had felt like my birthday for the past three days. We mostly just did work all day but my mom cooked me a fantastic birthday meal (chicken, mashed potatoes, Rice a Roni, crunchy stuffing, rolls, brocoli, asparagus, salad, etc). It was really nice and Erica came over to join me, mom, dad, amber, brittany, emily, michelle, and jon. Then we had cake and opened presents. Erica gave me beautiful earrings, bracelets, and a gorgeous wine colored knitted poncho. After that, we packed up and headed back to Providence. It was a fantastic weekend and birthday and could not have been any better! I just can’t believe I am 20 years old now. It scares me more than you know. But know I feel ratehr bipolar cos this weekend was filled with such happy goodness and now I’m back at school and very much sad. But at least I had yummy leftovers to keep me happy! And awesome presents! Thanks to all who made me feel so special and happy!


So Much For That

September 22, 2004

Yeah, so RISD sucks. I just got a letter in my mailbox from the head of the illustration department asking myself and about nine other people to revoke their studio space and give it to the seniors who had their heads up their asses and didn’t know when the whole assigning of studios was happening and missed out. That means only NINE fricken juniors in illustration will have studio space. That my friends, is ridiculous in so many ways. So tomorrow I have to give my key to the space back. All I can say is my friend Emily better get hers back cos she deserves (and wants) it way more than me and those stupid seniors!!!

Anyway..besides all that…

Classes are going well. I’ve officially been to them all now. It’s a good work load and quite manageable. I hope.

In other news,

I asked Kathleen, my boss from the Developing Artist Institute, if she would be interested in my interning there again for six weeks during wintersession. She responded with an enthusiastic “Yes Yes Yes,” which is very exciting. Ideally I hope to be able to work there in exchange for 6 credits towards my non-major studio requirements. I just have to get it approved by my deparment head. That means I will be home this winter from Dec 17th to February something… However, I’ve optioned NOT to be paid while working there because I thought that might entice Kathleen a bit more. I’m really just interested in recieving credit (and knowledge of course), even though money would be nice. So yay! Let’s hope this works out.

Well, that should do it. I’m pretty tired and have class at 11:20 tomorrow. It’s my earliest class, isn’t that funny? I love sleeping til 9:30 or 10am everyday. It makes for a happy Courtney.

Back to Buisness

September 15, 2004

Eeeeew. School has started. I’m back at RISD. But I have a studio space! Yay! It’s a terrific spot too, since I’m against an actual wall as opposed to mearly a partion, it seems to have more space than many others. Hopefully I will successfully make myself use it, even though I really like working in my own room I think that studio/community atmosphere is beneficial…And if I don’t use it enough, they will take it away from me so I better be careful.

My new room is fantastic. Much bigger than our last room. And there are more ways to arrange the furniture, so it’s nice to have options. And our house (Carpenter) is the nicest on campus(WAY better than Congdon). BUT it is full of girls- 20 girls to 2 guys, one of which is the RA. RISD sorority? I think not. Hopefully there won’t be any cat fights. It seems to be a quiet house though, since our quiet hours are set from 12am to 8am. Last year in Congdon quiet hours didn’t start until 2am…

I got into the class I wanted today, Pen, Ink, And Scratchboard, and my homework for the week is pretty light- I just have to do some exercises using the pen and nibs…Tonight I have Understanding Folklore and Folklife (DULL Probably) but Michelle will be in it with me so it should be ok. Then tomorrow I have The Artist’s Book and then I am done for my first week of RISD Junior year! Then on Monday I have Contemporary Concepts in Illustration, and nothing on Tuesdays. I quite like my schedule!

I’m happy to be back, because I get to see my friends and everything, and after going three months virtually friend-free, it is nice to be social again. But I do still wish I was home. In my own bed. With my cats. With nothing to do and no responsibilites. But who doesn’t? I’m going home for my birthday on the 23rd (I will be 20 years of age Sunday the 26th), so I only have to make it another week!

Besides not really wanting to be here, I’m happy enough. My legs aren’t so much though. They already hate the hills! And I feel very fatigued all the time. Hmmmm.

A Fortnight wrap-up

September 2, 2004

woah. so the last two weeks have flown by….without my permission…..

Anyway, last week I went to Maine….I hung out on the beach for 6 days straight. It was beautiful. Only the weather and water temperature refused to coordinate–so everytime the weather was warm enough to warrent a dip in the sea, the water was freezing, and everytime the water was warm, the wind was too strong….But whatever. It was nice. The only problem was that I was tense the whole time. I never quite felt relaxed….prolly cos I knew I was going to have to come back and prepare to leave for school.

Well, anyway I had my last day of work Monday- I was supposed to work yesterday night but I went in and told Kathleen I had to go becuase I was experiencing unabaiting abdominal pain. I have no idea what’s going on with me but it has continued into today as well….anywas…hopefully it will go away tomorrow…. I think I need more ruffage in my diet. Yes I said it. I have internal issues.

My spare time has been spent compiling a cd that I am making for Erica and Michelle. They differ slightly in the track listings but I’ve designed the cover, the back, and the insert. So It has been fun to make all around. Unfortunately they probably won’t like half the crap I put on there, but I don’t really care…haha…..

Well. The plan for this week and next is as follows:

1. finish up all unfinished artwork

2. figure out and buy what I need for school (new carpet, clothes, etc etc)

3. take Brittany and Mark’s senior portraits on saturday

4. pack up my crap

5. go see Snow Patrol in Providence on the 11th, check out my room, and bring up a few things

6. move in Monday the 13th

And tons of things in between.

Tonight I went to see Norah Jones at the Oakdale with me mum.

It was absolutely fantastic. She is so talented, it seemed so effortless. I think she actually sounds even better live than on her cd’s. Plus she has such a presence. She seems shy and doesn’t reveal much about herself, which is kinda cool…. She is a true class act. She makes me so jealous. Damn I wish I could sing.