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January 29, 2006

Quick update as to what I’ve been doing as of late, for all you that care to know…

Went to Studio Goodwin Sturges in Boston and then around 11 am we (me, Adam, Allison and Mike) walked over to Houghton Mifflin for our little tour with Diane (who works in the educational division and was at my crit last December). It was really informative and interesting to consider all of the work that goes into creating the reading programs that are bought and ustilized by the education systems. She talked to us about how photography is in greater demand than illustration for educational materials…anyway after our very well prepared chat with Diane, she came with us downstairs to The Cotton Wood Cafe to meet up with Cara and have lunch. It was fun and surprisingly not even very akward. After we ate Cara led us up to the floor where she works in the tradebook division….as in picture books! Sweet. She showed us around the cubicles, talked about her job, and then showed us the AMAZING original art that she had previosuly scanned for a book still in the works. The work was by Eva Montanari who happens to be one of the artists represented by Studio Goodwin Sturges. We got to see proofs of books yet to be printed which was also really cool. Then we got to pick out a book from their huge book shelf of Houghton Mifflin books to take home with us. I took “The Village of Basketeers,” illustrated by Nicolleta Ceccoli who is also one of my favorite Studio artists.
At one point Adam and I had a close call, as we are still keeping our relationship on the down-low while at work. No one has yet found out, and we’d prefer to keep it that way until we finish there in two weeks. But anyway at one point Cara’s boss complimented me on the awesome paintbrush earrings I was wearing, the ones that Adam made for me for Christmas, and she asked where I got them. I was like “Oh, my friend mae them for me,” and no doubt proceeded to turn bright red. Then she asked, “Oh, does she sell them,” and I replied, “No, but he should…” and I think Adam and I were both pretty flushed and anxious to change the subject. haha. Oh well, its no big deal, I just don’t want Judy Sue or anyone else to feel uncomfortable…
We mosied around some more and came across the big promo posters for “Twenty-One Elephants,” written by April Jones Prince who actually works with us over at the studio on Tuesdays. Cara said it would be fine to take a couple so we added that to ur loot, too.
All in all it was an awesome day and got even awesomer when Michelle returned from JAPAN that evening!!

We spent the night catching up and hearing all about her three weeks. It was awesome and I’m so glad she’s back because I missed her tremendously.

Friday was spent pretty low key, and then Rachael and Mark had teh idea to double date, so they came by and Adam and I accompanied them to The Cheescake Factory for an excellent feast. We grabbed dessert to go and came back to my apartment to hang out. We played Apples To Apples for a while before Adam and Cory went to pick up her friend Clare from the bus station. Rach and Mark left soon after Clare arrived, and we hung out for a bit before we decided to go to the midnight showing of MIRRORMASK!!!!!

I had been waiting since September to see this movie….A Jim Henson Production written by Neil Gaiman and directed by Dave McKeon. An absolute masterpiece. Beautiful to look at. Brilliantly conceived. One of the best and most striking movies I’ve seen in a while. I reccommend it to all.

It is just so stunning.

I can’t wait to see it again. And to own it myself.
Go watch the trailer and see for yourself.


Days To Remember

January 15, 2006

Yay! Many happy and fun things to report on this fine Sunday evening.

First off, last Thursday I worked again for Judy Sue and Adam and I had a pretty sweet day. Judy Sue totally agreed with all our choices in our sorting of the good/maybe/bad artists to consider for the huge educational program getting started by Houghton Mifflin. I was nervous that we might choose artists that she didn’t agree with– but I think we totally read her style and taste appropriately. Phew. Anyway, Adam askes about trying to purchase our teacher Rebecca Bond’s book “This Place In The Snow,” and the ever generous Judy Sue just told us both to take one for ourselves from her stash of books in her closet! WOOT WOOT. I absolutely love the book and recommend everyone read it. After work we took the train back to P-town. Around 6:20 or so Erica got there so we spent the rest of the evening hanging out. Adam, Cory, Erica, and myself watched Waking Ned Divine and then got to talking. We decided that we needed to do something fun on Friday, so we decided it would be awesome to get up early and go to the beach.

So Friday we packed up and headed out. We grabbed Subway to take with us and eat on the beach. It was not a very cold day, but it was amazingly foggy. It created a very fantastical mist and we couldn’t help but stop a few places on our way and take awesome photos. We finally made it to the beach and had it basically all to ourselves. It was soooo cool. We layed out a blanket and ate our sandwiches, explored a bit, watche dthe waves, and took pictures. But we didn’t last long beacause of the wind and cold, so we drove on and headed to Beavertail RI.

Holy Hell was it awesome. My words can not begin to express how beautiful, peaceful, awe-inspiring, and relaxing our time there was. We simply walked around, climbed rocks, saw breathtaking views, and bonded as we got a bit lost in the woods together.
I can not wait to go back when it’s warm and sunny, but something tells me that such a special day will never be duplicated…

Anyway, we headed home before dark. We were tired, wet, hungry, but mostly just happy at how our day turned out. Even better than we had hoped.

That night we did some more hanging out. Saturday morning Erica and I left for Manchester so I could spend a couple days at home visiting with my family and the new kitten, Ollie. Thus far it has proven to be a very good day and a half of reconnecting with myself and my family. I’ve been painting all day and will continue to do so as soon as I finish this post.

Which is now. So here I go.

Fresh Feeling

January 8, 2006

Ahh. Newness.

Can you smell it? Sense it in the air?
Will such wonders ever cease to feel brilliant and awesome and happy?

Oh, how I do love being cryptic in these stupid little blogs of mine.

But it’s not as though you don’t really know what I’m talking about. I mean if you’ve seen me as of late you’ve probably been blinded by the twinkle in my eye. Things are excellent. Exciting. New. Not gonna lie.

Yet as fearless and comfortable as I remarkably feel- there is in the back of my mind a conscious understanding of a personal evolution taking place. I need to remain aware of this. I need to respect myself and I need to respect the fact that I can not expect or demand a great change from myself instantaneously. I have had 21 years of self-reflection. And in those 21 years I see that I have done much in terms of avoiding this particular evolution.
But not now. I don’t want to avoid it anymore. That is not to say that I am ready for anything- because I certainly know that is not the case. Instead, I want my growth to be natural, comfortable, effortless- perfectly proportioned and integrated with how I have handled my life thus far. I must not lose sight of that which has always been important to me.

And As much as I wish I could just get over certain fears for the sake of ease, I know that is not my way. It is up to me, and me alone, to keep myself in check. Not to deny myself, or get carried away. There is and will always be TIME. Haste must not dictate. My happiness and well-being hinge upon this affirmation.

So take your time, Courtney. You’ll thank yourself in the end.