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Best Birthday. Ever.

September 29, 2005

So to celebrate my 21 years of living, I decided there’s no better way than to become undead. I had a totally kick ass zombie party with school friends and friends from home on Saturday night. Amber, Brittany, and Erica drove over in the afternoon. We ran to the grocery store to pick up some last minute things. We hung out for a bit and got ready for the party. Seth and Marc were parked over at the mall so Brittany and I walked over to meet them and bring them back to the apartment. Then we all got ready in our full zombie attire– I was a gypsy zombie. The party was awesome and pretty much just really laid back. I think most people enjoyed themselves, I know I did- and that’s all that matters…hehe. Just kidding. I was so happy to see Erica and Britt and Amber, and it was really nice that Seth and Marc came all that way just for a few hours. It really was a great bunch of people. I can’t get over how well everything went and how much fun I had with everyone. Couldn’t have been better, really. And there was sooo much yummy things to eat. Michelle and I even made my dad’s clam dip. Mmmmm.
For any of you out there desiring to see pictures from the party….go to:

Sunday was a slow day. Brittany and Erica had slept over, so we pretty much just bummed about until they left at 1. I didn’t do much at all the rest of the day.

Monday, my actual birthday, on the other hand, was an awesome day. I spent most of my birthday lounging about unshowered until around 2:30 when my parents surprised me with balloons, cake, and most importantly themselves. They took me out to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch. Mmmmm. So good. I came back, hung out with them for a bit, and then they went home. Later, Michelle and I headed over to Lupo’s for the Kings Of Leon concert. I showed my ID to the guy handing out wrist bands for drinking, and he looked at it kinda funny and double checked to make sure– I was all like, “That’s right! It’s my birthday!” Not that I actually drank or anything, but I figured I had to get ID’d at least once in some way on my 21st Birthday. Anyway, the show was phenomenal, and we were right up front near the stage. Kings Of Leon are so hot and so cool it’s actually funny. The show was fantastic, and right after it ended Michelle went up to one of the guys who’s in charge of keeping people from climbing the stage and told him it was my birthday and asked if he could get me one of the picks that Caleb had used and discarded on stage while he played. So now I totally have the lead singer’s guitar pick as my 21st birthday souvenir! SWEEET. It was raining out after the show so Michelle and I ran home in the rain. It was so much fun and we were so happy it didn’t even matter.

Overall I had the best birthday ever.

I just can’t believe I’m actually 21.


My Apartment

September 12, 2005

Holy crap. My apartment is amazing. It’s huge. HUGE. My own room is awesome. Living with Michelle and Cory totally kicks-ass.

I got here last Thursday, but everyday since has been a blur. Thursday me and my parents moved the rest of me in, then Thursday night Emily arrived to stay with us for a few days before leaving for Rome. Casey, Lily Rossebo, Mark, and Andrew came over and hung out for a bit that night. Andrew left his kitten O Ren Ishi with us to watch for the weekend, which was awesome. She’s actually sleeping on my desk as I type this, but her daddy should be picking her up shortly. Anyhoo…

Lily Angotti, Michelle, Emily and I basically just hung out until Emily left for Rome yesterday at 1pm. It was an emotional farewell…but we are all totally excited for her year. We can live vicariously through her experiences abroad, even though RISD won’t be the same without her around.

Cory got here yesterday so finally everything is in order. I’m so excited for everything, but less excited to start classes in two days. Boo to work. But I do have an awesome pre-21st Birthday Party to look forward to on September 24th. We decided to go with a zombie-costume theme…and them make a home cooked “last supper before Z-Day” type thing…followed by some zombie dance party action. It should be a lot of fun. And btw, if you’re reading this, you’re invited.

My mom told me they may be putting Bernie down this week. I don’t actually want to talk about this at the moment…or at least until I know for sure. So that’s all about that.

Ahhhh…Fresh Air.

September 8, 2005

Well, I haven’t written in a while, so I just thought I’d recap the past week as it is my final of summer vacation. I go back to RISD this afternoon and am ridiculously excited about senior year!

So anyways…this past week I finaly finished my Red Tide artist book, and also put it up on my site. I did another doodle/watercolor piece–it was my first attempt at creating a portrait using only my standard doodling shapes…it was an interesting attempt which can also be seen on my site. The last art piece I did was a pointilism/stippling drawing of Mark based on a photograph from the series I took of him last Spring. He’s wearing a top hat of course. I haven’t put that up on the site yet..I hope he doesn’t mind that I’ve used his image in a couple pieces now…I just really like the photos I got of him and would like to do something with them beyond that.

Ok, so last Tuesday I think it was…I hung out with Seth, Tim, and Marc. We basically just chilled and whatnot…went to Denny’s, and then to Price Chopper in search of pie. I went home around 1. I had a really fun time hanging out- it’s pretty crazy that I hadn’t seen any of them in like four years, and it didn’t even matter!

On Thursday my mom left for Colorado for the week to visit my cousin so it was just me and my dad. I went over to the art school to finish off the clay garden area with Kathleen. It was a really positive day, and Kathleen and I were able to have a nice conversation, so I feel a litle less bitter about the whole no work situation. She gave me a 25 pound bag of clay to take home, and told me that she will fire anything for me anytime..and that I’m welcome to come and work in the studio whenever I’d like. Which is awesome. Later Thursday night I went to see The Brother’s Grimm with Seth, his brother Jim, and Tim. The movie was, how you say- not so good. But it was fun to see them again and get out of the house, that’s for sure.

Most of the time I spent packing or doing some art stuff. Pretty much relaxed most of the time. I made sure to get my walking in there too. Hopefully I will be able to keep something going while at school. I just feel so much better when I jog or walk.

Anyways….Me and my dad picked Brittany up from Central so she could spend Labor day weekend at home. My cousin Kait came over to hang out with Britt and the three of us had fun hanging out. On Monday my dad and I drove over to Providence with the majority of my stuff so that I could move in myself and Michelle into our new kick-ass apartment. Let me tell you, its fucking amazing. Ridiculously huge. A pretty good view. Elevators. A good sized kitchen. Our own bathroom. My own room-which is pretty sizable. With Michelle and my dad helping, we were able to relatively easily move all our shit in. I’m so excited about it that I ‘m moving in two days early–but also because Emily is there for a few days and I wont get to see much of her if I don’t.

On Tuesday I packed so more of my stuff, and then went to hang out with Seth, Tim, and Marc again. We played an amazing game of psychic Guess Who. Then we decided we needed some sort of dessert–so we high tailed it over to Big Y in search of pie yet again. Not finding anything to our liking, we decided to create our own confectionary wonder. And was it indeed!
We got angel food cake, whipped cream, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, chocolate and vanilla pudding, and lady fingers. Seth spent about an hour making the massive truffle and holy hell was it goooood. Way better than pie. And more fun, too. We watched about a half hour of Eurotrip before I had to get home since it was 2am and I hadn’t yet seen my mom who got back from Colorado that night.

So yesterday was spent shopping for last minute things and packing up the rest of my crap. I leave today around 3. I’m so fricken excited.

Ahh. A breath of fresh air. Something new.

I will miss my nightly summer walks with my mom though. Most of all.