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Love and Marriage

September 10, 2007

Wow. What a week this has been.

The significant events that have transpired:

1. I started my small part-time job. I’m working for Matt at Swiss Cleaners Work Apparel, basically loading and unloading, packing and unpacking, and shipping and receiving apparel that I then drive over to the different vendors to be embroidered or silk-screened. Thus far it has been both easy and fast moving. My day goes by very quickly and I’m home by 2. Not bad.

2. Adam got himself an awesome job in Boston. He’s working for designing graphic things and other sorts of stuff. He started today and I believe it went well. He’s working in a gorgeous building near South Station, in a very business man sort of area. He has his own cubicle with a brand new super big screened iMac. Lucky! This means that if things go according to plan, we can probably move to Boston together by February. For the time being he’ll commute (with HIS own car, courtesy of his mom) from Scitutate to South Attleboro to Boston and back everyday. This will hopefully be the start of our future of good things. I’m quite excited!

3. One of my best friends got married! Rachael Parker, whom I have known and loved since the 6th grade became Mrs. Mark Helfrick on Saturday! It was an exciting couple of days for me as I was a bridesmaid in the wedding. On Thursday I picked up Adam and drove him to my house so that we could leave for MA right when I got out of work Friday afternoon. So I worked until 1:30, got home at 2, packed and left the house soon thereafter. We drove to Leominster and checked into our hotel at the Four Points Sheraton. It was really fun being in a hotel, even if it was just for the night. Adam and I brought our stuff to our room, and got ready to go to the rehearsal, which started around 5:30. I was very happy to see Sasha and Meghan, old friends and fellow members of the bridal party. Once at the church we ran through how the ceremony would work a couple times, and then after sweating and starving in the sweltering church, we finally drove over to the Inn where the rehearsal dinner took place.

Adam and I were seated at a table with Rachael’s friend Danielle (violinist for the wedding), her boyfriend, Mark’s aunt (the cellist), and Mark’s good friends Jay (groomsman) and Mike (the photographer). It was fun getting to know everyone and I got a kick out of Jay, who was also my escort during the ceremony. After the diner Mark and Rachael gave out their gifts to their respective party members, and she gave us girls monogrammed tote bags which are awesome and perfectly handy! After that we were all just sort of socializing and I thought it might be a nice time to give my gift to them. For those of you that weren’t aware, I spent a good two weeks painting a portrait of Mark and Rachael… having spent a great deal of time on it I wanted it to be a special and heartfelt gift to two of my greatest friends. I originally hoped to give it to Rachael later that night in her hotel room, but I wanted Mark to also be present, so I changed plans and went and got it from my car instead. I didn’t want it to turn into the spectacle that it did, but I presented it to them and that inevitably turned out to get the attention of the whole room of people who were impressed that it was in fact, not a photograph, but a painting. And as uncomfortable as it made me to have the attention of this crowd of people, I was most anxious for Rachael and Mark’s reaction. I wanted them to be happy with it, which they certainly seemed to be. Rachael’s teary eyes meant a lot to me. Phew. What a relief!

After that we all headed back to the hotel, making a brief stop at Mark’s house, at which point Rachael’s friend Kristina (who did the scripture reading) and her boyfriend joined Adam and I for the car ride back to the hotel. They were both really nice and we talked the whole way back, and coincidentally Adam and Matt grew up not too far from one another and knew similar parts of RI. It was pretty cool, and once again proves how small the world is sometimes.

Upon reaching the hotel room again, Adam and relaxed and then I ran down to Rachael’s room to finalize our plans for the morning. I also gave her my little gift that I made her for her Bachelorette party which never happened. I made her a shirt that had a graphic-y picture of her and Mark inside a heart which said Mrs. Helfrick on it. It turned out pretty cute and she enjoyed it. Then I went back to my room for the night to relax before bed.

Bright and early at 6:15 Saturday morning I was in the shower and getting ready for the wedding. Rachael hired three hair dressers to do our hair in the hotel room, so I had to be down there to get mine done too. I was back and forth between her room and my own, getting myself ready and making sure Adam did the same. By 9 the two of us were ready, and waiting for everyone else. Then we all went down to the hotel lobby where Rachael was having pictures taken, and eventually the bridal party got into the limo and headed to the church. Adam went over with Rachael’s family and met us there. Then we all got out and hurried ourselves into the holding area in the back of the church. It was at this point that we noticed Rachael’s beautiful white gown and train had black stuff all over it! We guessed that it was grease from the limo and we hastily ran and found some dawn detergent and started literally scrubbing her dress on our hands and knees. Rachael remained calm for the most part and we did our best to get her presentable ad fast as possible. As soon as we finished we basically made our way down to the sanctuary for the ceremony. I was nervous but luckily did not trip or have any mishaps on my way down the aisle. Rachael and Mark looked beautiful both in white, and the ceremony was very nice. A bit hot in the un air-conditioned church, but overall very lovely. I did struggle to hold back crying, which wasn’t easy but I succeeded. And then they exchanged vows and then it was over. Simple and clean.
Then everyone headed to the reception barring the wedding party who had to stay behind for formal pictures. Then we got back into the limo and headed to the country club for the reception.

The club was gorgeous and the inside was the perfect size and set up and everything. The wedding party was announced as we came in, and me and Jay walked in together doing a silly point left-walk-left, point-right-walk-right thing, which was fun. I was seated at the head table but luckily Adam’s table where he, Erica, Loren, and Brittany were all seated was very close by, so it wasn’t too bad. The food was delicious and Adam and I crazy danced and everyone was dancing and having a good time. I got to visit with Brynn and Seth who I hadn’t seen in forever, and I just really enjoyed myself. It was such a happy day filled with love and awesome people. Five and a half gold stars to it!

As the reception came to an end, I went to help Rachael change out of her dress and we did our best to get out of there before the down pour from the storm that rolled in began. It was a rushed farewell, but we made it. Erica drove us back to the hotel so I could get my car. Then she drove Brittany and Loren back to CT while Adam and I headed to Scituate.

After that Adam and I relaxed for a bit before he went down to work on his painting for the Wattupa lake painting auction. When he finished with that for the night, around 11, I was so tired I had to get in bed. We snuggled and talked for a while, and my emotions from the day sort of caught up with me. It was just such a happy day, and I was so happy for my friends.

And then I was out like a light. I slept until 10 on Sunday which felt very nice. Adam worked on his painting some more and then we drove out to Fall River to drop it off at the gallery. And because we parked in the parking lot of Battleship Cove, I wanted to go walk the battleships and submarine, so we did that too. It was pretty cool but we didn’t have all that much time to explore because they were closing soon. So we sped through them and then headed home.

Adam was quite nervous about both beginning his job on Monday and worrying about the commute to South Attleboro, so I accompanied him on a dry run of the drive he’d be taking so that he would feel more comfortable. As it turns out the drive is really easy and virtually stress-free. So on our way home we stopped and got dinner at Uno’s. I left shortly after we got back to his house because I knew we both had early mornings ahead of us.

So that’s everythink.
I certainly hope that our plan for Boston by February works out.
Until then, we’ll hopefully be together on the weekends, and take it one day at a time.

Oh, life.


Fairs and Fairy Tales

September 3, 2007

Well, once again I haven’t posted in a while. I’d like to try and remember what the heck I’ve been up to, boring as it may be to others. Let’s see…

Last Saturday, the 25th, I had my final day at the art school. I am quite glad to be finished there, but a bit stressed to be unemployed again. Plus I liked having the teaching thing on my resume, but who knows, maybe I’ll find my way back to teaching again someday. Since then, I’ve been home, spending a good deal of time searching for jobs online, researching publishers, and looking for more places to contact about freelancing. Adam and I spent the last week and a half doing our own things, he being busy with freelance jobs and me being busy with somethings I can’t really mention. On Tuesday night last week I totally lost it and felt depressed and hopeless without a job, so I emailed Matt, who I’ve been doing some graphic art stuff for at Swiss Cleaners, letting him know that my other job had ended and that now would be a great time to give me some work if he had any. Well, he called me the next day and told me they were looking for some extra help (not art related) but that if I was interested I could come in. He also gave me the number of Novel Tees (another business that does logo silk screening and embroidery) so I called them and spoke with Connie who invited me in to talk about doing some freelance for her. So I did, she was very nice and sent me home with a project to finish. She wanted it by 5 that afternoon (leaving me just 2 hours to do it) but there was no way I could work that quickly. It took me 5.5 hours to do, and it looked like crap. But I emailed it to her anyway, who knows if she could even use it or whether I’ll be getting any more work to do for her. Anyway, on Wednesday I went to Swiss Cleaners and filled out an application, and Matt called me later to let me know I was hired. It’s not much money, but it’s a good schedule for me because its mornings from 9-2, leaving me the afternoons to do the art thing. I start tomorrow and apparently my job will entail organizing orders as they come in, matching up thread color & filling out forms for orders, handling the artwork, and loading and unloading the van that I have to drive around to all their vendors in the area. I’ve never driven anything as big as a van, so we shall see if this deal will even make it past the first week. Oh boy.

Lately, my plans keep changing. All these outside forces just do not want me to know what the heck is going on before it happens. First off, I spontaneously joined the Society of Children’s Book Writer’s and Illustrators for a not-so-affordable $75 annual fee, just so I could get access to forums which may or may not help my career. And that lead me to consider spending $200 to join Children’s (a site geared to agents, editors, and publishers where you post your portfolio). And even though I told myself I would eventually join, I ended up just biting the bullet and setting it up anyway.

And then I originally thought that I’d pick up Adam this Monday, go to the Woodstock Fair, and bring him back to my house to stay until we leave for Rachael’s wedding on Friday. But those plans were scratched when Adam landed an interview for an absolutely fantastic job in Boston for Wednesday. So, instead I ended up joining my sisters, Kaitlyn, and Jon and going to the Woodstock Fair on Friday night. In the car on the way, I realized that the fair was probably only like 35 minutes from Adam’s house, so I called him and had him meet us there last minute. It worked out perfectly because I originally wanted to go to the fair with all of them but didn’t see a way to make that possible. We didn’t really stay as one group, Amber and Jon, Brittany and Kait, and Adam and I sort split into groups and did our own thing. Adam and I had our obligatory first ferris wheel ride together, and also went on another fun ride. Adam made a valiant attempt at climbing to the top of the Ladder Climb, but that proved more difficult than the Carnie lady made it look. Other highlights of the night included seeing some huge cows, sheep wearing super hero outfits, adorable little piglets, eating tasty things, being overwhelmed by the many smells and people, spending lots of money, and standing in long lines. But it really was fun and I was sooooo happy Adam was able to join me.

After that, Adam drove home to Scituate and me and everyone else headed to Amber’s apartment in Colchester to spend the night. I drove us back to Manchester on Saturday and once again, plans changed. I originally had planned to go to Rachael’s bachelorette party that evening, but found out that afternoon it had been cancelled/re scheduled because nobody could really make it. So I hung around most of the afternoon,, ran a few errands with Amber and Jon, and then went to Scituate later that night to hang out with Adam. I met up with him at the Heaton’s to hang out with Dan, Jon, Amanda, and Dustin. I always enjoy my time with them all, even when it entails watching them all play Magic. Which is definitely not my thing.

On Sunday Adam spent most of the day in the basement working, which meant I spent most of my day in the basement watching him work and reading a book of English Fairy Tales. His dad came over that afternoon, we got pizza and visited for a while, and then went back to work. Luckily the two of us did get a chance to spend a few hours just talking and snuggling before bed, so that made up for the rest of the day. Today (Monday) I originally planned to stay at Adam’s until 8 or 9, but after reading more fairy tales and falling asleep at 3 while he was still working, I decided I did not wish to spend the rest of my day in a basement looking at his back, just to drive home in the dark and have to go to bed early so I can get up early tomorrow morning. So I opted for a relaxing drive back in the afternoon sun instead.
Now I just have to work out exactly when I’m going to get him and get us both to Massachusettes for the wedding stuff which begins on Friday. Eeep! I hope I can get some plans in order and stick to them this week! Anyway, I’m feeling a myriad of emotions from restless anxiety to anticipation to happy excitement to dread– which may or may not have to do with the fact that I’ll be starting a new job, being a bridesmaid in a wedding, finding out whether Boston may come sooner than later, and having to attend jury duty all within the next eight days. OMG.