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Fear and Overcoming It

November 20, 2004

Have you ever had a fear so petrifying that you simply can not shake it or recover? The past few days have kept me neurotic and sleep deprived. I shan’t go into the details of my paranoia, but I am trying to get over it. I never realized that I had such a fear as I do…My mind has not let go in three days and I have come to my wits end. I ask to return to my life and my ignorance and to be at peace as I was before. Please allow me to move on. Such things should not cause me so much fright, but alas. I am doing better and hopefully soon I will be back to normal. Talking to those who know to what I refer has helped tremendously. Thank you.

Anyway, I can’t wait to go home and see my family on Monday night. I miss my little Nemo and my own bed and my own room. Thanksgiving approaches steadily and I am overjoyed at the prospects of a yummy homecooked meal from Grandma! I am also excited that I will be home from the 22nd- 28th, even if there is a lot of work to be done in that span. Well, that about wraps up my thoughts for tonight. Here’s hoping to a peaceful night’s sleep and sweet dreams.


A Secret

November 17, 2004

Tonight, Erica and I have come to a secret agreement. I can not reveal it to this audience in detail, or even provide the slightest hint to what it pertains. I will say, however, that I am resigned to its fulfullment and resolution. It will require a tremendous amount of control and will power, but I shall overcome. WE shall overcome, truth be told. Please do not liken this secret to something of great importance to the world around–no, this secret is selfish, as secrets should be. But perhaps it’s even a tad shallow. That is not to belittle the goal, but just to recognize that there are indeed far more important things than what we aim to do. Yet it is important to us nonetheless. United together, we will prevail. We will push each other and succeed, I have no doubt.

I will do it. Just hold me to it.

And then I shall disappear.

In other news…

Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban comes to DVD in just one week. Seven days. That makes me happy, even though I just watched a bootleg of it tonight. I am excited both for it and for Thanksgiving break. I miss my family ever so much. Erica included. Turkey day fast approaches….and my stomach is hungry already….

"The Polar Express" AKA "The Poor Excuse " for a film adaptation

November 13, 2004

Ok, so tonight I went to see The Polar Express with my roommate, my frien Mark, and his boyfriend, Jon. Although I was more excited to meet his boy then to see the movie, I went with a relatively open mind. I knew that messing with a work of classic children’s literature posed tremendous risk, but I had hoped that with the help f Tom Hanks, they might be able to retain some worth in Chris Van Alsberg’s beautiful story. Hell was I wrong. The animation was scary as hell. The story was riddiculous. The little boy annoying as hell. Gone was the sensitivity, mysteriousness and simplicity of the original. Gone was the beauty of the illustrations. We could bear little under an hour of this atrocity before we all got up and left the theater. We were honestly embarrassed for the film, and for our beloved fellow RISD Alum and formner teacher. I bet Chris is sitting at home somewhere in Providence sobbing in horror at the destruction of perhaps his most well known work. I will say taht there were fleeting moments of beautiful images but on the whole teh film was creepy and irritating to watch. It was over the top and completely abusive of the storyline. THERE WERE TALKING MARIONETTES FOR CHRIST’s SAKE! WHATEVER HAPPENED TO READING A BOOK? That way you can enjoy a story that lets you imagine a whole other world without a movie taking advantage of overdone animation and roller coaster train movement. This film had a lot riding on it, and it plowed head first into the wall of bad movie hell! There are many, many sad and dissapointed and disgusted people who have seen this movie right about now, I assure you. POOP ON THE POLAR EXPRESS! DO NOT SEE IT.

No that I am done ranting, I would like to take the opportunity to rave a little. After we ran from that shite movie, we snuck into THE INCREDIBLES which had just begun. We only missed a couple minutes but it didn’t matter. It was AMAZING. It was HYSTERICAL. We laghed the entire time. The animation was beautiful and really well done. The craziest thing was that these cartoon characters were more human than the ones in The Polar Express. Anyway, everyone should see The Incredibles, I know I look forward to seeing it again, and laughing my ass off some more. God I love Pixar.

When we got out of the movie we discovered that it had been snowing the whole time we were in there. How exciting! Our first snow of the season! Cheers!

I can’t wait for Christmas! YAY!

Practically Magic?

November 12, 2004

Yeah, so i just watched Practical Magic for about the billionth time, and I have to express just how much I love this movie. I could watch it three times a day, everyday for the rest of my life and never get tired of it. I think I have to declare it my favorite movie of all time. Seriously. No joke. As cheesy as it is, it takes the cake. It makes me so very, very happy. It also leads me to conclude that I wish I were a witch.

To explain further, I do not want to be a bad witch. No, black magic and Satan just isn’t for me. I wish I was a Pagan witch. A good witch. Not like Glenda, but like Sally Owens. Then I could make fun, harmless potions and perhaps botanical products, like in Practical Magic. I really could picture myself an old lady living in a house like in the movie dabbling in love spells and being the outcast of a picturesque little New England Town. I could be a witch and an illustrator! Oh the joy!

Hopefully nothing would turn evil like in The Craft though. That would be scary. Cheers to my adopting Pagan witchcraft! Maybe next Halloween I can jump off the roof and fly! That would be fun.

Long time no blogging

November 8, 2004

woooo. It’s been a while since my last entry, but it wasn’t my fault as to why. See, the last time I tried to blogg, the pages wouldn’t load properly, and so I gave up. That was so long ago now that I can not possibly recount all the adventures I’ve had at home and at RISD. So to catch you up, I will say that I am very happy socially at the moment, and rather dissatisfied in terms of my work. I’ve been staying at RISD for longer blocks of time since I am now at last enjoying my environment- plus going home is very distracting and overall quite a hastle. Don’t get me wrong I miss everyone and all my animals, but the time goes by quickly when I don’t take teh time to travel back home each weekened. So anyways, in the time that has passed, not much has happened…I went to visit Rachael at Roger Williams weeks ago and had a blast. I love her school btw. I wish RISD had a campus!
Let’s see what else…Last week there was the opening on the junior show and two of my pieces were up…My mom came and it was nice, she finally met my good friend Mark who she loved (and wishes weren’t gay because he’s so cute) and then I went home to vote…it was fun pulling the little lever thingy…I stayed for six days then my mom brought me back to Providence so I could go to this awesome used book store…
I’ve been spending lots of time with Michelle (of course) and Mark…On Thursday I had class with him, then me and Michelle and him went to dinner at Antonio’s for Pizza which was awesome…then we left him thinking it was for the evening but then he cam eback over later that night and hopefully we cheered him up. Then we had an impromtu sleepover and Mark slept on the floor. The next day I was alone all day because Michelle was in New York at the print fair. I basically wasted the entire day but it was ok…that night was Artist’s Ball where everyone gets plastered and dresses up in outrageously creative costumes. I didn’t attend but I got to watch Mark, Michelle and he friend Fanny get ready. Mark was Rum Tum Tugger, Michelle was a gold skeleton and Fanny was No Wonder Woman. They all looked awesome but apparently the dance wasn’t as cool as they hoped. I think I will go next year since its Senior year and I’ll come up with a really kick ass costume. Mark ended up sleeping on the floor again (this time with Michelle) since Fanny took her bed. The next day we all went out for breakfast and a few brief shopping stops…then I came back to the room and did nothing again! yay!
Today Mark and I posed for Michelle’s photography homework. The pictures were really awesome (the ones of mark at least) he is very theatrical and wore a top hat which made it so much better. If I pose again for her I will definitely give it a more enthusiastic go because I just ended up looking horribly uncomfortable and awkward. I did have fun though and we even went into the beautiful Baptist church down the street to take some shots inside. Tonight the three of us walked to Boston Market and stuffed ourselves full of salty goodness. [mmmmmm for corn nibblets! and corn tees! and porn bread!!! Mark E Mark and the FUNKY bunch! woot woot!]
Anyway, I hate my illustration homework for this week so I need to do some last minute tweeking before I will be satisfied. Hopefully my crit will give me some suggestions for improvement…we shall see.
Til next time folks, this is Courtney Autumn Martin, signing off.