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The Gates, Central Park

February 16, 2005

Today Me, me mum, and Erica’s mum drove to The Bronx to visit Erica at Fordham. We left this morning at 9am and got there a bit after 11. Fordham is so awesome and cute and A CAMPUS. I wish RISD had a campus like that. Her dorm looks and feels like a nice hotel. And there were elevators.

Anyways, she showed us around and then we took the train into the city. We went to Serendipity III for lunch which was really cute and fun and we were all starving so the food was tasty. Then we went to Dylan’s Candy Bar since it was basically right next door. Erica and I got delicious chocolate milkshakes and our mother’s acted like little kids. My mom had never been so she thought it was amazing…

Anyway, after that we took a cab over t Central Park to see The Gates. Driving through the streets of NYC, you can spot the bright orange gates coming blocks away. I loaded up my camera and we eagerly made our way into the park. It was a beautiful day- unseasonably warm, bright and sunny, with a light breeze. Perfect conditions to see how the light and wind plays with the fabric. It was truly extraordinary to see thousands of orange gates winding their way through a rather dreery midwinter landscape. They made the park so cheerful that I wish they could stay forever…if only their purpose wasn’t to be ephemeral… Christo and Jeanne-Claude are amazing visionaries. I thank them for giving me a sight and experience I will not forget. I took seven rolls of film, color and black and white. I can’t wait to get them developed.

Now if I could only get a souvenir swatch of the fabric….hehehe. Erica’s working on it for me.

And to think that me and my Public Art and Politics class were in their Soho Home//Gallery this time last year. It gets cooler every time I think about it.



February 12, 2005

Can I get a woot woot? Dude, I’m totally done with my Wintersession Internship. For my own sanity, I’d like to take a moment to recall just what I’ve been doing for the past six weeks. Here’s a week by week recap. (My goal per week was 24 hours towards the internship. Giving an accumulated total of 144 required hours for six weeks.)
Week 1: I spent all week on the computer designing floor layouts and color schemes. Total hours: 40.5
Week 2: I worked on mosaic design ideas for the interior. I created photoshop versions of the ideas. Total hours: 19.5
Week 3: We purchased materials like paint and stained glass. I vaccuumed/mopped/ and chalked the outlines on the floor. Then I began painting the floor. Total hours: 27
Week 4: Mostly painted the floors. Then I painted comps on paper for the proposed painted wood mosaics which took forever. Total hours: 23.75
Week 5: More floor painting. Began painting actual wood mosaic pieces. Total hours: 16.25
Week 6: More floor painting. Followed by new and revised ideas for the sculpture wall and columns. I also completed the layout of stained glass for the mosaic window. Total hours: 28

In a total of 155 hours: I designed a color scheme. I designed a floor that designates and defines classrooms and space usage using those colors. I designed a mosaic motif that ties the studio space together. I painted almost all of the 3,000 square foot floor(including white priming and/or second coats in certain areas). I designed a faux stained glass window and layed out the actual mosaic. I designed the interior entrance facade- which includes a painted mosaic border, bulletin boards and/or future display cases. I designed a mosaic mural for the focal point “clay wall.” I designed a sculptural tile mosaic for the 2 square columns in the back. I designed the bases for the columns in the front. I designed places in the sculpture area that allow for work to be displayed, the history of clay work to be referenced, and tools used for sculpture to also be displayed. So that’s about it.

Now, this doesn’t mean that all these things have been completed. Far from it actually. A lot of work remains to be completed now that I am gone. Hopefully my ideas//designs will stay in place and will one day soon be fulfilled before the school’s grand re-opening at the new location. If they don’t come to reality [and I don’t see why they wouldn’t except for possible (not probable) time and money restrictions] it will be sad but at least I had the opportunity to be part of such a big project. Especially because I had absolutely no qualifications or experience in interior design. Overall I feel pretty satisfied. It was an eye-opening experience and I had a lot of fun at the same time. It also allowed me some time to work on things of my own…

Now it’s high time for wintersession holiday! One week off– which means I have to finish my family portrait oil painting. Other than that, I’m going to NYC to visit Erica and photograph The Gates in Central Park on Tuesday. Then it’s time to get ready to go back to Providence. Yuck. or Yay. I don’t know how I feel about returning…


February 7, 2005

Yay! The Patriots won the Superbowl! Yay! Me and my family went to the Johnson’s (my second family) for the party….It was awesome and had lots of good food to eat…I think I pretty much managed to eat non-stop for 5 hours straight….ugh I’m feeling it right now….

Apart from my father being obnoxious when he consumes alcholic beverages, it was alot of fun. My father is a very quiet guy normally, but he gets so worked-up about sports that he makes himself so anxious he can’t sit still…the only way he calms down is with a pre-game scotch (in this case two) followed by about six beers throughout the night… My dad drinks about four times a year and thank god it isn’t more than that– My dad gets very talkative, loud, and obnoxious (nothing major really, but considering he can go a whole day saying no more than 20 words, he acts like a totally different person). So it embarasses me and my family…lol. Anyway, he enjoyed himself I guess. But it really just exemplifies why me and my sisters are all ultimately non-drinkers. We do not respect the way others behave after consuming alcohol- and we are made uncomfortable when people act out of character. So if you wonder why I don’t drink and never will, just come to my family’s superbowl party and you won’t wonder why any more…hehehe.

Last night me and Amber went to Providence for the Dresden Dolls show at Lupos…I actually drove there which I had never done becasue I hate driving and I’m scared of highways. But we got there unscathed which was good. We met up with Mark, grabbed some McDonald’s, and walked to the show. The line to get in stretched around the block. It was chock full of freaky looking people and goth kids to the max…There were no “normal” looking people to be seen! Inside it didn’t seem as bad but overall the audience was obnoxious and the goddamned kids next to us blocked our view (not that we could see very well anyway) and they wouldn’t stand still or stop talking the whole show.

The opening band was The Redwalls and they are really awesome. I had heard their cd before the show and I really like them alot. They basically sound like The Beatles if the lead singer was Bob Dylan-esue. They are really young- like freshman in college, and they are pretty cute with their retro sound and guitars… Unfortunately, the sound for their set was way toooooo loud for the venue. You couldn’t understand a word they were singing nor could you distinguish between songs. Honestly- if I had never heard them before, I would not have been sure if they were singing English. It was very dissapointing…. But after them, Regina Spektor played for like 25 minutes and she was awesome. Very Ani DiFranco meets Tori Amos meets Norah Jones meets Fiona Apple. Amber really liked her so that was good, seeing as how I had dragged the poor girl to the show against her will…Then The Dresden Dolls came on and started off really strong. Coin Operated Boy was like the third song they played which was very happy…They played a cover song or two, and a couple I hadn’t ever heard…I know they sang The Jeep Song and ended with Girl Anachronism, but I can’t remember what else they did. There was an awesome little free jam session a couple songs before they ended which was highly entertaining. The drummer is so amazing and theatrical. They played 4 encores which I would have totally been enjoying had I not been standing in the same spot unable to move for three hours with a full bladder…Anyway overall it was an excellent show– but I think that I really only enjoy live shows in retrospective. The whole time I was there I was uncomfortable, my eyes were burning from the smoke, I had to pee, I was distracted by the annoying people everywhere, and I could barely see. It felt like an endurance test with me just having to keep repeating in my head “It will all be over soon…” It’s not until now that I can even say I enjoyed it. I think I really only like being able to say that I saw The Redwalls, Regina Spektor, and The Dresden Dolls in person… So I dunno. Maybe I’m just not the concert-going type. I’d much rather listen to music comfortably in the privacy of my own home where I can adjust the volume, pick the playlist, and ensure that no annoying assholes are around.

But who am I kidding? Next time another band I like is in town I will probably do my best to be there regardless…like Harry and The Potters at the AS220 March 10th…moo ha ha.

A Manifesto, anyone?

February 5, 2005

I recently posted this on my myspace blog, but I thought I should also post it here as well…so read on…tally ho!

It’s February. Thusly I have decided to jot down a couple of notes about my own state of the union. No, I’m not going to divulge my opinions on the political state (that would simply be too relavant) so instead I’ve chosen to sum up my outlook on myself and my outlook on the future….

I have been thinking a great deal about my place as an artist//student//citizen//human being, and my contributions to the society in which I function. Although I have been somewhat artistically productive and creative in my life, I have never really had a firm focus or idea as to where I hope to see myself after art school. Having just a year and a half before my completion, I feel it is high time I formed my own brief but personal manifesto…That being said I have concluded that I do have the desire to illustrate–I love working with text and image…i love communicating visually. However I feel that the most important audience receptive to visual stimulation is children. Images and ideas are what heighten and inspire creativity, and enhance the inherent power of imagination. I want my role as both artist and citizen to be part of the wonderful world of children’s literature. I want to create imagery. I want to shape imagination. I want to create worlds, words, and pictures into which children can escape and feel safe from the atrocities of the world. I want to give them happiness and a visual manifestation that positive things are possible. If we can reach children before they become disheartened and cynical with the world, then maybe we have a chance to sub-consciously shape the generations that proceed ours…That is how I see the power and promise of memorable children’s literature and illustration. Even when experienced years later, quality children’s literature has the power to remind adults of the inner child they have neglected.

I’d much rather have a world of inner children than as society of outer adults.

Fuck This Country’s Medical Field

February 3, 2005

You know what, I fucking hate our country’s health care system. It’s a fucking piece of shit that I seriously think should become part of the government’s responsibilty. Healthcare prices need to be standardized and better, more affordable insurance needs to be availible to families like mine where the sole supporter of the family is self-employed. In our case, we must provide our own insurance– Our insurance provider is the cheapest one my family can afford- but what that really means is that we have virtually no coverage- Our premium is $5000, which means they wont touch any of our medical cost UNTIL they reach or surpass that amount. So what that means is that any sort of medical bills accumulated by any member of my family must be paid for in full, entirely out of our pockets. And let me tell you- it’s fucking expensive. What has really gotten me so pissed off is this: My mom (having an extensive amount of medical smarts) self diagonsed herself the other day with sinus polyps. She had been nasally congested, losing her sense of smell, and felt nasal blockage so she did some research and concluded that she in fact had all the symptoms of a nasal polyp. So she made an appointment with a local ear/nose/throat doctor. Yesterday she went for her visit. Here’s what went down: She does in fact have multiple nasal polyps–(duh, she already knew that) Yet the motherfucking doctor visit cost $180.00 because she was a first time visiter. On top of that she was charged $500 for the doctor to stick something up her nose. Then the prescription she was given for antibiotics costs $200… On top of that she needs allergy tests that will cost another $700…and then she needs a CAT scan to see excactly how many polyps she has…so add another $500 for the test and $200 to read the results……AND THAT’S ONLY TO DIAGNOSE SOMETHING SHE WAS ABLE TO DO HERSELF. Not to mention she may need surgery on her sinuses….FUCKING BULLSHIT. It should not cost ANYONE thousands of dollars for a sinus infection. I am at a loss for words. We simply can’t afford this type of medical expense…and yet we will pay because we have no choice. And to think that if we could afford adequate insurance, all we’d have to worry about is a goddamned bloody co-pay.

So yeah, let’s restructure our medical system. We have to change it so doctor’s mal practice insurance rates are capped so that we can lower and standarize medical rates. We also need a system where people like my family get a break when their insurance is shit. Thank god my family isn’t worse off– God knows we’d fucking go bankrupt if one of us needed real medical attention.

Thanks for nothing you stupid, uncaring doctors whose secretaries won’t even ask for your name before they ask you how you will be paying.

Enough. Enough. Enough. Enough.

And as if that wasn’t stressing my family out enough, yesterday my nana was reading the paper when she shockingly found herself reading an article about my cousin, Ian. Now, you have to understand that I do not know Ian at all. I may have seen him twice at most when I was very very little. Ian is the son of my mom’s brother (who died in August). I have never considered them part of my family, but yes, if you drew our family tree you’d find we are connected… So anyway…apparently Ian has been charged with manslaughter. My poor nana had to read about it in the paper. She frantically called my mom and told her he was accused of murder- as she didn’t know the difference between the two. Anyway, I don’t really want to go into it but it’s all very attrocious and sad. Sad because Ian never had a chance to be anything but what he has become. A waste of a life at under 30 years of age. Through no fault of his own. It’s amazing that you can see the chain of events that affect the way children become who they are. I can’t help but be reminded of a scene in “Medium” when Allison confronts a teenage molester//muderer of a small boy. Surrounding the teenager, she sees the deceased man that molested the teenager as a child, she sees the man that molested that man, she sees the man that molested that man before him, and so on. At some point you can no longer answer whose at fault or find someone on which to place blame. There is always something or someone affecting another’s course in life. We are all products of our environment. My point is that I am truly thankful for the spotless childhood in which I was fortunate to have found myself. Just as it was not my fault for having such a good life, it was not my cousin Ian’s fault for having been born into such a shitty one. Actions can not be evaluated without first considering context. Without understanding there can be no compassion. Without compassion true understanding can never be attained. I struggle everyday with my harsh judgementalism. It is my personal task to strive for the compassion of which I speak. Which is easier said then done, of that I am sure.

Anyway. That’s what I have to say about that.

Apart from bitching and philosophying, I have been doing music research via NME, Magnet Magazine, and I stumbled across some pretty awesome new stuff, so you should check out the following:

Rogue Wave: really really good- they had a song on the Napoleon dynamite soundtrack which was awesome.

The Legends: safe to say a nice mix between Jesus and Mary Chain and The Smiths…they are from Sweden…

The Helio Sequence: don’t quite know how to describe them, but listen. You will like. Me thinks. See also:

The Cloud Room, The Comas, Elefant, Fruit Bats, Frausdots, The 14 Iced Bears, Jesse Sykes, Jolie Holand, David Kitt, Ugly Cassanova, TV on the Radio, Kevin Tihista’s Red Terror, The Silent League, and Earlimart.

One more note: I have categorized my musical tastes. I like Indie Pop. I like Indie Rock. I like Britpop. I like New wave. I like Lo-fi. And I like music that fits none of those categories. Haha.

Mostly though, I like happy music. I am a happy person. I have not experienced much loss or trama or love… so yes, I like music that makes me happy. So there you go. Over and out.