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July 13, 2007

EEK. Only two more Mondays and Saturdays left to work at the art school, which will sadly be closing post August 25th. I had a dream last week in which Maureen told me that the potential buyer for the school fell through, so I had a solid feeling that was how it would pan out in reality… which it did. No surprise there really. I can imagine the difficulty inherent in trying to sell an unprofitable business located in a not-so-glam part of a town that doesn’t have much artistic culture to begin with….

It will be very sad to know that the special place created at the art school will be no more, but at the same time I’d rather it not exist at all than to be run as half-assed as it has been lately. Regardless, I planned on staying only until the end of the summer whether or not she was able to sell. So I must relocate to a full-time job elsewhere, because as always, I need money, haven’t been making it, and need to save up for the life that lies ahead.

This week I will be working on an illustration for The West Hartford Historical Society’s Hauntings program, which is a fun event they do around Halloween. The art will be used on the program itself as well as on postcards and posters promoting it. It should be fun as I get to paint the grim reaper. It’s only a bit of money unfortunately… a very little bit…

So I’ve been thinking that it is imperative that I branch out into other money making endeavors, and so I decided to try and promote myself as a pet portrait artist. I might take out an ad in the paper or something. I also want to go around and take pictures of landscapes that I can turn into paintings and shop around to galleries. Somehow it seems that fine art (on the side) can be more lucrative than illustration.

In other news, last week was great. Adam was here. We did a bit of art, and played a lot of Zelda: Twilight Princess on the Wi. Not much else though….

It’s so hard to be productive while spending time together.
I need to change that.

Last night I had a dream that Adam asked me to marry him. It was more of a casual question made in passing than a full out proposal, but it made me feel warm and fuzzy inside nonetheless.
I actually consider it a rather personal dream, but I wanted to remember how it felt, which is why I’m writing about it here.

I bet you can guess how I answered his dream-query…
Oh, life.


Scituate And Beyond

July 3, 2007

The past few days were nice and relaxing. I decided to go over to Scituate to visit Adam on Tuesday rather than seeing him this weekend, because I work on Saturday and neither of us had much to do during the week. I also wanted to accompany Adam to Fall River as he needed to take photographs of Lake Watuppa for a painting that will be auctioned. So I arrived around 1 and we hung out at his house most of the afternoon.

At one point Adam got a call from one of the many Craigslist job postings he had responded to– which was exciting but also quite amusing because he had no idea who he was talking to, what company they were from, or what job it was in reference to… But very smoothly, he handled the unexpected call and got himself an interview in Boston on Monday morning! After the call we hastily figured out who the heck he must have been talking with, and what company. Turns out is was a place called Semper LLC, a job placement agency specializing in a variety of things including web/graphic design and videogame stuff. So I’m anxious to see how the interview goes next Monday!

Later Tuesday afternoon we headed to Fall River around 5, hoping that the low lighting would make for some good pictures. It was a bit of a stressful drive but we ultimately found the lake– unfortunately it was not the most beautiful place, nor the best smelling (it was reminiscent of a petting zoo.) We drove around looking for an optimal spot to photograph, and had some difficulty in doing so. Luckily I caught a glimpse of a little area with some rocks as we drove by, and convinced Adam it was our best bet, which it turned out to be. There were some rocks and birds and geese and stuff, and some pretty flowers. After the shoot, we thought we’d grab some food (a mission unto itself, apparently) and then try and get back for the sunset lighting. Unfortunately by the time we found a Wendy’s, ate, and returned, the light had basically left our spot. So home to Scituate we went. Later, our evening consisted of watching all the episodes of the first season of Creature Comforts and eating giant oatmeal creme pies. Mmmm.

On Wednesday we hung around the house until meeting up at Casey’s house to visit with Casey, Ayla, Amanda, and Lauren. We sat out on a blanket in the backyard talking about various things, including our reactions to The Deathly Hallows. A lovely day with beautiful weather and wonderful company. After that Adam and I went to dinner at Uno’s and subsequently stopped at the Bookstore (our usual spot). We browsed the children’s section for quite some time, finding a couple cute previously undiscovered books, and retching at the horrid illustrations that are in the new Choose Your Own Adventure Books. Then we went back to his house, hung around, watched TV with his mom (Last Comic Standing), and then went for ice cream at The Powder Mill. Delicious!

And today we were bums and didn’t leave the house except to eat our lunch on the back deck. Then we spent some time watching his old videos from early high school. Adam, Dustin, and Pete running around the woods making their own fantasy movie= Priceless. After that I went home, leaving Adam to have some quality time with his boys, and me looking forward to some quality time with my Nemo.

I have to say that this particular trip to Adam’s was especially nice because I felt like we had more alone time than previous visits. By “alone time” I refer not necessarily to anything risqué, I just mean were able to go off and do our own thing. Normally I go to his house and leave feeling like I barely saw him outside the company of his parents, but this was a good balance. Although, now I don’t feel like I saw enough of his mom! Oh well. I’m overall quite content.