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Life Happens

April 15, 2008

Time is going crazy fast. My time at work flies by, which is a good thing, I guess. But it’s still a little sad at how everything whizzes by in a blur. It’s already half-way through April… gosh. My days usually consists mostly editing and color-correcting product photography. I am enjoying it throughly, but I must admit it leaves me with little energy to pursue my own creative projects after hours.

But don’t let that fool you. In actuality my weekends (the only time I have to give to outside creative endeavors) are booked until September with projects!

For the next four weekends, Adam and I will be working on a series of four large scale murals as part of an upcoming exhibition on the Arctic at the Mystic Seaport Museum. This is a huge undertaking, and I am sooo lucky to have Adam on board wit me, there’s absolutely no way I could do i myself. Hopefully, we’ll be able to have a bit of fun while we’re in Mystic. After all, it is the cutest little seaport and the museum is covering our lodging for the four Saturday nights that we’ll be there. Fingers crossed that all goes peacefully and that I don’t let my stresses induced by the time pressure affect me. I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’ve got to do my best to figure it out!

This past weekend was really nice. Adam’s birthday was Friday, and last Thursday we had an impromptu surprise get together with Mike, Marrissa, and Cara which consisted of a chicken dinner, good conversation, The Office, and ice cream cake. Mmmmm. I knew that we wouldn’t have the chance to do much celebrating on Friday because we drove back to Manchester to attend Club Night at the Burneps with the Johnson’s and my family. I got to see everyone including Erica which was really nice. We ate tasty things and had a good time sitting around the kitchen table. I brought my advanced copy of Ballots For Belva which my family hadn’t yet seen, and it was nice to see that they were very proud of the way it turned out. I have an unbelievable supportive and encouraging family. 🙂

Adam spent the night at my house but then drove to Scituate early Saturday morning to spend time with his family and friends. I did the same on my end. My mom and I went over to Amber’s new house, and I did a tiny bit of helping her paint before I tired out. The house is in Colchester and I have no doubt it will be super cute when they finish everything, especially with the new trim my dad put up.

Erica joined us there a little later and we had a mini cook-out before she and I headed home to grab some Dairy Queen and hang out at my house watching Chamber of Secrets. We called it a night around 11, at which time I fell fast asleep.

On Sunday bright and early Erica and I met up for breakfast with Sarah Britnell at Friendly’s before doing some shopping at the mall. I had to grab some belated birthday stuff for Adam (Star Wars & Indiana Jones dvd boxed sets), so I snuck off and took care of that while Erica and Sarah did some clothes shopping. Erica dropped me off at home around 1, leaving me to the rest of my day with me mum. Not having a vehicle of my own, my mom took me over to The Time Machine so I could pick up that last of Adam’s gifts (Blokus, DaVinci’s Challenge, and some dinosaur figures). Then we stopped at my Nana’s to visit and show her my book.

Later mom and I watched an episode of John Adams, which was really good and now I want to see more. Then we ate some Chinese food, and Adam returned to pick me up so we could drive back to Somerville. Overall I think we both had very enjoyable and much needed individual family/friend time. Even though I would have liked to have seen everyone in Scituate, sometimes we really just need to be apart so as not to neglect our other relationships. It’s a healthy thing that makes it very happy when we reunite….even after a day.

Today at work I spent my time compiling 60 heartfelt letters Life is good® has received from amazing people over the past few years. They were so inspiring— from people losing everything in a fire, to cancer patients surviving chemo, to children burying their mother in Life is good clothing. It truly is amazing how much one brand can impact and affect the attitudes and lives of so many, and how willingly they share their personal and emotional stories with our company. I was very moved to have gotten to read through these letters as I worked today, knowing that where I work and what I do has the potential to be very meaningful to people from all walks of life… I can only hope that should I ever experience the hardships some of these people have, that I too have the courage to smile in the face of it all, knowing that there are always infinite things to be thankful for in this life.

Well, that’s it for now. I should be doing something creative right now, but I’ll probably eat ice cream and go to bed instead.
Life is happy.