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Ahhh, Free-duhmmm!

February 18, 2009

Deep breaths! I made it!

One month and 14 illustrations later I can finally get back to having a life after work… even if it means sitting in front of the computer for five hours. At least it’s a choice this time!!

Anyway, not much has happened seeing as how I was all tied up with the illustration project, but several things have happened since it’s completion:

Friday night Adam came home with a dozen of my favorite flowers, beautifully blooming vibrant peach roses, which are still doing very well on my living room table. Bee-u-tee-ful!
He also brought me chocolates (which I had asked for) because when else can a girl eat an entire giant heart-shaped box of chocolate confections by herself and feel awesome about it???!?? I mean, come on. It’s THE best part of Valentine’s Day. Ok, well maybe second best.

Friday night was filled with work, but I finished everything on Saturday before 12:30, so once I was done we drove down to his mom’s to visit with his parents. Then we all went to see Slumdog Millionaire, and for those who haven’t yet seen it, I implore you to do so. It was amazing.

It felt very good to just go to a movie and be entertained for two hours without worrying about work. Ahhh….so nice!

We came back home Saturday night and spent a couple hours going through all of our clothes, accumulating over six garbage bags full of things for goodwill in the process. It feels wonderful to rid myself of unnecessary things. I feel so cleansed!

On Sunday, Brittany & Matt came to visit and we spent all of the day in the apartment playing various games. It was super low key, but since it’s cold out it’s not especially conducive to voyaging around the city. They’ll have to come back when it’s warmer so we can really take advantage of things that are around… It was lovely having them and I love seeing them together. I can tell he’s a good one for her, and Adam and him have so much in common and it’s really cute. I’m so happy for them! Eeeeeee!

I’ve been keeping up a bit on the wedding stuff, and have taken care of some main things so far:
1. The Site
2. The dress (yay!)
3. The bridal party (obviously)
4. Groomsmen (duh)
5. Photographer (BIG YAY)

I’m in talks with a caterer, and we’re meeting with an officiant this weekend. Hopefully those two items will be added to the list sooner than later!

I’ve already got another small illustration project lined up but this time it’s very little work and much more time…well…relatively. One month for one cover. SWEEEEET.

I’m so fortunate to be getting these opportunities on the side, and I really enjoy knowing that there’s more to me than my day job. I crumble without creativity. As much as it can be stressful, I really do need it.