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Wintersession Ends

February 20, 2006

Ok, so a bit has happened since the last post, and so as not to forget the past two weeks, I’d rather recall it now than not at all…

So I had my final week of interning in Boston…It was sad to leave but my last week was fanastic. We worked Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. On Wednesday Judy Sue basically told us to go check out Paper Source, a paper store for artist book making stuff. It was very cool but the best part of teh day was at lunch when she told us she’d like to get Adam and I over to check out Candlewick Press, my absolute favorite publishing house…we totally flipped out at the prospect. So Judy Sue called Ann Moore over at Candlewick and arranged a meeting with her for Thursday at 10am. Mike drove us over to Cambridge and left us to talk with Ann which was awesome. Considering she had only been asked the favor the afternoon before, she put together a very welcoming and informative little presentation. She was super sweet and totally invite dus to send samples of our work via email. I know I will see her again at Portfolio review in the spring, and hopefully I will have some solid work to get feedback…Anyway we stopped into the Barefoot Books store before taking the T back to Back Bay…we sorted and labeled stuff for the rest of teh day, and then Judy Sue bid us a farewell and sent us on our way with two copies each of Linda Wingerter’s books!!!! YAY! I love Judy Sue!!!

Anyhoo, then came wintersession break…I went home to work on secret Valentine’s things for the weekend, and was very relieved and happy when I finished in time for Adam’s arrival at my house on Monday afternoon. The next few days were chock full of hanging out time for the two of us as Brittany was still at school and all. Tuesday was amazing. We exchanged gifts in the morning—and his made me sooooo happy. He made put together and bound a most very special book, and coincedentally, so did I for him. Most of the day we lounged about before going to dinner at Applebee’s and hunting down the Mirrormask DVD…My mom convinced us that sledding would be really cute and fun, so she drove us over to center springs park (I don’t have a car at the moment)and Adam and I found ourselves with a moonlit hill completely to ourselves. We sled down about four times before completely pooping out. Then we trudged back to the car anf drove home, and snuck a bit more playing in the snow in my front yard before heading in for the night. Then we watched Mirromask and lounged about. Pretty much the best day ever.

Adam left Thursdsay afternoon just as Brittany returned from school. Michelle arrived Friday afternoon, and then Kait came over and we all watched Mirrormask again. I had a blast hanging out with everyone all week. We returned to RISD Sunday night to start second semester….

Wintersession was absolutely amazing, and I am so thankful and appreciative of my time spent in Boston. It’s really made me excited for the prospects of my final semester in college. I only hope to be able to maintain the motivation and pull together a cumulative body of work that really represents me…cheers to that.