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It Feels Like Christmas…

December 18, 2006

Yay! With just one week to go to Christmas, I’m finally feeling that warm tingly feeling deep down in me heart— tis the feeling of Christmasy cheer and love and happiness!!!

Yesterday jump-started this feeling as Me, Brittany, and Amber joined Kaitlyn at my Grandmother’s to perpetuate our tradition of decorating gingerbread houses together. It was awesome…. Christmas music on the radio, Grandma hovering over us the entire time, giving suggestions, mixing up frosting, and acting like a gingerbread drill sargent. You could tell she really loved it… anytime she can feel helpful is a happy time for her. Oh, grandma…. loving sigh.

Usually my gingerbread houses look quite pathetic, but this time around I actually like my little house. (Brittany’s was particularly adorable as she added an igloo to her front yard.)

We had a blast, and after we finished we all went to Bolton Pizza, another tradition associated with Grandma. Twas quite delicious, and we (of course) selected the Chipmunk Christmas song to play on the jukebox as we ate.

The holly jollyness continued today as I worked on the christmas gift for my aunt and listened to Harry Connick Jr.’s Christmas album, another classic in my opinion. Not to mention that Mom was baking cookies all day, so now I officially can not wait for Christmas!!! I just have to finish two paintings, get something for mom and dad, wrap things, watch A Muppet Christmas Carol, and wait for santa to get here.

Oh, if only there could be a wee bit of snow…