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This Is My LIfe

December 19, 2007

Wake up at 8.
Work at 9.
Work until noon thirty.
Come home.
Draw some more.

Rinse and repeat.

As nice as it is to get paid to make art, the monotony is getting to me.
Here is a bit of what I’ve been working on…in case you’re curious. These are works in progress.

And in other news…

Christmas is sooo almost here! I can’t wait.

Finally I’ll be able to take a coupled days off and enjoy the time with my family!!

Last weekend Adam and I exchanged some gifts early, which included a very pretty aquamarine ring that I fell in love with. (Too bad he’s going to have to wait til next weekend to get the good half of his present.)

Some questions have been raised as to exactly what this ring is about, which I find funny because honestly, who would have an aquamarine engagement ring? (come on people!). It is just a Christmas present, a promise ring that means exactly that. I’ve kind of wanted some sort of symbol between Adam and I that represented that he is more than just a boyfriend… that we have a future together that we can look forward to…so that’s what this ring is about.


Just an update:

December 12, 2007

The book is coming along well. I was basically a week ahead of schedule in completing my sketches, so I’ve started on the drawing portion of the final illustrations. The final art will be a combination of pencil and digital color. In the midst of working on the book, I continue to work at my little part time job in the morning, although I’ve cut back on my hours. I come home around 1 and put my pajamas back on and get to work. Lately I’ve been working throughout the afternoon and evenings on the project, stopping around 11 at night.
How lucky am I to get to put my pj’s back on and work from the comfort of my own bedroom?
How lucky am I to get to watch the Muppet Christmas Carol and Mary Poppins while working?
Or listen to festive Christmas music and feel all warm and fuzzy inside?


This is the easiest thing I’ve ever done, once I get over being so scared of not being able to do it. I love getting to think about books all day long. Wow. Everything is so great.

And on top of it all, I finished all my Christmas shopping, and even wrapped most of the gifts. I’m still waiting for the majority of Adam’s presents to arrive, but at least everything has been ordered and paid for!


I finally got paid for my work for Red Farm Studio, so that went towards the purchase of a brand new 24-inch, 2.8 ghz imac!!! It is guaranteed to prove so much easier and faster to do my work. I’m so excited!! I wish it was here so I could play with it!!!

Must get back to work. I have to meet my quota for the day (at least 1.5 finished drawings, or I’m in trouble because I’ll run out of time!!!)