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The First 25 Things

January 29, 2009

1. Hugging a kitten is one of my favorite things in the entire world.
2. I love collecting things. I find it satisfying because a collection can rarely ever be completed. Which is ironic.
3. I like to crazy dance as a form of entertainment to my friends and family.
4. I have an unbelievable fear of aliens. Which I think is pretty classic, being the fear of the unknown and all.
5. A few weeks ago I had a dream that an alien in the form of a baby seal pup spoke to me telepathically and told me that he had seen 500 years, and was studying our civilization as we brought about our own destruction. He said the earth was dying and had 200 years to live.
6. I often force myself to smile so as to release endorphins and relieve stress. Every time I end up giggling a little, and I feel better. Smiling is our body’s coping mechanism.
7. I am made terribly uncomfortable by women who have no maternal instincts. It’s just wrong.
8. I have made several important decisions based on a number of prophetic fortune cookie messages. The most important being “All great things start small.” After receiving this message I began dating Adam.
9. I had braces from 5th-7th grade. Probably the most miserable time ever. Smiling with teeth was definitely not an option.
10. I am rather good with accents. My British is particularly convincing. On occasion I can also do a bit of Sarah Palin.
11. I will not drink soda. Or coffee. Or caffeine. I drink only water. This causes me to pee more times per day than I would like to admit.
12. I love the smell of freshly printed magazines and glossy paper.
13. From fourth grade to college I was periodically obsessed with several male actors which have defined certain years of my life. Eighth grade being the most memorable–with Leonardo DiCaprio. The only benefit of these obsessions was that I taught myself to draw through drawing hundreds of their portraits.
14. I have a scar on my bottom lip from a particularly nasty fall down the stairs when I was two.
15. I am twenty pounds lighter today than I was in high school. I attribute it to a decrease in overall stress levels.
16. I cried a lot during school when I was little. I was accused of being oversensitive.
17. I once cried over not getting a turkey sandwich for lunch. I guess they were right.
18. I could watch Practical Magic every day for the rest of my life. I am a romantic in every sense of the word.
19. My two favorite words are soporific and crescent.
20. Just once I would like to spend an entire day in bed. (I’ll let you determine the context of this statement.)
21. My best friends are either people exactly like me, or people with qualities I wish I had.
22. I think the ultimate human attribute is humility.
23. I am marrying my first and only boyfriend.
24. I give thanks everyday for all that I have, and all that I don’t have.
25. I believe that unconditional love and sincere appreciation is the key to true happiness.

To be continued…


Calendar Girl Who’s In Love With The World

January 10, 2009

It’s my first post of 2009! But I didn’t even finish 2008!

I’m such a slacker at this thing. But what can I say? I haven’t the time to recount my life. Apparently I’m too busy living it!

Anyhooooo. I shan’t bore you with too much narrative reflection of the last two months. Instead I will list the memorable things here only so that I don’t forget them:

4th: My cousin Ashley’s beautiful baby Olivia entered the world. I got to meet her five days later and loved her instantly.
21: Cory came to visit for the weekend and it was awesome. We hung out and caught up and went to the Science museum where I hadn’t been since elementary school. Had every intention of buying my long awaited astronaut ice cream until I saw the $5 price tag. Went to dinner at S&S. Sunday was brief, dropped her at South Station. Adam and I spent the rest of the afternoon in Brookline at the toy store and Children’s Book Shop. LOVED every minute of it.

Thanksgiving: Spent this year at my house with my Nana, aunt Barbara, cousin Ashley, Bernie, little Bernie, and baby Olivia. It was fantastic to have a baby around! I got to hold her. Helped Amber organize her wedding photos and select those to be put in her album. Ate delicious things as always. Stuffed myself silly.

5: Brittany’s weekend of concerts. Rushed to CT Friday night to see her University Singers concert at the church. Walked in right as they started and didn’t miss a note! What luck! Went to her acapella concert on Sunday Night as well. Very fun, especially the guy group, Di Visi.

7: Onset of month long cold. Pretty miserable and comforted only by the fact that my mom had the same sickness and Adam managed not to get it!

13: HOLIDAY PARTY! The best most fun I’ve ever had while battling a severe cough and cold. My first ever hosting at my apartment. Featured a wide spread of tasty goodies and a diverse group of most of our favorite people. Including Erica & Matt who stayed the night. On Sunday I was sicker than ever so I had to stay home that following Monday. Bummed that I didn’t get to spend more time with Erica.

15: Sketches due for a project I started to work on for a children’s educational reader. (This project has since been postponed or possibly cancelled).

21: Harry & The Potters Yule Ball. Went too early to actually see them play. Instead met Harry Potter Alliance founder Andrew Slack and talked to him for a long time about his organization. Left early and went to the bookstore and found several gems including an illustrated Redwall story.
Took a cab home on account of all the snow.

23, 24: Pried our car out of the parking lot and left for home. Stuck in traffic for two extra hours. Came home and wrapped all my presents. Christmas Eve day spent at Grandma’s with the family & Adam. Adam left at 5, I stayed on and quasi-played Apples to Apples around the kitchen table. Presents were not exchanged and I couldn’t have been happier about it. The best Christmas at Grandma’s ever, probably. Went to Nana’s for part II. Warm and cozy time with the new baby and Nana’s neighbor’s miniature dog. Finger sandwiches and punch. Never tasted better. Even minus the egg salad! Lovley night indeed!

25: Christmas Day! Woke up at 10, waited for everyone else to get up. Snuggled in by the presents, opened gifts. This year with Jon there, too. Had a good time giving them this year. Hung around the house in pjs and my suggle robe, as did the girls. Decorated the gingerbread kit from Brooke with Brittany while the boys played old school Mario on the Wii. Ate a delicious turkey dinner with Nana and the family. Cleaned up. Relaxed all night. Watched Muppet Christmas Carol with Britt and Mom. An amazing, perfect holiday.

26: Bummed around. Went to Time Machine for Adam’s toys. Erica came over late. Great quality time with just her. Played with her new mac. Chatted. Laughed. Giggled. Which mad emy mom happy. Adam returned around 10. We all hung out. Twas grand. I gave Adam the rest of his surprise gifts. He gave me mine. Awesome Shaun Tan books and Aardman dvds. I gave him several fantasy board games. We dismantled the pieces for a long time.

27: Went to get more games at Time Machine. The lady recognized me from the day before and asked Adam “Didn’t she get you enough yesterday?” Later that night met up with long lost friends from high school at Pepe’s. Had a blast catching up with Brynn, Matt, and Jessica. Would have liked more! Happy to have introduced Adam to important people from my past he hadn’t met yet.

Stayed at home a bit, then off to Scituate to see his parents.

29-30: Worked for a couple of days. Distractedly. Eagerly awaited vacation #2.

31: NEW YEARS EVE & MOM’S BIRTHDAY! Gave mom a picture of the “Loving Family” necklace I bought her since it hadn’t arrived yet. Was useless until the party started at 6. Had a blast with Erica, Matt, Brittany, and her Matt. Played lots of games, Rock Band. Dance party. Food. AWESOMENESS. Started to crash at 2:30….the party lasted until 3:50am. Our parents out partied us all.

1: Hung out with Brittany and Matt all day. Played games. Decided to go sledding at Keeney School’s giant hill at 7:30pm. Bundled up. Loaded the tobaggan, saucers, and ourselves into Matt’s van. The snow was perfectly packed down. Frigid, but amazing sledding conditions. We flew down the hill several times over. Laughing uncontrollably all the way. A frozen roller coaster. Exhausted. The best sledding of my life. Bonding. Beneath the stars.

2: Gathered wedding music all day. Watched Barbara and Kevin play Wii fit. Inspried us to use the one we have and don’t.

3: Left for RI early. Met the gang at Brewed Awakenings. Stayed for a couple of hours. Relocated to Adam’s house. Visited with his parents. Hosted an impromptu gathering of all the Scituate kids in his living room. Talked for a long time and ate pizza. Left for home that night so we could have the next day to ourselves. Arrived home to find a pristine Barbie dream house discarded next to our apartment’s dumpster. Quickly and forcefully snatched it away and hid it in our car for Amber to come pick up. How could someone throw away such childhood nostalgia so easily? I knew it would make Amber happier than anything in the world. The first miracle of 2009!

And that’s about it.
Lately I’ve been compiling a giant list of potential songs for the wedding & reception and am finding it difficult to narrow it down. At least we’ve decided on our first dance and recessional song. Lots more work to do. I am attempting to schedule an appointment to try on dressess. I will probably do that in the next couple weeks. Other than that Adam & I have been watching the Pete & Pete dvds Amber got me for Christmas and have been loving them more and more with each episode. We went to Target today and bought two new accent plants and a great new rug which looks super.

I hope the snow isn’t too bad so my family can visit tomorrow!