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A Real Job!

February 24, 2008

Well, I officially have a brand new, totally amazing, absolutely perfect, real-life, grown-up job!

I am the new Junior Designer at Life is good, Inc! It’s a newly created position intended to provide support to the one designer that they currently have on-site in the Boston design center. I had my first interview with that designer, Lauren, and the marketing manager, Brooke, on Wednesday. The interview lasted two hours, and went really well– well enough that I got a call from HR the next day asking if I could come in Friday morning for a second interview with company creator John Jacobs. I was thrilled to have made it that far, and was obviously nervous for the second round, but I found John to be extremely easy going, relaxed, and welcoming. He was super easy to talk to and I ended up basically sharing my whole life story. An hour and 45 minutes after we started, the interview came to a close and I left with him saying he’d be in touch within the next few work days. I felt really good about everything, and knew that if I didn’t get the position it wasn’t for lack of talent or personality– John said it was between me and another person who simply had more experience. Nothing I could do about that!

So I went home, and later yesterday afternoon I got a call from John directly, offering me the job!

I am so excited. I think it has the potential to be a fantastic combination of everything I’ve been working towards. Design, photography, apparel….Not to mention the company has the best outlook and attitude, as do the people it employs. And as an artist, knowing that I’m working for a company that’s entire purpose is to promote a peaceful, positive message couldn’t be more rewarding. The company strives to take part in many charitable events and that makes me really happy. It’s definitely a place I can be proud to work for. And location wise, it’s great. Its on Newbury Street which is a super cute section of Boston. Brownstone lined street of stores and shops, ad lots of well dressed professionals. It’s very easy to get to but it will still take me around 45 minutes to get there everyday by bus and subway. Not too bad though.

The job is also amazing because of its stability. I’m on salary which means I will get much needed benefits like medical and dental after only 30 days. And my income combined with Adam’s is going to leave us more financially stable than I could have dreamed– especially at such an early stage in our lives. It’s so comforting to know that our hard-working years spent at art school have allowed for us both to get jobs in creative fields. We really could not be more fortunate.

My first day of work is March 4th, which means that I have over a week to enjoy myself, guilt free– Up until now I’ve felt stressed for not having a job, but now I can feel good about everything again. Phew! All that’s left now is for me to do some shopping. I really need to get some nice things to wear for work. The atmosphere is definitely casual, but I’m lacking a range of shirts that aren’t plain long sleeve tees.

I love life.