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June 19, 2005

Ok. So a quick update as to what I’ve been up to recently.

YES- LITLLE MISS Rachael! I did not forget about you… last Wednesday the 8th was nice as I was able to hang out with Rach P. I definitely needed that quality time and it was really nice to see her as I hadn’t in a while. We went to the mall (I bought the new Coldplay album) we ate at Panera, and then had a lovely chat outside on my deck. A very low key perfect catching up time with my dear friend. On Thursday I gave Mike the portrait I finished of his parents, and it was nice to see him even though it was a brief visit. However, Friday and Saturday were torture. I had to work the Developing Artist Institute booth at Heritage Day all day in the heat from 7am to 4pm….lovely.
I was going completely crazy with anticipation for Sunday, at which time I drove to Providence for the first time all by myself (a big step thank you very much), to visit Michelle in her new apartment. It was nice to hang out with Michelle and Mark, and Lily, and Andrew– I had been going crazy with boredom at home these first two weeks of being in Manchester. We pretty much just kept it simple, went to the mall, hung out, went to see Mr. And Mrs. Smith…etc. It was soo hot that I stayed from Sunday til Tuesday at which time I sprung Michelle from the heat and drove her back to CT to enjoy some time in the airconditioning. While at my house we had some more low key hanging out time, went to Shady Glenn (of course), went swimming, watched some old, old, old school Degrassi, visited my sister at her new apartment in Colchester, hung out with Erica and got ice cream…Overall a very pleasant and refreshing few days. A nice time to recharge and feel social- which I needed desperately, let me tell you.

So Michelle took the bus back to P-town on Thursday, leaving me to get ready for Brittany’s graduation that evening. I was a bit nervous that I might see a lot of people from my own high school class (there were around 30 people from my class that had siblings in Britt’s). But luckily I was spared of too many akward sightings and spoke to very few MHS Alums. The graduation was exceptionally boring, but I survived and was and am riddiculously happy that my little sister, the very last Martin at MHS, has escaped and will never have to go back. EVER. Woot woot.
On Friday a bunch of us got together and had dinner (Me, Erica, Kelly, Max, Erica’s friends Scott and Lauren, Erin Conter). It was nice to see people again. After dinner we couldn’t decide whether to risk mini-golfing with a chance of rain or to go bowling–but luckily we chose neither and rented SHAUN Of THE DEAD instead (my choice- because no one else had seen it- I had to be the one to introduce them to its amazingness). We took the movie back to my house and grabbed some Dairy Queen on the way. It was overall a nice night with some old/new friends.
Unfortunately, I wasted all day yesterday being a mope ass and did absolutely nothing worthwhile. Now I have to make-up for it all today. I need to feel productive. I need to go for a walk/jog. I need to make some art. Stat. So I’m going to right now.

BY THE WAY: Hey friends. I need some commissions, so if you know anyone who needs a drawing, or if you yourself would like one, let me know and we can talk.