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Four months, one week, and a Fortune-less cookie

March 7, 2006

There are many things of which I’d like to speak.
Many things I’d like to share.
In more words than neccessary.
And in far too few to do any justice.

If one were to read between the lines, they might tap a bit of what I’d really like to say.
But it would be too unfathomable. Too overwhelming to comprehend.
Though you’re more than welcome to try.

For matters of convienience, I’ve narrowed it down to the essential. Here goes.
– – – –
Four months.

One unbelievable week.
And so much inbetween.

It’s difficult to take it all in.
So I breathe a little deeper, and exhale a little longer.
I take moments for myself.
To relish in the present state of affairs.
. . . . . .
And just when I thought it couldn’t get better.
A sign of encouragment. A sigh of relief.

Houton Mifflin, though not presently aquiring new material….
has expressed interest in my children’s book manuscript….
and will be keeping tabs on it…and on me….

So much for my Fortune-less cookie.
Turns out I’m writing my own.



March 5, 2006

Timing is everything.
Comfort is key.

And life, at times, is too good to me.