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Tag Sales and National Geographic

October 25, 2006

Well. Quite a busy weekend I had considering nothing particularly eventful took place. Well, besides getting Adam for pretty much a whole day more than expected!

To begin with:
Adam had no class Friday, so I picked him up much earlier than planned. Got to P-town by noon, and got home around 1:30. We spent a good deal of time just haning out at my house, playing Mario Cart and stuff…fun stuff. On Saturday I had to get up bright and early to help with the family tag sale so I did that and spent most of the day in and out, back and forth between the sale and Adam who was inside working on things. Then the two of us went to Shady Glenn and had a very tasty dinner. Then we came back and got to work looking through and clipping and pretty much destroying the best of forty years worth of National Geographics. We tried to sell/give them away during the sale but no one was interested, so as promised, my mom gave the go ahead to dig in and take what we wanted. Adam and I have begun our massive undertaking of creating our own picture collection. And I must say it’s a damn good one. I’m so pumped about having all these resources to use and consult. We seriously spent most of our time together just cutting things from the magazines–it was so addictive, as if we were collecting buried treasure. Anyway….on Sunday we had impromptu tag sale number two because we didn’t sell much Saturday. But no one came so we’re doing it all again next Saturday. Overall I made like $62 selling just my stupid crap that I never really knew I had to begin with. Hopefully I’ll be able to sell my camera this week and get a nice piece of change from that…

Also on Sunday Adam and I went to dinner (Uno’s, of course) and then went to see The Prestige, which I have to say was all that I hoped it would be and more. It was really well done and entertaining and just a really enjoyable cinemmatic experience. On Monday Adam and I did more magazine clipping and sorting, and then drove back to Providence later that night. We grabbed some pizza and Ben and Jerry’s and poptarts for the morning. I stayed the night so I didn’t have to drive all the way back rigth after–and that was awesome. I very much appreciated having the extra night and morning. Adam had class early so I left when he did around 9:30am and got back to Manchester at 11. Then I came home to do more magazine clipping and organizing and I think I’ve quite had my fill of that for the time being. Tomorrow I should really get to work on my design for the promo poster I’m doing for a local band. If I can get that squared away maybe I’ll feel better. I’m getting a little nervous about teaching the Tales To Tell class…just a couple more weeks til that starts…eeek!

Oh well. I’m poooooped. Sleepy time is now!

-Wishing all my special people were in closer hugging range.-


God Lighting

October 14, 2006


Today I saw perhaps one of the most gorgeous skies I have ever had the fortune to see. I was driving home with Brittany after picking her up from Chuck E Cheese, and I swear there should have been some divine voice singing “AHHH” from above. It was just that perfect. You couldn’t see the sun but it shone through the clouds and seemed even brighter for it. Light streamed down in all directions—beaming light like in a terrible Kinkade. Only this was for real, which made it AMAZING. A brilliantly blue sky mixed with puffy grayish purple clouds…vibrant orange and yellow and red leaves…..honestly orange and blue just does not get any better. God I love complementary colors. And by the looks of it today, so does He.

I love love love LOVE the fall. The colors are so overwhelmingly beautiful and vivid. It makes me want to paint and capture everything I see. It makes me want to rake leaves and make a leaf town and wear a scarf and watch magical Halloween movies like Hocus Pocus. I really don’t think I feel more alive than I do in autumn. Today Brittany and I agreed that we would trade in spring and summer for fall and winter if we could. Well, actually if I could really swing it I’d make fall 2.5 seasons long, summer half a season, and keep winter as is….

Anyway, this is the rambling that occurs when I haven’t blogged in a while. So here’s the stuff I should really mention.

Last weekend I got to visit Adam and we did lots of fun things including but not limited to: hanging out with Cory and Alysha, going to the Scituate Art Festival where we saw good stuff: GREG STONES=hilarious miniature watercolors, hanging out at Adam’s while his mom generously made us all dinner, being a complete bum on Sunday but still getting to visit Emily, eating delicious Cheescake Factory food with Adam, Cory, and Alysha, visiting Judy Sue on Monday morning and talking about potentially working for her, and hanging out at Camp Canonicus with Adam and Cory–roaming the woods and visiting with his parents. Even though Adam transferred his germs to me and I am still getting over the subsequent cold, last weekend was exactly what I needed. A wonderful blend of friends and love and fun and fall and nature and walking and art and everything happy.

And to go into a bit more detail…. It seemed to me like Judy Sue was re-offering the job originally mentioned back in May/June, and after never hearing anymore about it either way, I am so relieved that she still seems interested in me working at the Studio. She mentioned putting me in charge of the Houghton Mifflin project should that come to pass. But even if nothing comes of it, I feel like I have something to potentially aim for–and since I’ve felt completely useless lately, it feels really good to be wanted. I need a job that is challenging and at the same time makes good of what comes naturally to me. I want to feel appreciated and respected and comfortable where I work. A would absolutely love to work for Judy Sue. The environment in her studio (while very productive and somewhat stress-filled) is still a very warm place to be. Sigh. Maybe someday…

Other than that I’ve basically been taking it easy at home…watching tv and not doing much besides. But I did work (for a whole 6 hours) at the art school today. Did some brochure printing and folding and mailing list stuff. I also got to run my class outline by Maureen and she seemed very pleased with what I had come up with. She didn’t really have any suggestions so I guess I’ll finalize that soon and prepare myself for November 6th…eek!

In other news: CONGRATULATIONS RACHAEL!!!!! I do believe a wedding is in order for sometime next year, at which point I am more than honored to accept the invitation to be a bridesmaid!!! I am so thrilled and excited and monumentally happy for both Rachael and Mark. I miss them and eagerly await our next visit. Ah, I get so warm and fuzzy inside… ahh, love… dreamy sigh.

I love love and I love being in love and I love that others are in love and I love life.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Did I mention I need a job? ‘Cos I still do… To increase my love for life, I’ve decided that I need to get back into my studio ASAP. I’d really like to make some less time consuming pieces with the intention of selling them to a general audience. That means landscapes and whatnot. But it will be a nice break from illustration.


Love to those who know I love them, and love to those who don’t know just how much.