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Hello From Inside A Shell

January 29, 2005

I’d first like to take the opportunity to share some solemn news I recieved this week. The other day, a school wide email went out to all the RISD students confirming the death of Kara Chakrabandhu in last December’s tsunami. She was an illustration major and had been vacationing in Thailand with her family when the event occurred. I believe the rest if her family survived. When I first read this, I thought that I did not know her, but alas I did. Kara was one of about 13 in my artist book class this past semester. Needless to say I was shocked to find this, and extremely saddened for her family. A terrible tragedy to say the very least. RISD is coordinating with Tsunami Relief efforts and planning a donation in her name. I will no doubt do what I can to contribute…and I encourage everyone to do the same- towards whichever respectable charity you choose.

In other news… although it is difficult to change gears after an entry like the above, I’d like to give a bit of an update on my internship. As of late, I have been working steadily at the studio cleaning and painting floors. I designed and completed some mock designs for the interior front entrance, and brick columns- and I will be painting those Monday. I have been putting over 24 hours per week towards the job, and it has certainly kept me busy. In my off time I have been doodling things for myself and recently completed a little doodle poster for The Shins which made me quite happy…I wish I were being more prolific in my work, but I continually distract myself with the hunt for new music that I haven’t heard. I apologize for laundry listing, but here are some new bands and stuff that I have been throughly enjoying this week:


Of Montreal– they are sooo awesome. Funny. Silly. Happy goodness.

And Secondly:

Ambulance LTD, Blanket Music, British Sea Power, The Captitol Years, David Kitt, The Departure, The Faraway Places, The Natural History, PAS/CAL… the list goes on and on, seriously. If you want more I’ll tell you later…

Yesterday I went to Barnes and Noble to pick up this week’s NME and ended up having a conversation about music with the girl at the register. Apparently we share the same favorite magazine and she is part of the reason NME is sold out every time I attempt to buy it at Barnes and Noble. At least now I know for sure that I have to get there Wednesday or Thursday if I want to make sure I get my copy before they are gone! Anyway, she was telling me about how she had gone to see The Bravery the night before and was blown away–and I guess she is going to see Arcade Fire this week which she was very excited about. I have Arcade Fire’s cd, but I had only heard like one song from The Bravery but she encouraged me to check them out more throughly which I did. I like them a great deal– if I were to describe them I’d say they are a blend of The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, Razorlight, and New Order…a very good combination which I am sure would prove to be even better live. And apparently they are tapped as the next big thing for 2005 by various sources…so we shall see what becomes of them…

Last night my friend Mark invited me to see The Dresden Dolls with him in Providence next Saturday as he has an extra ticket. I really hope it works out cos I kick myself for not going last year when Michelle went to see them. My cousin Kaitlyn is obsessed with them and jealous of me hehe…so I hope I can get myself to Providence next Saturday…

Anyway, that’s just about all I had to cover.

Over and Out.

Goodbye from inside a shell.


My Body Hurts (so does my brain)

January 21, 2005

Ugh. This week was not so fun. Tuesday was fine- I met with Kathleen, showed her my revised ideas for the studio- which she really liked and was excited about–(it’s like a mosaic motif)– We measured stuff out for a while but she was anxious to get the materials so we did that. Part of the design incorporates the creation of a mosaic stained glass window to be put over a presently large, boarded-up window. So we went to Plum Gully to buy the stained glass to do the project. Then we went over to Lowes to get the floor paint mixed for us. We had to get like 8 cans of paint mixed to match our particular color swatches- so it took forever. Thusly I was on my feet for six hours straight which I’m really not used to- especially since I had about four hours of sleep….Anyway Wednesday was far worse. I got to work at 10am, and we started vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping the floors. I have never mopped an effing floor in my life- well, I have, but not with a shitty, heavy-ass old school mop. I was fricken tired as hell after mopping the massive ass floor twice through (once with cleaning stuff, and again just to rinse it.) Vaccuming was actually worse because the floor is so huge it takes forever- and just holding the damn thing made my hand stiffen up so bad I couldn’t move my fingers. Anyway, my body was//is falling apart. Little did I know Thursday was going to be far worse. The plan was to start painting the floor, which was fine. But I was under the impression that Kathleen was going to be helping me. Alas such was not the case. She didn’t intend to, but she was gone just about the whole time I was stuck there doing hard labor. Painting floors might seem easy in theory- but I was on my hands and knees for five hours on a cold cement floor in a poorly heated building using a roller with a foot long handle. You are supposed to paint floors standing up with a very long handled roller so you don’t have to constantly bend over– UGH. To make things even worse, the paint I was using was sticky as hell, so my hands stuck to everything, I was a mess, and had no way to remove the paint. Everytime I put the roller down the sticky handle would rip my skin off and turn my hands raw. I had no paint thinner to remove the paint which pissed me off. Kathleen just left me there all by myself in the morning (after showing up late even) she said she had to go drop off some work for an exhibit at the town, but she didnt know when she’d be back. I have never painted a floor in my life, yet she left me there to figure if all out. AND I’M NOT EVEN GETTING PAID. Not only was I doing it by myself, I had nobody there to answer my questions– At one point the old paint on the floor was chipping off and sticking to the roller- which is not good. You can’t paint something when the old paint is chipping off- even I know that. It will only make the new paint chip off faster. So I didn’t know what to do. Anyway I finally had the chance to ask her about it when she came back (briefly) before leaving again. Her answer was to just keep painting and that we will have to do a couple of coats. UGH. So anyway, I said that I wasn’t staying after 3:30, so I finished up, cleaned up, and told her I probably wouldn’t be back til Monday. I didn’t even giver her an option. Ha ha. But she asked me to stop by and chalk out the rest of the floor shapes so she can paint them this weekend if she gets the chance. Which I will do because it won’t take me long. I just sure as hell wasn’t giving her another day’s worth of work before Monday. Seeing as how I have already filled my 24 hour per week requirement. So then I came home, took a bath, washed the paint off, and told my mom about my horrible day. And then I cried and she made me feel better. Ha ha. That’s what mom’s are for. Overall I was just so frustrated with myself, because it had been so draining on my body it was pathetic. Plus my mom was embarrased for me that I had painted a floor with a 12 inch long paint roller. Even she knew that was just wrong. Anyways, I went to bed and woke up this morning feeling as if I had been run over by a pair of monster trucks. I can barely walk and my legs and arms look and feel permaflexed. It’s almost 5pm and I am still in my pjs. I am going nowhere and doing stuff for myself today. I think I deserve it.

Anyway, I’ve been listening to some new stuff, which I highly recommend. Check out The Joggers- (their album called Solid Guild), The French Kicks, The Magic Numbers, and Kaiser Chiefs if I haven’t already exxpressed my obsession with “I Predict A Riot” and “Oh My God.” Over and Out- cos I’m watching Harry Potter on Disney.


January 9, 2005

Well, the start of the New Year has already been dramatic and somewhat tramatic. Hahaha. To begin with, I found out via email that the “C” that I received for Pen, Ink, and Scratchboard was by no means a mistake on the teacher’s part. I was shocked and terribly upset, but at the same time I felt that I had worked very hard in the class and I felt my grade was unjustified. So I emailed him back telling him this, and that I planned to formally protest my grade. He already said that he might consider raising my grade to a B, (if he found that his standards were out of sync with the department),but even that was not good enough to get me high honors. So I emailed Robert Brinkerhoff (my teacher and now Department Head), who I respect and have a strong relationship with…He agreed to investigate the matter with Nick even though they are good friends… Luckily someone agreed that my work was not, as Nick said, average. Nick emailed me back saying that apparently his standards of evaluations were out of sync with the rest of the department, if not the school. Ultimately, he has decided to raise my grade two full leter grades- something he has never done in twenty years of teaching. To be honest, it was not the grade that upset me. It was the prospect that I had gone an entire semester completely ignorant that my work was merely average. I knew how conscientious I was towards the class, and I knew that I had not worked any less hard for his class than any other studio. I desperately needed a second opinion. It doesn’t make up for the fact that Nick doesn’t regard my work very highly, but I do take comfort in the fact that other people do, and will defend my work when in question. Overall it was a very embarassing and frustrating ordeal, which I am very glad to have resolved. Unfortunately a grade for a class in which I put all my effort will never mean what it should. But ultimately I guess it keeps perspective on the meaning of grades (or lack there of). All we can really hope to do is produce work that we are proud of- afterall, we are usually our worst critics.

In other news, I started my internship on Monday and met with Kathleen at the new studio to see it and discuss the plans for the space. I’ve been working at home on the computer putting together different paint layouts and color schemes in hopes that I can come up with one that she actually likes. It takes forever to do, and I have already invested my required 24 hours per week in doing it…but I just dont feel like what I have done reflects the time spent…I plan to make a trip over to the studio at some point today with my dad so that he can answer some construction questions I have…And then tomorrow or Tuesday I will make my presentation of my ideas to Kathleen. I’m a bit nervous… I hope she doesn’t regret entrusting me to do this….

I think I have developed insomnia…I can’t get to sleep before 3 or 4am…my head just will not shut up. I dream about email responses to teachers that give me c’s,, and I wake up thinking about color schemes and floor layouts…I think the stress is getting to me. Lol.

I saw Phantom Of the Opera on Tuesday. I liked it even though the sound was off with the voices, and it wasn’t amazing. Good, just not spectacular. But least I got to consume a large popcorn all by myself. Oh boy.

Goodbye 2004. Happy 2005.

January 1, 2005

Well, New Year’s Eve has come and gone, an hour ago to be exact. It was a nice very mellow party tonight…I think we have all finally gotten older, and it is clearer than ever. I got to finally see Erin Cag today, as we met up to see Meet The Fockers. The movie was ok, but the first one, as expected, was much funnier. This one seemed to be just alot more sexually drivin, so the humor wasn’t as silly….Now, obviously I did not go to see the movie, but to really just have an excuse to get to see Erin. I think it had been like two years since I last saw her which is really sad and pathetic. And damnit we didnt even get to have a Chinese food night..poop. Anyway, I rushed back home after the movie and was running late getting ready. Everyone was already here so that was weird. The night flew by, and everyone had gone by 1am, it was definitely a short night.

Anyways.. that’s that. I’ve been talking to my high school art teacher, Carrie Simon via email and I just found out that she will be having valve replacement surgery on her heart in the next month or two, so tahts kinda scary. She’s dropped down to teaching only on A days, so she’s been taking it easier I guess. I am determined to visit her at somepoint while I am home…I haven’t visited her in over a year.

I stilll don’t know quite when I will start my internship, since I haven’t exactly tallked to Kathleen since October. I know I should call her but I think I am avoiding the reality of the internship. Anyway, I emailed her so we shall see….I will be starting sometime this week I know that much.

Well…yesterday I spent nine hours in my room working on the family portrait I am painting for my mom….I remain nowhere near finished which is a bummer….but it did allow me to watch the extras on the Return of The King Extended Edition which was quite entertaining. It seriously made me think about considering working in some form of movie-making art field, like building miniatures, or doing things that they do at WETA Workshop…what they are able to accomplish is simply phenomenal…so children’s books or movies? or perhaps a bit of both…..decsions decsions…well it is an option at least.