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School’s OUT for summer!

May 28, 2005

SWEEET! Im one hundred percent officially finished with junior year at Rhode Island School of Design, thus I am now officially a senior, and scared shitless of such a fact. BUT it’s ok. Next year is going to rock my socks off, and this summer should be promising….hopefully I will get plenty of hours working again at the Developing Artist Institute. I also hope to have plenty o ftime to relax and create some quality work that can be put towards my portfolio….
Semester wrap-up:
The semester treated me pretty kindly overall. I had fun, got a lot done, and learned a great deal as well. I’m anxious to see how I will do in Photo I, Illustrator as Designer, Art and Totalitarianism, and The Magic of Books. Other than Illustrator as Designer I’m pretty much satsified with the work…which is rare for me. I was happy that I got to put some time into developing a short story/children’s book, which wa sdefinitely a positive way to close teh semester. I had my Junior Critique yesterday, which is when three random Illustration Faculty members look at your work and crit it. I was very nervous because I don’t think my work really works outside of class context and assignments, but it was nice to get a fresh opinion and even validation of your work at this point. The crit went really well thankfully…I had Jeff someone, Paul Olson, and Nick Jainschig..yes, the very teacher that had to change my grad elast semester. I had no doubt that my luck would give me Nick as a critiquer. I was apprehensive taht it would be akward, but I have always respected him and he was obviously a complete professional. They had very nice and supportive things to say, as well as an important constructive criticism. Although they complimented me for my craft/care/concept/ etc in terms of final product, they would like to see me more attention paid to the drawings within my books…like more considered line work and mark making. I completely agree with them, and it’s funny because I was told the very same thing my senior year in high school when I met with the guy at University of Hartford Art School. I definitely know that line work is not my priority…haha. So it was a really positive experience and hopefully I will keep line work in my mind and then maybe my work will improve even more. I’m excited, even if it might be a constant struggle….

So yeah, that’s that. Erica visited yesterday afternoon and we had a blast hanging out, She, I, Michelle, Cory and Alicia went to dinner at Pizzeria UNO, got dessert from the cheescake factory. Later we went to Lily’s party which was fun and Erica got to hang out with Mark and that was awesome cos they got along really well. We had breakfast this morning at La Creperie, and tehn she went back to CT.

I napped for a bit and then got to packing. It took me less than two hours to pack, and now I wait until Sunday when my dad and I move Michelle out and into her new place for the summer, and then we move me out and back home to CT. Fun is. I’m going to be bored at home but hopefully I can keep on task, keep busy with art, and vist P-Town now and again.