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Happy Days Are Here Again

June 27, 2007

This month has flown by. Things are moving so quickly. I have actually been busy! Life is good, life is happy, life is moving fast. Maybe.
Main things of note since my last post:

-I got a call last Sunday informing me that a family friend of a friend was looking for a graphic artist, so I made a call Monday, got an appointment for Tuesday, met with him Tuesday morning, and had a job before I left. So now I’m working from home (though minimally right now) as a graphic artist, scanning logos off of business cards and other things and re-creating them as vector art in Illustrator so that they can be silk screened and embroidered on clothing. I’m not the best at it just yet, but with some time and practice I’m sure I’ll be allright.

-On Wednesday I finalized my appointment to meet with a woman at Up With Paper in Chester, CT to discuss potentially freelancing as a pop-up greeting card designer. I have no idea what I could do for them or how, but I figured, hey, why not show her my portfolio, get some more information, and see what happens? Even if nothing come of it I’m sure it will be good practice for future interviews. So that’s where I’ll be at 2:00 this coming Thursday afternoon.

-Last Thursday I received an unexpected email from my friend Cara who works at Houghton Mifflin, saying that her boss received my art samples and resumé stuff that I sent and liked my work, and they wanted to know if I’d like to come in and interview for a job as a design intern. The current intern left for a job in marketing, and my portfolio apparently got in their hands at the perfect time. Wow… so here I am in CT not knowing how the hell I’ll ever get myself to Boston if I do actually get the position, but I’m certainly not going to let the chance pass me by. I corresponded with the Associate Art Director and worked out a meeting time that works for us both, so Adam and I are going to make a trip to Boston next Monday, July 2nd. Hopefully we can make a day of it and do some other things while we are there. My appointment is for 2:30, so we should have a little while to explore afterwards. I am so excited but so nervous I could vomit. This is what I have wanted for the past two years, and here I am faced with the possibility of it actually happening. And all before I’m even ready for it. Life really doesn’t wait, does it?

-I taught all day Saturday which is good, because that means MONEY.

-On Sunday me and my parents headed over to Scituate for Adam’s graduation party, which was a lot of fun. I got to see the lovely ladies, Casey and Ayla (although too briefly, as I had to make the rounds meeting more of Adam’s family, and hanging out with my parents), as well as Jon, Amanda, Dustin, Greg, and everyone else. Adam’s family and friends are wonderful and so sweet and welcoming and friendly that it was just non-stop goodness. Seriously an amazing bunch of people. My sisters also came which made me very happy. I think we all had a good time. A beautiful day for a party as well. Lots of tasty food, good conversation, Apples to Apples, and of course, Adam! It was the best.

-I stayed overnight Sunday while my family returned home. On Monday Adam and I drove around Rhode Island with the intention of getting to the beach. We took the scenic route and saw pretty things, stopped to eat in South County, then actually got to the beach and basked in the sunlight for a couple hours. The particular stretch that we went to was the nicest beach ever, we didn’t have to pay, and the sand was the softest I have ever felt, even considering the sand in Maine. It was powder soft. Sooo awesome. After that we drove back, stopped for a bit and went for a walk by the tower where we’ve stopped before. I had the fortune of basically staring down a large deer from far away for several seconds before she turned around and scampered away. It was pretty cool. Then we drove back and hung out at his house, talking, playing pokémon, and looking at yearbooks for the rest of the night.

-Today was more Adam time, spent by an hour of poking around the bookstore, and then mostly watching a marathon of John Edward readings on WE. It was nice and relaxing, and cool. It was just too hot outside to do anything. So then around 5:30 he drove me home, we grabbed some Wendy’s, played some Rayman, hugged, and said goodbye. Which is never easy for me no matter how frequently I see him.

Luckily, he’ll be back in town on Saturday for the fireworks, and we’ll be together through our trip to Boston on Monday. Again, I’m excited, but very nervous. I think it’s best if I just don’t think about it, or anything, until it’s all past. Deep breaths.


Finite Incantatum!

June 24, 2007

Wooooo. What an amazing few days to recount…

Firstly, art camp was last week, and that was fun, barring the day we lost power, had to move everything outside, it started to rain, went back inside, couldn’t see much, tried to paint in the dark, and had tornado warnings across the state. But at least the ice cream truck made a stop for the kids. Camp ended Friday afternoon, after which I popped back home, got my gear for my Harry Potter costume, and headed to RI to meet up with Adam and attend the book 7 release party.

I was dressed as Hermione, and I think my costume looked pretty cute. Adam went as a young Albus Dumbledore which was quite clever. We got to Barnes and Noble around 8 and met up with friends, the numbers of which grew throughout the evening. (Me and Adam, Ayla, Casey, Kyler, Meg, Andy, Rissy, Nile, Seth, Courtney, Katie, Christine, and Matt.) We mostly hung around the store talking and speculating, drank some butterbeer, entered the costume contest but were blown out of the water by Gilderoy Lockhart, and then, finally, around 1 am, we had the very last book in our hands.

The crummy thing was that around 15 to Midnight, they rounded up all those who hadn’t pre-registered and made us all wait outside. So we neither saw nor heard the countdown, the ceremonious carting of the books… NOTHING. It was the worst finale ever. And we were separated from most everyone from that point on. Not the best idea. Very anti-climactic. But anyway, Adam and I got out of there ASAP so that nobody could spoil it for us, we were very afraid some asshole was going to shout the ending to us so we rushed home. Friday night we were so tired that we only managed to read the first 30 pages. On Saturday we went back to Manchester for the Johnson’s party, and were there from 3-10. Later we managed a couple more of hours of reading. But Sunday was our decided reading day, and we read the book from 1pm to 11pm, stopping only for food and a shower.

And now it’s over. I can’t believe it. And though I won’t say much, I will say that the final installment was amazing. It was everything I could have hoped for, even if it was a bit different than I had theorized. Wow.
Now I must start again from the beginning and re-read the entire series…
I’ve been listening to the OOTP soundtrack, and that too is amazing. Absolutely brilliant. Oh, Harry Potter…..

In other news, I sadly will not be moving to Boston anytime soon. At least not for a job at Houghton. But that’s allright… on to other things, other options, other opportunities, I suppose!

P.S. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE 7TH BOOK!! I’m so eager to hear what you all thought!

My Daemon, Persaon

June 15, 2007

I find him befitting…


June 13, 2007


Wanna know why? Of course you do.

A.) Potential job in Boston. (I had a fantastic interview, and even if I don’t get the job I’m glad I tried for it and am proud of myself for doing so. I gained valuable experience in the interview process, made important contacts for the future, and gave it my best shot. Only time will tell, and I will be happy to embrace the results whatever they may be.)

B.) Lots of socializing. What with the pre-4th of July party at the Johnson’s, my family’s 4th of July party, hanging out with Adam, Adam’s family party, a visit with dear miss Rachael, more hanging out with Adam and his family, another party tomorrow night, and more hanging out with Adam and awesome peoples next weekend for The Book 7 release party, I AM SO WELL SOCIALIZED right now. I LOVE IT.

C.) Adam is out of school. enough said.

D.) Order of The Phoenix was, in my humble opinion, the best Potter movie of the series. I won’t say any more about it just yet, except that the acting has come along way, and I think (minus the very beginning and the Grawp tangent plot) it was the most well written and put together. This film actually moved me. I’m still reeling over how well done it was. Loved it!

E.) Today I helped Adam organize a spot in his basement to function as a more welcoming studio space. And I love doing that sort of thing.

F.) Art camp starts Monday. Which means I’m working Monday-Friday 12-5. Which means I’m making money. Which is THE BEST.

G.) THE 7th BOOK COMES OUT IN ONE WEEK. I’m so flipping excited and nervous and happy and sad and anticipatory. Gosh. How will it all end??!?!??!??!? I. CAN. NOT. WAIT. Or can I?…..EEEEEEEEE.

There’s all that and more to be happy about right now. Everyday I’m ever so much more thankful for everything, for the people I love, for the opportunities I have been given, that makes my life so rich and full of positivity.

Gratias tibi ago. Gratias.

Closer… And Closure

June 3, 2007

This was a pretty big weekend in the lives of many RISD seniors, and as such I made my way to Scituate Friday night to spend the weekend with one RISD kid in particular. I arrived in the afternoon and partook in some cute family time with Adam and his parents which included a tasty dinner and conversation, followed by some Pokémon playing by Adam and I. (Oh, I know….believe me…I know.)

We knew we had to be up at the crack of dawn Saturday morning, but we could not force our bodies into a sleep state before they were actually tired, so we were up until 1am, knowing we had to be up by 7 so as to leave by 8. I actually did not fall asleep until after 1:30, and was awoken before I thought I’d be by Adam’s mom at 6:30. Needless to say I was not exactly super-energized. But we got ourselves together, had breakfast, and headed to Providence for the graduation ceremony which began at 10. It was hot and humid, and quite sunny, which did not make for the most comfortable situation, especially as we were packed into our seats like sardines, arms and elbows touching and all. But we did get seats that weren’t too bad, and I sat with Adam’s parents and was joined by Alex after the processional of graduates had made its way to their seats.

Highlights of the event were as follows:

-The hysterical speech by Seth Macfarlane, RISD FAV grad of ’95, and creator and voice actor of Family Guy. He was brilliant. Opening with “My fellow nerds,” and talking of a special flirtatious handshake between him and our President Roger Mandel, his irreverence had us all laughing despite the heat and humidity. The brief slips into some of his Family Guy’s voices were also the best. As was this sentiment:
“Thank you, RISD, for giving me the gift of a homicidal, Anglican baby, a mildly retarded obesity case, and a cranially deformed sex addict. As a bonus, thank you also for providing an environment that taught me to never try to guess a person’s gender from behind. Some of you guys look like chicks, and the other way around.”

-Gore Vidal’s speech. Yes, I know he is all old and smart and respectable, but his speech bored the crap out of me. More enjoyable was his speech… as in his sophisticated slightly Englishman way of speaking. I don’t know or care what he said, but I did like the way he said it.

-Some kid’s smoking graduation cap. Literally. The guy set it on fire with a sparkler or something. Lots of smoke and quite a surprise.

-Watching lots of balloons accidentally float off into the sky. And taking pictures of them as they sailed into the beyond. (What can I say, I was hot, sweaty, sunburned, tired, and apparently suffering from ADD.)

-Adam’s name being called as he walked across the stage to get his faux diploma. Yay!

-When it ended! Yay!

After the ceremony, we rejoined with Adam and gave him our hugs and congratulations. His parents headed up to the car while Adam then had to find his crew and say his farewells. He also had to see if his diploma was there for him to take home, or whether he’d actually made honors and would have to wait for them to mail it to him. He ran in to pick it up, while I got us both some deliciously free Dell’s Lemonade. A few minutes later he came out empty handed, meaning he HAD graduated with Honors. Yay!!!!! I was super excited for him because he definitely deserved it with all his hard work this final semester (and his whole RISD career).

Then we picked up tasty sandwiches from the free food RISD was providing. I was really impressed with the spread they had going. Lots of pretty little sandwiches and cookies, and brownies and fresh fruit. They really did it up quite nicely. Then we moseyed around looking for familiar faces to say hi and bye to, and were able to do so with Mike, Marissa, Cara, Jannae, Bob, Alysha and Martin. I was so happy that I found Alysha and got to congratulate her, meet her family, and visit with Martin, even brief as it was. We then headed back to the car, farewells and best wishes having been made, and having made his parents wait long enough.

I can’t say how nice it was to go to this graduation. It was exactly how I wished my own graduation last year would have been. Last year we were cold drowned rats suffering in the freezing rain, we couldn’t enjoy the after-ceremony festivities or find and mingle with friends. So this almost made up for that crummy experience. And as much as it was closure for Adam’s college career, it was for me as well. He and Alysha were my last remaining ties to RISD, and now that they’ve completed their time there, I feel it is time for me to move on as well. It was a really satisfying day. And I’m so happy and proud for all the graduates.

I’m also excited for what this means for Adam and I. True, not much will really change, but I think both of us being out of school is a significant step in our relationship. And even though we’ll still be living in separate places, we’re one tiny step closer to the day when we no longer will be.

And that makes me very, very, happy indeed.

A Little Light in The Night

June 1, 2007

Gosh, I am so frustrating sometimes. One day everything is well and good, and the next day it’s back to feeling defeated, and lonely, and lazy.

I actually put in a couple of hours at work this morning, yet the desire to be at a place of employment receiving payment for my time and labor remains unsatiated. I just want to work all day and make money. Instead I spent the rest of my day collecting free mp3s from across the internet. I hate myself. I’ve had a year to do everything and anything, and I let time just slip away. And now I’m looking at the inevitable fact that unless I somehow miraculously move out by myself, I’m going to be living in Manchester, at home, indefinitely.

At this point last year I wondered if I’d make it through this year. A year of back and forth. Torn between two places. Never feeling whole. Stuck. One side with the people I love. The other side with the one I love and our latent future. My future. But still it eludes me. I’ve just been waiting this whole time. Waiting for what? I haven’t even prepared for anything…. I’ve just stood there with my eyes closed, and my fingers in my ears. Scared of it all, overwhelmed by what is to come….pretending that I can’t see or hear it coming, when it’s the only thing I want to come to pass.

What fundamental issues did I think would be solved on the second day of June? I’ve been clinging to that stupid day like a beacon. And yet it nothing will prove easier… nothing with change the way I wish it could.

I hadn’t realized until now that this upcoming year will be even harder than the last.
Sometimes I feel as though the only way to successfully be in two places at once is not to be. To close myself off, shut myself down so that I don’t think about things. So that I don’t get overwhelmed. So that I don’t feel lonely. So that I feel nothing at all.

But that’s not living. That’s enduring.
So I must find another solution.
I must focus on maintaining positivity. I must take care of myself. I must plan for my future. I need to begin my career. I need to wake up in the morning and clear my mind. I need to work throughout the day. I need to walk at night. I need an agenda, a schedule, a regiment. And I need to enjoy what I have here on this side; people who love me, and the comforts of home.

And sometimes, when all else is taken care of, I’ll let myself think about the other side, and how much I want to be there, too.

I went for a walk tonight. The air was cool, damp but comfortable. The moon was looking particularly ominous. A red ring encircled its hazy green glow. Blood on the moon. I was fascinated, and as I walked, I watched it. The air was filled with a thousand smells. Dewy grass wet from the earlier storm. Mulch. Flowers. Laundry. Dirt. I breathed in as full and deep as I could. And as I walked, I smiled. I smiled because I was alive. I was breathing fresh air. I was moving, I was going somewhere. Even if only to return home again.

And as my walk neared it’s end, I saw a familiar tiny green light flicker in the distance.
A lone firefly, the first of the summer. As I neared it, I followed it’s glow through the air with my hands. Slowly, I closed it within my fist. It flickered once in my open hand before flying away. Lost again to the darkness of the night.

But that’s the magic of fireflies. They can fly around unnoticed in the dark, or they can illuminate themselves and bring beauty and light to the dark that surrounds them.
Only when they glow do you know they’re even there.

And that’s what makes them what they are.