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So Close and So Far

May 18, 2006

The very last days of my art school career.
This is so scary.
And so exciting.
And so sad.
And so happy.
And so incomprehensible.
Devistatingly incomprehensible.
Gloriously incomprehensible.

What do I do now?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

To distract myself, and to preserve some of my thoughts at this pivitol time, I shall reflect upon the last few week’s events.

To begin with…Portfolio Review.

Wednesday, May 3rd.
I lugged my book-box filled with artist books, book dummy, and printed portfolio of my illustrations. I also lugged my portfolio of originals.

As soon as they let us into the room of reviewers, I made a bee-line to Anne Moore’s spot from Candlewick Press. (I had met her briefly when we visted Candlewick during my wintersession internship, so I thought I’d start with a friendly face. Plus it would be a dream to work at Candlewick.)

I think I was 4th in line or so to see her. There was some tedious and anxiety ridden waiting, but then I finally got to speak with her and show her my work. She did remember me which was good, and she was very responsive to my work, which was awesome. She really took to my artist books like the Carnival book and Narcissism, and told me she wanted a color copy of Narcissism and to show some of my books to the art directors. Then she asked me if knew about the opening in the promotions department for a Design Assistant. She told me she would email me the info and that maybe we could set up a meeting to show the books sometime. Even though I told her I was interested in publishing books, not necsessarily illustrating, she was very supportive and complimentary of my illustrations. It was definitely an encouraging encounter, and I left feeling very hopeful about my future. Perhaps I may not completely rule out illustration as a career…

The other two people I met with were less helpful, but nonetheless encouraging. After a long day of waiting in lines, I made my way out only to be stopped by my teacher Paul Olson. He wanted to show my work to Kevin Jankowski the coordinator of the event and awesome guy from career services. Kevin was also really kind and encouraging, and asked me who I spoke to and who I didn’t get to see. He then told me to go back in there and leave my cards with anyone I didn’t meet with but wanted to. So I left my portfolio with him while I waited in the other room for a chance to slip a postcard to the reviewers. While I was waiting, a woman from career services who had been sitting outside with Kevin came in and told me I had better come back outside because there were a lot of people looking at my portfolio and wanted to meet me. So I followed her back outside and met Soojin Buzelli (who often gives magazine illustration assignments to RISD kids). Kevin informed me that he had been showing off my stuff while I was gone and handed out a few of my postcards and buisness cards. It was really quite a funny experience and made me feel really positive about the work I’ve done this year and last. I think it did me good to see my work well received. Its really difficult to make art your life but never feel like it has any real value. So it was to say the least an encouraging day…

Next came Eye Candy.
Senior show. Opened May 4th.
Cory. Courtney. Mark. and Me.
SO much fun. So much candy. So much sweet food.
Really fun circusy music.
Awesome art.
Awesome friends and family and people in general.
I could not be more thrilled with it.
Amber and Brittany surprised me. God do I love them ridiculously.
Thanks to all the friends and family who helped make the show so successful. It could not have been done without them for sure.

Then came two weeks of more work, final portfolio preparation. Overall a very happy two weeks. I finished my ram painting, which both Judy Sue and my mom consider to be one of my best..ever. Which is really exciting. I’ve finished all my work for Photo and Religions of India and Tibet. I have a photo crit today at 5:30, class at 7:30, and then only two critiques next Tuesday until I’m officially done. And teh only thing work wise I have left is a painting of three baby raccoons fro Judy Sue’s class. Which will be an enjoyable end to my RISD career. Wow.
I’m so close.

And I’ve come so far.

What an amazing four years. And an amazing final year. I could not have imagined anything better. I am sincerely grateful for each and every opportunity that has been given to me.

It has been an incredible journey.
And it’s not over.