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Peaceful, The World Lays Him Down.

June 25, 2009

“All cats love Heaven,
they know the way there,
they know where the angel cats fly.
They’ll run past the stars
and the moon and the sun…
to curl up with God in the sky. “

Jimmy 2002-2009


Optimism Can Take You Anywhere.

June 21, 2009

Good golly I really don’t write enough on here anymore…

Lets seeeee…..
Basically just been working lots and planning wedding things in my spare time. Finally hired a DJ, attempted to get the baker but intimidated her instead. Apparently our cake is just too out there for her, even though it would be fairly simple to make. Oh well, I’m sure we’ll find the right place!

My dress has just come in to the dress shop so I’ll be headed there to try it on again sometime soon. Other than that I’ve designed our invitations, response cards, flower arrangements, and started planning a few other fun decorative items as well. Those will probably take some time to complete but I’m really trying to have some fun with this whole thing. Mostly because I need to distract myself from the reality of how nervous and uncomfortable I am with the idea of a entire event focused on me, who would really rather not have all that attention.

But I guess you gotta do what you gotta do, and I certainly love Adam enough not to let my own insecurities ruin what is truly just a day about celebrating our love with the people we love.

So suck it up I shall.

Summer is already coming and going. The solstice was last night and although that is the demarcation of summer, I look at it with a little sadness since it also denotes a shortening of the days from here on out. I have a tremendous longing for a week all to myself, reading & lounging around in the back yard like summer vacations long since past. Growing up and working full time leaves little room for this. Sadface.

BUT, all is not lost. I am rediscovering more enjoyment in my job–getting more responsibility and also getting better at what I do is proving to be key in keeping me happy. Today was the Life is good Festival on the Boston Common and I had the privilege of working a huge & impressive mural project with (fellow volunteer for the day) Adam & artist Russ Bennett. He brought along a great crew which made it lots of fun. We were also blessed with perfect weather and a huge turnout so it was a super positive experience all around. Much improved over last year which was such a miserable day I half-way contemplated quitting my job altogether just to escape the 100 degree weather. What a difference a year makes (and having it in June rather than July!)

I’ve been having great pangs for creativity lately, which is clearly telling me I need to draw & paint & sketch and stuff or I’m likely to start hating everything. Dare I say I think I actually want some freelance work to appear out of the blue so at least I have some sort of direction….It’s virtually impossible for me to navigate the whims of my own short attention span long enough to see any idea to completion. Maybe I just need to set a sketch a day goal and try that for a while.

But if I didn’t have all these wedding related things to do I might just be able to do it!

Hmmm…..guess I’ll go sketch something!