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The Double Deuce

September 26, 2006

Oh crap. The day has come. The 26th brings the dreaded 22.

I don’t quite know what to make of this age. I don’t quite think I like it much. It feels very much older than 21. When you’re 21 you can make excuses. Like, “Oh, well it’s ok ‘cos I’m only 21…” But now, no more. Being 22 and a college graduate with no employment (soon enough, but technically still true) just feels like I’ve been handed an express ticket to Loserville. And I want off the train.

But, being 22 has it’s up-side. Like the fact that it means I got to be 21.

Here are 26 things that I am thankful for happening since last September the 26th:

1. A year ago today I was watching Kings of Leon live. So awesome.
2. A year ago today I was running home in the rain from the concert with Michelle, holding a KOL guitar pick.
3. I had a zombie birthday party with some awesome friends.
4. A certain boy decided to talk to me in class about sheep.
5. I had an awesome apartment. And an awesome room. And lived with awesome people.
6. I started writing. And discovered I really liked it.
7. I had a marathon of my favorite movies and fell in love with them all over again while sharing them with a new friend.
8. I built two forts in the living room. I played alot of Dr. Mario.
10. I spent several hours next to the 6th floor elevators.
11. I got to live out a scene from Amelie.
12. I finally got to photograph shopping carts–with a TLR camera.
13. I learned some new photo things and (quasi) printmaking techniques.
14. I got to write and illustrate a children’s book. And was proud of it.
15. I said three words and meant them. Really meant them.
16. I had the best Christmas ever.
17. I got a new kitten who somehow fills the hole.
18. I had an awesome New Year’s with a kiss and everything.
19. I had an amazing internship in Boston. Including a visit to Candlewick and a special someone with whom to ride the train.
20. I had my first real Valentine’s Day and went sledding under the stars.
21. I got to experience the wonder that is Beavertail more than once.
22. I built an entire portfolio of work that I was actually proud of.
23. I had a kick-ass portfolio review day, and was part of one of the best senior shows I’ve seen.
24. I had a perfect final RISD semester and graduated from the “prestigious” Rhode Island school of Design.
25. I had the priviledge of loving and being loved by so many awesome people.
26. I learned what can happen when you know yourself enough to finally let yourself live.

My, what a year.

I can’t imagine what is to come. Here’s hoping 22 can compare.


The Studio

September 16, 2006

Well, it’s been a bit since I last posted.

Here are the major highlights since then…

1. I spoke with Kathleen- who now lives up the street from me, and Maureen who is now running the art school in Kathleen’s place. It was good to see and talk with them randomly as they drove past my house while I was outside taking Kaitlyn’s senior photos…especially as Maureen seemed interested when I mentioned that I graduated and was currently unemployed. Perhaps there will be a chance to go back to teaching afterall. I need to get on that, btw…

2. I spent last weekend in Providence with Adam and we had quality hanging out time with his crew and we also spent a lovely day together in Newport, roaming the woods by the ocean, getting lost, seeing ridiculous mansions, and a goregeous sunset at Beavertail. I miss him already. But I must be productive and distract myself from the fact that no one I love is around me… Adam, Erica, Michelle, Brittany, Amber, Cory, Emily, Mark, Alysha…the list goes on.

3. I have been productive! Kinda. I have a new studio setup down in my basement thanks to my parents who surprised me when I got back from P-Town. They strung up some white sheets and organized the shelves so all my art supplies now have a home. I’ve been in it everyday since, and I have started a sea otter illustration, and finished a quick cow illustration this afternoon. It feels so good to have a place to go that is bright, organized, and welcoming. Here’s hoping I produce some good work for my portflio…

4. I sent out 51 postcards of my ferris wheel image in hopes that someone, anyone, will check out my website and like what they see. I know that realistically nothing will come of it, but it does feel good to be proactive and take the steps necessary to promote my work and start a career. So what if my work isn’t where I want it to be now. I’ll never get any better if I don’t keep at it, and what better way to practice and gain experience than by getting real illustration work? Why should I care if every piece I do right now is terrible, so long as I keep being creative and eventually improve? That’s a promise I must make to myself. Just keep going. You can only get better.

5. I think that’s it.

6. Oh yeah, I’m in love and couldn’t be happier about it. Here are some pictures of my little studio!