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The Holidays

December 28, 2004

Christmas went fantastically well. I gave good presents, and recieved awesome ones! I got many goodies from family and friends…Erica gave me a beautiful cream colored knit scarf which I love, and I got a really funny fake fish tank as a joke from me mum, I got lots of comfy pjs, clothes, Return of The King Extended Edition, kids books, the first season of Carnivale on dvd, a pink purse, a James Dean photo mosaic puzzle, various other goodies, and certainly not least of all I’m very excited because after five years and two misguided purchases, my parents were able to get me the 35 mm SLR camera I have wanted my entire life. They also bought me all the accessories I need like film and even three different filters for the lens..I ‘m so excited. [And now to begin my abandoned shopping cart series…]

The other night I got an idea for a children’s book at three oclock in the morning about a counting sheep that quits his job…so I stayed up til 4 am writing down my ideas…I hope something will come of it…looking back though I think it was a much better idea at 3am then it was when I woke up the following day…

Other than that I am still trying to finish my family portrait that I am working on for me mum….

On a far more serious note, I can not get over the insanity wrought by the Indonesian Tsunami. I watched the news so much I just can’t pull myself away from it or even comprehend that sort of utter devestaion. It is absolutely atrocious and inconceivable. My heart sincerely goes out to all those affected the world over…



December 16, 2004

Woot woot! One more crit to go…then going home time tonight at 8pm! I just checked and it had the possibility of snow on/near Christmas day! That makes me the happiest kid in the world! There has to be snow for Christmas or it’s not Christmas….

I have to do all my shopping when I get home because I am a bad person and when I walked to the mall yesterday, all I bought there were gloves for the walk back…grrrr shopping for people is difficult and something I really don’t enjoy. I hate shopping actually, truth be told. So alas, my gifts are never very good.

I can wait to go home and listen to Christmas music and sit in my living room and read by the light of the tree….its my favorite holiday pastime. Well, second only to watching The Muppet Christmas Carol, which I did with a group of friends the other night. We had a hot chocolte making and muppet watching extravaganza- complete with a plate full of cookies! mmmmmm….yummmy

It’s in the singing of a street corner choir

It’s going home and getting warm by the fire

It’s true wherever you find love it feels like Christmas….


December 3, 2004

YAY! So last night I went to see the PIXIES in Lowell. They were phenomenal. It was an excellent show so much so that it really leaves me for a loss of words. They just had so much energy and presence- it really was quite an event to have gotten to experience. They played so many good songs it was sooo good. I went with Michelle (of course, as they are her most favoritist band ever in the history of her life), we also went with our friend Reid and his friend. It was general admission so you could watch anywhere you wanted- we chose to stand on the ground floor just feet (and many bodies) seperating us from Frank Black, Kim Deal, Joey Santiago- and that drummer who not too many people bother knowing his name. It was so exciting- mostly because Michelle was having the best time of anyone in the arena right next to me. I could barely move since we were packed in so tightly, but it was awesome nonetheless. She was kind enough to buy me a pink PIXIES shirt as well- which I will be wearing today. All in all it was a really fun night- and long, since as soon as we drove back from Lowell my mom came to drive me the hour and a half back to Manchester so I can see my sister’s play tommorrow night…

The Walkmen are playing at the Living Room in Providence next Thursday, December 9– so I’m going to do my best to be there. Anyone who wants to go should because they are awesome–although I haven’t heard anything about them live. It’s only like 10 dollars so it’s also quite affordable. Yay.

In other news, I have to talk to Michelle about going to Oklahoma with her during spring break. She doesn’t know it yet but I’m going to ask her if I can…So yeah. That’s that.

PIXIES! woot woot!