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Happee Happee Joy Joy

April 21, 2005

Yay! So I haven’t had the chance to write about last week, so alas I am doing so now…I had such a happy-filled few days and I shall relay them to you with much enthusiasm….

Ok- so last Monday night Michelle, Lily and I went to see Of Montreal at AS220 in downtown P-town. Not that I have to say it, but they are one of my absolute favorite bands (I did an illustration of their song, Happy Yellow Bumblebee, for fun…) So yeah I had no idea that they were playing but Lily did and thankfully told Michelle and then told me. I was so excited, and the show was amazing. The opening bands weren’t even half bad. Of Montreal is amazing live, Kevin Barnes sounds EXACTLY the same as on the album, which is no small feat. He even had costume changes–including one change into a see through green raincoat, no shirt underneath, and a turquoise knit beanie…witha pom pom. SWEET! His wife/band mate Nina had tiny fairy lights in her hair. They had really good transitions from song to song, and tehy played alot of them–mostly newer stuff from Satanic Panic In The Attic and The Sunlandic Twins. Here’s the set list (what I can recall) in no particular order…

Doing Nothing, So Begins Our Alabee, Disconnect The Dots, Lysergic Bliss, You Are An Airplane, Will You Come and Fetch Me, My British Tour Diary, Rapture Rapes The Muses, Spike The Senses, I was Never Young, Requium For Ommz, Wraith Pinned To The Mist And Other Games, The Party’s Crashing Us,….there was more from Sunlandic Twins- but I don’t know the songs well enough to remember accurately…so there you have it…

In other news…

Ok, so last Friday afternoon my mom brought Brittany to visit me for the weekend, since she is on spring break and wanted to come to the Harry and The Potters show at the RISD tap room. We hung out for a while and then Rachael also came over so that she could go to the show and stuff as well. Since Michelle had single handedly made all arrangements with Paul and Joe from HATP, we were left in charge of getting things set for the show. We helped the guys lug up their equipment and we got the dvd and audio stuff set up, and blah de blah it was fun. Rachael and Mark sat downstairs and collected admission which was awesome of them to do for us. The show started as did teh kick ass wizard rock, and me and Michelle and Mark and Brittany danced our little Harry Potter-loving butts off, it was a blast. It was a good turn out, like 50+, which was really fun and intimate. What was even better was that there were a lot of young girls that showed up with signs, wearing Gryfindor socks, Harry Potter t-shirts, etc…It was pretty crazy. Brittany bought a t-shirt and little Harry aka Joe signed the back for her and it said, “It’s nver too loud to read.”- Harry Year 4. How awesome is Michelle for setting the whole thing up? Five and a half gold stars to her! I even got to make the show poster- yay for that. Thanks Michelle!

So yeah, I had an awesome time, and I was so glad to see Rachael– I hope she had a good time, and I feel bad that I didn’t even get to see her go home since Mark walked her back for me while Michelle and I set up for the special showing of the dubbed Sorcerer’s Stone…which was funny but could have been even funnier. We stopped the movie at 11 and cleaned and packed up, said bye to the boys, and made our way up to Lily’s apartment for teh mellow after party. We didn’t stay too long as we were all dead tired. We stopped at Store 24 and then made Rice-A-Roni at like 1am because we never had the chance to eat dinner before the show. The rest of the weekened served for some awesome hanging out with Brittany time and corrupting her innocent mind with my friends’ crazy antics. All in all I had a wonderful weekened and was soo happy Brittany was there. She even stayed an extra day and came to my Magic of Books class with me. She left Monday night and I think we were both pretty sad about it…I was going to come home to CT this weekend but I decided it would be better and more productive to stay in P-town for a couple more weeks…even though I painfully miss my cat and familial unit…

Tuesday I spent all day in the darkroom printing photos with Michelle since I skipped my class trip to Boston due to lack of funds and such…I got liek 15 different photos printed of my Oklahoma trip, which made me very happy. Yesterday I didnt have class- thank god- as it was sooo hot out I would never have been able to concentrate. And now today is rather chilly…c-razyness. I slept really shitty last night and now I’m dead tired and have to go print out my 2 page spread about Toilet Tag for my next class and then sit through a five hour crit. Oh boy.
Over and Out.


OKC SPRING BREAK 2005! woot woot!

April 5, 2005

So I just got back from just about the most pleasant vacation ever.

I went with Michelle back home to Oklahoma City from Saturday, March 26th to Sunday, April 3rd….I did so much and had so much fun. I even went on a plane for the first time, and liked it! Alot! Yay!

So to recount for both you and so that I don’t forget, here’s a recap of everyday of the last week….

Saturday: March 26th
Woke up at 4:45am, got ready, caught a cab to the airport at 6am, part 1: flight to Chicago from 8:04-9:45 am. The sky was so clear I watched the ground change from Providence to Illinois. Got to Ohare, had a four hour layover, ate lunch at Wolfgang Pucks restuarant at the airport, caught part 2: flight to Oklahoma City 1:45- 3:53pm. The last hour of teh flight had the worst turbulance Michelle ever had, and we both almost lost our stomachs…not so fun. Michelle’s parents picked us up, drove us to her house. Chilled at her house for a while, met her dog Maggie- love at first sight. Ordered take out from Johnnie’s, ate some damn good hamburger, fries, and o-rings. Yum. Went to Hollywood Video and rented I ❤ Huckabees, watched it with her friend Jordan. Awesomeness. Could barely keep my eyes open past 9pm…it was a long day.

Sunday: March 27th
Woke up early, started making clover rolls with Michelle for Easter dinner. Brought scalloped potatoes over to her Dean and Randy’s (her aunt and uncle) so we could use the stove. Her g-ma was there so I met all 3 family members and we chilled for a bit. Went back to Michelle’s house after the potatoes cooked. Easter dinner ensued upon our return. Chip, Michelle’s dad teased me about knocking over his empty water glass which in fact he had knocked over himself…funny times overall. We were so full and tired we longed about for the rest of the evening.

Monday: March 28th
Woke up early, left the house early, went to Eperson Photo where Michelle’s mom sneakily paid for my five rolls of film and x-ray bag. I should have suspected. We then went to the bead store for Michelle, went to the mall, and ate at The Pepperoni Grill. Michelle showed me Casady- her high school, where I met a couple of her teachers. Went back to her house and took Maggie for a stroll around Lake Heffner. Got back to her house, watched some Gilmore Girls with her mom and Maggie, then went out to dinner with randy and Dean for mexican. Very very yummy fajitas. Michelle and I watched Eulogy that night which was hysterical.

Tuesday: March 29th
Woke up early, left early to go to The OU art Museum in Norman with Michelle’s mom and g-ma. The museum was nice, I got to see some Navajo art which proved to be a positive research opportunity for an illustration project I’m working on…Then we went to lunch at Nonna’s in Bricktown, a section of downtown OKC. Very good as well. I got an open faced blt. very fancy. Michelle and I went out later and did some drive by shooting around town (taking photos for my project). Went with her parents to pick up Chinese take-out to bring to Laura Warener’s studio//gallery (where Michelle interned over wintersession). The place was too awesome and beautiful to describe. After dinner we drove to OMRF where Chip works so taht they could show me the art installed there. It was so cool. Michelle and I went back to Hollywood Video and rented Finding Neverland, which we watched as I desperately tried to keep my eyes open. It was a good movie but sleep was even better.

Wednesday: March 30th
Woke up, got ready, went to the downtown OKC art museum with her mom. It was really nice and there was a spectacular Chihuly exhibit. I hadn’t ever seen any in real life and teh display was really well done. We ate lunch at the Museum Cafe. After that we drove around and they showed me things downtown- we drove by the OKC National Memorial- which was nicely done. Michelle and I then went out to the barn where Michelle used to ride horses…we took some pictures and it was nice. We went back to Michelle’s and hung around…Michelle and I picked up pizza and then met her friend Mike Birch at Hollywood Video and rented Raising Arizona which we watched at his house. Got back home at midnight and went to sleep.

Thursday: March 31st
Got up, got some breakfast with her mom at The Classen Grill, went to the Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory which was really cool. Took some more pictures around town. Went to the Asian market and looked around. Later that night we drove out to Eischen’s Bar and Grill in nowhere Okarche OK with her friend Brandon. The drive was awesome- teh sky was ominously gray//green, and it was soooo windy and slightly rainy. Eichen’s was awesome, I ate the best fried chicken ever and had fried okra for the first time which was amazing. Then we drove to Norman to hang out at Colin’s house, I met him, his girlfriend Megan, and Annie. We watched some reality dog show owner tv show and The Office. Fun times. Drove home and got back at midnight.

Friday: April 1st
A slower, more leisurely day…we slept a bit later, didn’t get dressed or shower till late, worked on some stuff, and went to three different fast food places for luch with her mom. We were hungry so Michelle wanted to take me to Sonic for tater tots and a Limeaide, then we got chicken fingers and frozen yogurt at Braums, and then french fries from Arby’s, it was so funny. We feasted on our fast food and then chilled at her house for a bit longer. Michelle’s friend Katie came over and we went downtown to the OKC art museum to see teh foreign film Schultze Gets The Blues, with her old art teacher Mrs. Seitter, and her friend Rachel. The movie was soooo good. Highly reccommended. After that we all went to Uncommon Grounds in Bricktown for coffee. Goot times. Then when Michelle and I got back, it was really late and we hadn’t eaten dinner so we made egg sandwiches and went to sleep.

Saturday: April 2nd
We got up early so that we could go take pictures of her dad in front of his personal parking spot at the Cedar Valley golf course. Then Michelle and I went driving around taking random pictures of things by the side of the road…like cows and rundown shacks. Then we quickly went through the Cowboy Hall of Fame, Petsmart, and then Michelle and I drove to Norman again and went to the Medieval Fair with her friend Rachal and her boy Hossein. It was AWESOME. I love renaissance fairs! The people there were soooo crazy so it was prime photo taking conditions. After that, Michelle and I drove back to OKC and hunted down one of the God billboards on the highway. It said “One nation under me.” -God. We got pictures of both of us in front of it. That night we went to the Iron Star for dinner and then Braums for frozen yogurt. YUM. It was a really nice final night. I packed and went to sleep around 12:30…

Sunday: April 3rd
I woke up at 3:50am so that we could get ready and leave for the airport by 5:15am…we got to the airport and said goodbye to the parental unit…Our plane took off a5t 6:30am, and we got to Chicago at 8:30am. After a short layover, we were on our way to Providence by 10am, and back in P-town by 1pm. We took a cab back with some otehr RISD kids, and go to our room by 1:30. I was so sad to be back. I had so much fun in Oklahoma. I can’t wait to go back and visit again.

Overall, it was an amazing experience, I’ve gotten over my fear of flying and staying over otehr people’s houses. I loved her friends, and family, her dog Maggie, her house, and everything. The weather was absolutely gorgeous everyday, 70’s plus. The flatness and sky was really cool. There were crazy things to see everywhere. I had such a blast taking photos of random things that now I totally want to do a photo road trip this summer. Simply wondermously wonderful. I was honestly never so happy or relaxed.

But now I feel bi-polar and really sad that it’s all over… to that.

SPRING BREAK OKC 2005 was the best! I double heart it!