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Spring Break 2006

April 1, 2006

Sooooo. To recap my awesome week devoid of work…

Lets see…
Cory came to Manchester with me last Friday night. We hung around my house for the weekend basically doing absolutely nothing and chilled with the cats. I tried not to do work, and almost suceeded but I did put a bit of time into my website design and my sheep painting. But other than that we seriously did nothing. Watched a lot of basketball. Then Monday morning we drove to Scituate to pick up Adam and then we drove to Providence to pick up Alysha, and then Adam drove us to Beavertail RI for the sequel to our foggy February trip. It was an absolutely gorgeous day–perfect temperature. We brought Subway with us and made our way down to the little beach we felll in love with the first tiem we went. It was a rather steep little climb down, but we had it all to ourselves. No one was around. It was so peaceful and sunny, and warm…ahhhh. So perfect. I brought my cameras with me so I could take a few rolls of 120mm for class and digital photos for fun. So even though it felt like a mini vacation, I was still able to get a bit of shooting done for photo. We frolicked on the rocks by teh ocean for a few hours and then headed back to P-town to drop Cory and Alysha off.

Adam and I drove back to CT Monday night. On Tuesday we pretty much just hung out around the house, watched some cool dinosaur and other such programs on tv….On Wednesday we hung around the house and then I decided it would be nice to actually go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather, so we walked up my street and took the short cut to my Grandma’s house and took photos along the way. We stopped for a bit by the resevoir and Adam angered a goose that was protecting its nest of eggs…Then we headed back and climbed to the highest part of Manchester–The hill of the Nike Site up my street. It was getting dark so we walked home–on our way back we smelled smells that reminded us of Sturbridge Village, and I was like, “We should go,” and Adam was like..”yeah we should,” so I was like, “Let’s go this week. Or at least look into going.” So with that in mind we arrived home pretty much pooped out entirely.

Wednesday night was, of course, a new episode of LOST which was, of course, AWESOME. Long discussions and theorizing ensued for quite some time. We headed to bed early so that we could get up early and go to Sturbridge. Which is exactly what we did. We drove to Sturbridge Village and got there around 11:30 or so. It was absolutely gorgeous weather, perfect for walking around in the 1800’s. We took lots of photos…and I even got to spend some time with sheeeeeep! woot woot!!! It was totally a cute day all around. We got home around 4:30, ate some food, and then I drove Adam to Midway Pizza to meet up with his mom to take him back to Scituate.

Overall a positively awesome week of funness. And cuteness. And warmness! Spring Break indeed!

Thursday night I got to work and started my paintings. Friday I took my painting outside for a bit to enjoy the sun. Then I went inside and spent a good portion of the evening painting. But then I stopped so I could watch Harry Potter with Brittany. But while waiting for her, I decided to write this blog. But she’s ready now so so am I.
Here goes!

Cheers to Spring Break!