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Awesomeness Ensues

August 24, 2005

Well… In an attempt to make the best of not having any work for the entire month of August, I decided to go up and visit Michelle, her sister Stephanie, and her mom who were visiting over in Providence. I got there late Friday morning and only planned to stay for the day, but I was having such a good time that they convinced me to stay longer. I had a blast hanging out. We ate lots of good food, and did fun things as well. We went to the mall, the RISD Museum, did some poking around up on Thayer, went to see Broken Flowers at the Avon, and saw 40 Year Old Virgin at the mall. On Saturday night we were on our way to Waterfire to get some kettle corn, and we ran into Sarah Atlas who we hadn’t seen since she left RISD at the end of Freshman year. It was pretty crazy that we actually ran into each other, because it was dark and really crowded…but it was awesome to see her and we ended up making plans to have lunch together on Sunday. So I stayed one more night, and was able to say goodbye to Michelle’s mom and sister since they left that morning. After we had lunch with Sarah and her boy at the mall, Michelle and I drove back to Manchester so she could visit and enjoy some air conditioning. Sunday night Erica came over and we all went out for some Dairy Queen. Monday we got a group together to go for dinner at Friday’s. It was me, Michelle, Brittany, Erica, Sarah, Kelly, Max, and Matt. After dinner we got ice cream and pretty much just sat around in my back yard. Rachel Winch and her boy ended up popping over later and that was nice because I hadn’t seen her in a long time.
After everyone left, Michelle and I watched more Wonderfalls, and we finished watching them all this morning (so now I’ve seen the entire series at least twice). At 3pm we tried to get Michelle on the bus back to P-Town, but I read the schedule wrong and there weren’t any buses until 6:10pm… so she took that one instead. But at least she got to stay a bit longer and have lunch with us. I just got back from my two mile walk with my mom and Britt, so now I think I might relax, doodle, or watch a movie…I’d like to wake up relatively early and go walking, but I will probably oversleep yet again…oh well.

So that’s what I’ve been up to…



August 12, 2005

Wonderfalls. It’s the best television show you’ll never see unless you “get off your ass,” and watch the dvd of the entire series (13 episodes, 9 never even aired on FOX). It premiered in March of 2004 and I saw the second episode, fell in love with it, and finally bought the DVD last month. It’s amazing. It’s hysterical. It’s quirky. So go watch it, and tell anyone who asks that the wax lion made you do it.

Gone and dyed.

August 12, 2005

Well. This afternoon I dyed my hair. It was somewhat on a whim, but I had been considering it tentatively for some time now. Having always been content with my natural color, I’ve never been tempted to change it before now. But I decided a slight change was in order, so I dyed it black. Midnight black. Neutral black. As my hair is naturally a very dark brown, it was not so drastic. It’s semi permanent so it will fade and or wash out. But I was pleased with the results and look forward to being a darker shade for at least 28 shampoos.

The down side is that I’m still pale and look even more the Snow White then before….and now me and my tuxedo cat look like siblings. Black Hair. Green Eyes. White Faces.

Tired Of The Old Shit, Let The New Shit Begin

August 9, 2005

How quickly things change. At the begining of the summer I was all excited to be making $10 an hour to work at the art school….at that time I expected to be putting in AT LEAST 20 hours a week, so it would be a decent part-time job making $200 a week. Awesome. Except in reality I haven’t worked consistently since I started. And now Kathleen can’t afford her staff so I’m basically out of work until school. And yet she keeps stringing me along instead of just letting me go. She keeps saying that in a couple of weeks things might be better financially so she can have me work the way she wants me to…But lemme tell you, it still fucking sucks. It’s unfair to give me and the other instructors summer jobs if she can’t utilize us efficiently and spread us around so that we didn’t all drain her bank account when there was no income with which to pay us all.
UGH. So now I have this week and probably next week to as Kathleen says, “concentrate on my home projects.” Oh thanks, Kath, I totally needed your permission to do my own art on the side. GRRRRRR. FUCKING GRRRRR. I guess once again, I will have to make the most of it, wish for the best, try not to spend any money, and get my head out of my ass and be creative.

Oh, and by the way, my cat Bernie is dying. And I can’t deal with it.
So let the shit begin. Wait, it already has.

The Good and The Bad

August 5, 2005

Yesterday was a mix of good, bad, and very bad.
To start with, I had the dentist. Bad. But good that I have no cavities.
Then I went over to the art school to meet with Kathleen and show her my work. That was good.
Then my mom and I went to Hartford to see Coldplay. Good and Bad.
Parking was bad. We had to walk a mile from the fucking parking lot. Very Bad. Then the show started late, the opening act totally sucked. Bad again. Coldplay was very good. The show was good, but I think I’m just not all that into stadium shows….big lights and screens and stuff just doesn’t constitute an amazing show. But they did sound AWESOME and Chris Martin is adorable. Anyway here’s the set list:
Square One
God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
Speed Of Sound
The Hardest Part
Everything’s Not Lost
White Shadows
The Scientist
Til Kingdom Come
Don’t Panic
Swallowed In The Sea
In My Place
Fix You

The best part of the show was that even though they played alot off of X&Y which I wasn’t all that fond of at first, now having heard those songs live I feel a bit more of an appreciation for the latest cd…so that’s good. After the concert, which didn’t last very long, we had to hike back to the car, and wait in the parking lot for over an hour because there was no one directing traffic, and there were 12 lanes of traffic trying to leave the parking lot through ONE exit. Fucking bull shit. Very bad.
* * * * * *
To top off our night, my mom and I came home to find out for sure that our cat, Bernie, has lymphoma. He has a massive tumor in his intestine, and all we can do is open him up and remove it, put him on chemo, and afterall is said and done we might get a few more months with him. It does not look good. In fact, it looks very, very bad. And crying hasn’t made it any better. Why do such things happen? What is the point? Goddammmmmit. I love my cat. I refuse to believe such things will transpire. Oh, here come the tears. Again.

Very, very, bad.

August 1, 2005