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Unfinished Buisness

July 31, 2005

I can’t seem to pull myself together and focus long enough to actually finish anything, but I just found out that I can upload photos to my blogs, so I wanted to try it out. So here are a few images of things I’m working on at the moment….
This first picture is of a sheep that I painted the other night….I did not sculpt it or anything. Amber bought it for me from Christmas Tree Shop, and it was brown and kind of silly looking, so I painted him (Milton) black and white.
So yeah, I did not make this guy, I just painted him….but I am inspired to make some sheep of my own though…maybe I’ll do them in clay…

A quick expriment in acrylic and oil…I kind of like it though…Blacksheep Hill….

This is a large doodle drawing which still isn’t finished, I don’t know if it ever will be, since it really just began as an experiment….it’s done with crayons.

And this one is the main oil painting I’m working on…it’s from a photo I took of Mark back in May…I’m attempting a vintage/sepia aesthetic….again, this is a MAJOR work in progress…I might even do a series of a few of the images from that shoot.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got…for now.


My Mini P-Town Vacation

July 26, 2005

Sooo… This weekend, I took Brittany off to Providence for a mini vacation, because my family isn’t going on one this year, and she was sad. I worked Friday Morning from 9am-11, went home, gathered all our stuff together, and left for P-town a little after noon. We arrived at Michelle’s around 1:30, and got to hang out with her for most of the day which was awesome. Friday night we accompanied her to the Intaglio Studio where she was working on her edition. She was kind enough to give me an intro into the process, and even let me etch a small copperplate. She taught me how to ink up the plate and hand wipe it…then we printed my little practice plate- and voila! I made my very first intaglio print ever. It is now happily pinned to my little cork board above my desk. Who knew I’d actually learn something while I was away?

After that Friday night, we had to rescue Lily’s friend who was lost in P-town for over an hour trying to find her apartment…then we went to her house and watched most of The Muppet movie until we all pooped out and walked hoem to Michelle’s. We went to sleep around 4 or so…

Saturday Brittany and I walked around Thayer, got smoothies, went to the candy store and spent a fortune, went back to Michelle’s, watched Napoleon Dynamite, and ate lots of snacks. Michelle got off work and we walked up to Thayer to meet her and then we went to see March of The Penguins at the Avon. The film was brilliant. Beautifully shot. Very well done. I loved it, and highly reccommend it to all. After the movie, we went back to Michelle’s and hung out for a bit before I drove Lily and Jannae home. Sunday Brittany and I went to teh RISD muesum which was very nice and enjoyable. Then we attempted to take pictures walking around on Benefit street, but it wasn’t really a good picture taking day as it was too bright out… so we went to the mall instead and I bought Wonderfalls on DVD, it was a Fox show that only aired 4 0f the 13 episodes…its pretty goood, and quirky. After that we hung around Michelle’s until she got out of work. Them Michelle made us a very nice spagetti dinner and it was yummy. Then Jannae and Mark came over and we walked up to Jesse’s apartment and watched the Talking Heads movie, Stop Making Sense. Very Very good. So then we left, got some french fries, and called it a night. Monday morning Britt and I packed up and left P-town around 10:40, as I had to be at work later that afternoon. I had a blast hanging out with Michelle as much as possible, and I was glad I got to see Mark and Lily, Jannae and Jesse. I think Brittany had a really good time and that’s what I wanted most of all. Much happiness this weekend for sure. I hope Michelle knows how much her hospitality was appreciated. Anyway, here I go- I’m out to dinner with my family.

Half-Blood Prince

July 21, 2005

Well. I’ve just finished. It’s always sad when you read the latest installment of the wizarding world…and so quickly….yet this book took me the longest time span of them all- as I didn’t have the opportunity to read for very long chunks of time at any given period this past week. Nonetheless, Book 6 has been read.

My thoughts.
Sad. Enjoyable. Slow until the last 5th of the book, really. Emotional. Exciting. Humorous. Revealing. Completely surprising and not at the same time. In mourning.

I can not even fathom the awesomness that will no doubt be had in the seventh book. Wow. Certainly not a dissapointment. I really feel that I must start at the beginging and read them all in order. I’d like to read everything again…knowing what I know now.

Thoughts, opinions, comments. Share them with me, I’m curious to know what you thought.

Go Sadness

July 19, 2005

Away. Away. As quick or slow as it arrived, it has gone again.


Breathe deeply. Smile. With teeth.

Happiness is a state of mind.

I went to Providence this weekend. Rachael was kind enough to drive me and drop me off in Providence. Arrived Friday night. Good talking with Lily. Good hanging out time with Michelle, Lily, Jannae, and Jesse who I just met. We saw Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. Bad. As in sadly not good. Regrettably unenjoyed. Maybe I’m too critical. Awful CGI. End of story.

Stayed up til past 4am, almost 5 Friday, make that Saturday morning. Mark was kind enough to spend all day with me, we had luch, walked Thayer, looked at books at the Brown Bookstore. Popped into OOP! to see/stalk Michelle while she worked. Sat outside for a bit. Walked back so Mark could change shoes. Went back to Michelle’s to wait until she finished work. Talked with Lily while Mark fell asleep on the floor. A good talk. Much needed. Watched Napoleon Dynamite with Mark to pass the time. After Michelle got home Lily came back and we got pizza. Then Jannae, Jesse, and his roommate came over and we walked downtown to Empire street where AS220 fest was coming to a close. We caught the last two bands. Lightning Bolt- not so good. As in not my kind of “music.” Mahi Mahi- very good. As in slightly dancible “singing.” Fun times. Gazing out over boy filled concert goodness. Especially intriguing was “Clashman”, as I call him. Very attractive. Wearing a black Clash t-shirt. I spotted him early on and kept glancing back at him. All of a sudden he was right next to Michelle, who, obliviously dancing rather crazily, “clashed” right into him practically knocking him over. Too bad he stayed around only briefly before disappearing for good. Anyway, like I said. Many heaping helpings of eye candy were had. Went back to Michelle’s. We all hung out for a bit before we one by one pooped out and went to bed. Late again.

Sunday I spent all day by myself in Michelle’s room while she worked. Somehow the time passed quickly. I looked up bands that would be in Providence in the coming months. I watched music videos. I checked my email. I showered. I accidently took a chunk out of my thumb with my brand new razor. Ouch. Later I injured my other thum on a door. My thumbs hurt. When Michelle returned from work, she, Lily, and I drove to the mall. After that I got back to Michelle’s to await Rachael to bring me home to Manchester. It really is better having someone to talk to the whole way. It goes by a lot faster. Thanks again, Rach.

I got home and found my new Harry Potter book awaiting. I still haven’t read very much of it yet. So that’s what I’m going to do right now. I watched A Very Long Engagement tonight with Brittany. So good. As in watch it, and see for yourself. I love Jean-Pierre Jeunet. I will see any film he makes.

Ok. Here I go. In better spirits than my last entry, that’s for sure. I might drive to Providence again this coming weekend. We shall see.

My Friend Will Be Me

July 11, 2005

Lonlieness has a tendency to creep in rather unexpectedly…like a sliver of light underneath the doorway of a dark room. It makes its presence known, but if you stare at it long enough, your eyes adjust and accept the brightness. Sometimes you even forget it was ever foriegn in the first place. Sadness can often act the same.

It’s as though I miss something I’ve never had. I don’t know exactly what, or why it’s different now than any other time previous. Maybe it’s my companion-clock ticking away without an end in sight. Maybe its the culmination of twenty-plus companionless years getting the better of me. I’ve never before felt so completely at the mercy of the uncontrollable and so completely responsible for it all at the same time.

Sometimes shells can be difficult to break out of…but perhaps it’s about time I grew out of mine.

Things go…things are going…

July 10, 2005

I’ve been working. Probably not enough, but it’s something. At work I’m working on creating a miniature indoor sculpture garden for potted plants–in the spirit of Gaudi’s Park Guiel… so far I’ve made a small model to base the larger version off of…who knows exactly how we are going to build this monstrosity….I also finished a 4-tiled piece…my first ever, actually. I had a blast working with clay and Kathleen seems excited for where that might take me.

Yesterday I photographed my first wedding…a doctor that my sister Amber works with… She’s very down to earth and didn’t want anything fancy, or formal..i.e. no pushy wedding photographers. Enter me. I agreed to do the job as more of favor and chance for experience tahn any real interest in this sort of thing. Come to find out they are indeed as difficult as I had anticipated. Having no experience, and trying to photograph realllly akward peopel who weren’t the friendliest buch or most willing to stand in front of a camera was certainly a challenge. Pacing is also difficult, because you don’t want to miss shots, or take to many…and ultimately I over shot the whole thing by 3 rolls. I estimated to them that I’d get it in 6, but alas I am no proffessional, and they were paying me money to take pictures, so that’s what I did. They will probably turn out like shit because the lighting was awful and I had to resort to flash, and I had to use automatic rather than manual to ensure proper focus in a quick moving event….we shall see. If they come out terribly, than I’m not going to ask for much in terms of compensation…I will probably just charge them the cost of development and such. Fingers crossed.

In other news, I have no idea what I’m doing with my life. I’m very confused at the moment. I have no desire to create, or illustrate…well, I do, but I feel artistically constipated. Blocked. I need a laxative so as to unclog my creativity. I need school. Real bad.

I’ve been listening to alot of music lately…well, more than usual. As in that’s all I do. I don’t even watch tv. I don’t create. I just listen. It’s scaring me. I need to get my head out of my ass. Ugh. Summer. How I loathe thee. I feel like I’m waiting for my life to start again in September. I hope I can last another two months…