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New Beginings

January 8, 2007

Well, tis the first post of the new year, I do believe! I must say the year is off to a very promising start, who knows what lies before me and us all, but I’m going to dwell on the hopeful side of things until I have a very good reason not to do so.

Firstly, this first week of the year 2007 has proven productive on the whole. I’ve been busy preparing for my second session of focus classes that I’m teaching, this one being Face To Face, a portrait class for 8-12 year olds. I had my first class this evening, and even though there are only two kids in it, Maureen gave the go ahead to pursue the session. We did some blind contour exercizes and a step-by-step proportional head excersize. I had a good time, and they seemed to as well, I’m looking look forward to getting into the upcoming projects with the girls.

In other news I got a funny email from a man at a publishing company in Seoul, Korea, saying he liked my work and offering me a project to do for educational materials. Most unfortunately, I am in no position to try and work with an overseas publishing company, knowing as little about the buisness as I do. Plus, who knows how legitimate the offer was… although overall aside from the broken English he seemed sincere and respectable. So needless to say, I politely declined sighting schedule conflicts and recieved a kind reply acknowledging it and saying that he hopes to work with me another time.

Oh, if only it were an American company offering me some money!

Anyway, life is, as always, very good to me. I’ve been relaxing and sleeping later than I ought to, I’ve been collecting children’s books, and reading them in addition to all those so generously recieved for Christmas. I’ve also been researching children’s publishing companies and compiling a list of those major ones along with their imprints so that I might know the field a bit better. I’ve also been compliling a large list of books and illustrators that I like, which has proven very inspiring as it both makes me want to aspire to higher levels and boosts my confidence when I see work that is so incredibly lame. Why shouldn’t I have every right to make kids books when I know that I will never be the worst illustrator out there? It is a somewhat comforting thought. Plus looking at wonderful books all day makes me so happy that there is no denying that that is where I want to be someday.

So again, I’ve just got to do the work. I’ve got to build my confidence as an artist, and right now I’m excited about the personal projects I have lined up for me. Now if only I could get a few more hours at work so I was at least part time. Wishful thinking, I know. Which is why I’m currently in pursuit of second and third jobs. But today was a very good dy at work, I feel like a good and worthy employee, I answer the phone every chance I get, and slowly but surely I’ll be ready for it all.

So now to follow up with those darn online applications…it’s just a phone call, afterall.

Oh, life!
Oh, happiness!
Oh, life and happiness and the ability to share both with those so dear to me…