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June 18, 2008

Never before have I felt such love for a small metal box of a thing.



Hot Hot Heat

June 9, 2008

I’ve decided not to let the sweltering temperatures deter me from taking a moment to sit at my computer in our overheated studio to record our most recent adventures.

The Fourth of July annual family and friends party went smashingly. This being the first year that I’ve really invited friends outside of Erica and Adam, it really took the cake. Melissa, Casey, Ayla, Amanda, and Dustin all graced us with their wonderful selves. And although there were many people I had to get around and visit with, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

It was a fun filled day spent primarily sitting on beach towels in the backyard with my crew, eating lots and lots of tasty things, and tossing bean bags around. Once it got dark, we, as always, had our Festival of Lights as performed by my dad and Erica’s. Then more dessert, some Rock Band thrown in there, as well as an impromptu dance party featuring myself and Adam only out on the deck as entertainment for our drunken adult family members. I sure hope that video Erica took doesn’t show up ever!

Anyway, it was amazing, and should I have my way next year, the evening will be filled with all those faces and more!! But I may not be able to wait so long for that to happen. I’d really love to have some sort of party here at the apartment, but I’m not sure ho well that would work out considering it is so small, and that it’s probably very difficult to get everyone together up here.

So, anyway.

On Saturday, Erica, Amber, Brittany & I went bridesmaid dress shopping for Amber’s wedding. Somehow I convinced Adam to come too– probably because I insisted that he try and find a Wii for us while we were at the mall. So the five of us went to Buckland and Westfarms searching for the perfect fancy black cocktail dresses for the occasion. We all have different tastes and body types, but we were lucky enough to have found our ideal dresses by the end often afternoon– I really did not anticipate such a painless shopping experience. And on top of that, I even found a great dress for Alysha’s wedding, and liked it so much that I bought one for Amber to wear for her rehearsal dinner.

Here we are!

Saturday night was more fun and friends, culminating in the town fireworks display. Me and my family went with Erica, and then we also met up with Melissa and her friends, and briefly saw Rachael and Mark just long enough for a hello, which wasn’t long enough at all!

Due to very strange weather circumstances, primarily a lack of air movement, the smoke from the fireworks simply hung in the air at the place of explosion, often partially or completely obstructing our view of the fireworks themselves. I will say though that it was pretty cool to see them light up massive clouds of smoke in the dark sky, and it was especially weird to be close enough for the ash to fall on us throughout the show.

Overall, a thumbs up.

After that we made it home, ate more tasty dessert items from the night before, and tried out our new games for the Wii.
I was so happy to have gotten to spend so much time with Erica and my sisters. It sort of hit me hard just how distant I’ve become and how uninvolved I’ve been in watching all Amber’s wedding planning unfold. It makes me sad…but at least I finally now feel included and back in the loop. I find it so strange that I can go so long without being around my favorite people, and then after seeing them again I miss them painfully.

On Sunday, Adam and I had another shopping day– but this time for him. We went and bought him a nice suit that actually fits him properly. We picked up some shirts and ties (one set for Alysha’s wedding, one set for Amber’s). Then we looked for more games and stuff for the Wii. Then we came home and had dinner with my family, hung about for a bit, and then went home later that night.

I had an awesome weekend. It felt like a mini vacation. Plump with happiness. But now I miss everything!

(Especially air conditioning!!!!)