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Fabulous Four to the Fouth

July 5, 2006

An absolutely amazing four days.
A brilliant begining to July.
Saturday afternoon I met up with Adam and his mom, had lunch, and then stole him away for Saturday and Sunday. Saturday we hung out and then my family, Adam, and I all went over to Erica’s for pizza before walking from her house to MCC for the fireworks. We grabbed our usual sloped spot on the hill–but this time we all had awesome people to share it with. Mom and Dad, Amber and Jon, Erica and Loren, Me and Adam. It was just so….. nice. After the fireworks we walked back to Erica’s and hung out for a few hours by the firepit. A lovely night indeed. Sunday startes off kinda lazy, but then Adam and I walked around the mall and then went to Wickham park. It was gorgeous outside, and I had fun taking photos of Adamantium and the ducks in the pond. After that we went home, had some dinner, and drove to Providence to spend Monday and Tuesday together as well. I was left to my own amusements for a few hours on Monday while Adam TA’ed…we were able to have lunch together and grabbed dinner and took it to the computer lab at 5 so he could monitor. We pretty much just watched Dane Cook videos online until he could close up at 10–just in time for the Providence fireworks. We hurried out side as soon as we heard the booms, and walked to an open spot along the street. The display was short but still enjoyable. On Tuesday we were able to sleep in a bit and spend the whole day together, we got breakfast and then walked back to his apartment and tried to stay as cool as possible in the heat. We watched The Count of Monte Christo and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, which I had never seen and very much enjoyed. After that we got dinner at the Cheescake Factory, I brough Adam home, and then I made my way back to CT. I’m so happy to have had so much time together, but it doesn’t seem to matter how long we have, it’s never really enough. Luckily I need only make it through a day and a half worth’s of work before Friday afternoon, when I get to make a delicious Trifle concoction and prepare for our big party on Saturday. Adam and his parents will be there and I’m excited to have so many awesome people around. Good food. Lots of good food. Pool. Sun. Fun. And fireworks! Woot woot. I can’t wait!